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abat [ábat] (fr. var. abat ay) part 1Lest; in case; in the event of (as of a warning regarding something unexpected or an anticipated contingency which may effect one’s actions). sim: sabang, sabaling; Syn: baka 1, amat. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Reason.) 2Probably; likely; might (that something is true or will occur). (sem. domains: - Probably, 9.2.6 - Particles.) der. pa-abat-abat

abat ay [ábat ay] fr. var. of abat

balaso [baláso] vt To throw stones, spears, stick-like objects at something, somebody (as of long pointed objects, weapons being thrown). babatuhin Abalasohon kono nida isag sa gab-i kag bayay it ida kaaway. He will throw stones at his enemy’s house tonight. syn: buyok, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

bugno it kalag [búgno it kalág] (comp. of bugno, kalag) id To be made sick, die by the spirit, soul of a dead person that comes to take somebody's soul to be with them. [lit: greeting of dead-soul] nabati nang kaluluwa Nagsuga sinra it kanrila sa sementeryo dahil nabugno it kalag tong ida anak. They lighted candles at the cemetery because their child was greeted by dead soul. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 4.9.4 - Miracle, supernatural power.)

hapros it amindikit nababatyagan it tanang yawas [hápros it amindikit nababatyagán it tanáng yáwas] say A sore little finger, toe, felt in one's whole body (lit. pain in small digit is felt in all parts of body). sakit ng kalingkingan ramdam ng buong katawan (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

huwas [huwás] vbt To abate, die or go down (as of a fever). bababá Mahuwas kag imo sagnat pag magtumar ka’t buyong. Your fever will die down if you take medicine. Ingpunasan ni Amy tong ida anak nak di sakit para huwasan it init. Amy wiped her sick child (with a wet sponge) to bring out the heat (of the fever). (sem. domains: - Decrease, - Fever.) der. pahuwas

kabata-on [kabatá-on/kabatán-on] dial. var. of kabataan

kabataan [kabatá-an] (dial. var. kabata-on) (der. of bata) n Young people; youth; older children. kabataan (sem. domains: - Youth.)

kabatuhan [kabatuhán] (der. of bato) n Rocky place, rocky shore. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

kasabat [kasábat] adv Answer back; insolent. walang galang Si Tomas ay kasabat sa ida nanay. Tomas always answers his mother back. (sem. domains: - Impolite.)

kasimanwa₂ [kasimaanwa] irreg. infl. of primo

katubo₂ [katubô] vi The same birthdate. magkababata, magkaidad Magkatubo gador kami ni Laids dahil pareho kami’t petsa inaanak. I have the same birthdate as Laids because we were born on the same date. (sem. domains: - Age, - Same.)

kinatawo [kinatáwo] (der. of tawo) 1n Birth canal; Cervix; vagina. (euphemism) poki Kag pamatyag ni Che tong mahuyog sa hagran ay pay nagisi kag ida kinatawo. The feeling of Che when she fell down the stairs was that her birth canal seemed to be torn. (sem. domains: - Female organs.) 2adj Congenital (as of a characteristic, defect one has had since birth). mula sa pagkabata Kinatawo tong ida sakit sa puso. His heart disease is a congenital one. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, 2.4 - Body condition.)

labatiba [labatíba] v To give an enema. Ginglabatiba tong anak dahil waya nakakakauyo it tatlong adlaw. The child was given an enema because he had not had a bowel movement for three days.

maabat-abat [maabat-abát] adv After a while; in a little while. maya-maya, mamaya Maabat-abat, nahuyog sida sa nidog nak waya sida gisunor sa ako sugo nak magpilhig. After a while, he fell down from the tree because he didn’t obey my command for him to go down.

mabatlaw [mabátlaw] (der. of batlaw) adj Sitting, riding high in the water (as of a lightly loaded ship which is floating with most of the hull above water). (sem. domains: - Light in weight, - Travel by water.)

mabaton it pagkundinar [mabáton it pagkundinár] saying - Convert to subentry To incur condemnation. tatanggap nang paghatol Kag mga makakasala ay mabaton it pagkundinar pag-abot it Ginoo. Sinners will incur comdemnation when the Lord comes.

masabat [masábat] (der. of sabat) adj Always having many reasons, excuses, answers for their actions (as of youth who answer back with lots of reasons and complaints rather than to accept being chastized).

mayain kag ida pagkabati [mayá-in kag ída pagkabátì] (comp. of bati) exp Woke up in a bad mood. [lit: bad her after-waking-up] (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema [nabatyagán nákò nak sída ay di probléma] (comp. of batyag, problema) id I felt she had a problem. [lit: I felt that she had a problem] naramdaman kong mayruon siyang problema Nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema dahil nagtitibaw sida. I felt she had a problem because she was crying. (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

nagbabatyagey [nagbabátyagey] v To be in labour, delivery (as of childbirth). Nagbabatyagey si Edith nak maanakey bag-o ray-on sa hospital. Edith was in labour already about to give birth before she was rushed to the hospital.

ni singko waya ka it mababaton halin sa ako [ni síngko wayâ ka it mababáton halín sa ákò] say When I die you'll receive, inherit nothing from me! (as of a parent scolding a child with the threat of being disinherited). [lit: not even five centavos will you receive from me] (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Word.)

pa-abat-abat [pa-abat-ábat] (der. of abat) v To wait a while longer; expect; anticipate. Isagey kita mahalin, mapaabat-abat anay sabaling umabot sida. We will leave a little later, wait a little while longer first because she might arrive. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect, - Wait.)

paabat-abat [pa-abát-abát] vt To expect something to happen. STRESS? nagbabakasakali, maya-maya Nagpaabat-abat sida nak ingwa’t masapoy sa ida. She’s expecting that there will be someone to fetch her. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect.)

pabatak [pabátak] (der. of batak) v 1To have something pulled up, upwards by somebody; to have something hauled in by somebody (as of having a fishing net hauled in, an anchor or a child's pants pulled up). (sem. domains: - Pull, - Lift, - Up.) 2To have someone lift up the internal organs in the lower abdomen (as of a traditional medical treatment). (sem. domains: - Lift, - Traditional medicine.)

pabatalya [pabatálya] (der. of batalya) v To have something strengthened, battened down, reinforced (as of one’s house before a typhoon etc.). (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.)

pabatdag [pabátdag] (der. of batdag) 1n Perception, feeling, awareness, sense of something (as of an inner awareness of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realities). (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive.) 2v To make somebody aware, feel, sense, experience something (as of an inner awareness of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realities). (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive.) 3n Feeling of being sick, well (as of an inner awareness of the health of one's body). (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.) 4n Awareness, feeling, sense of the presence of an evil spirit or a dead person's soul (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or spiritual means). (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 5v To be, become aware, feel, sense the presence of an evil spirit or a dead person's soul (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or spiritual means). (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 6n Awareness, feeling, sense, premonition of something bad that will or has happened to somebody (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or omens). [Premonitions are recognized by intuition, physical sensations or omens e.g. seeing a large black butterfly, having a black cat cross one's path or a vase break without it being touched etc..] (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Instinct, - Bad, - Omen, divination.) 7v To become aware, feel, sense, have a premonition of something bad (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or omens). (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Instinct, - Bad, - Omen, divination.)

pabati [pabátì] (der. of bati) v To have one person wake another person up. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

pabatyag [pabátyag] (der. of batyag) v 1To make somebody aware, feel, sense, experience something (as of an inner awareness of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realities). (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive.) 2To be, become aware, feel, sense the presence of an evil spirit or a dead person's soul (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or spiritual means). (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 3To become aware, feel, sense, have a premonition of something bad (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or omens). [Premonitions are recognized by intuition, physical sensations or omens e.g. seeing a large black butterfly, having a black cat cross one's path or a vase break without it being touched etc..] (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Instinct, - Bad, - Omen, divination.)

pagkabati [pagkabátì] (der. of bati) temp When, after waking up.

pahuwas [pahuwás] (der. of huwas) vi To let, make a fever abate, go down; to bring out, reduce a fever. Nagpahuwas anay sida’t sagnat bag-o magsakay it dyip. She waited for her fever to abate before riding in the jeep. (sem. domains: - Decrease, - Fever.)

panabat₁ [panabát] der. salabtanon/salabton

panabat₂ [panabát] (der. of sabat) vbt 1To answer; to hold accountable to one’s promise, word; to be responsible for somebody, something that happens to somebody. pananagutan Atugutan ka nako magpamista sa Linao pero indi ako magpanabat kung nio man kag mangyari sa imo hagto. I’ll permit you to attend the fiesta in LInao but I can’t answer for whatever will happen to you there. Sin-o kag imo apapanabaton it imo plete? Who will answer for your fare? Si Hesus kag nagpanabat ag nagranas it ato mga kasalanan. Apanabtan nida kag ida pangako sa ako. I will hold him accountable for his promise to me. (sem. domains: - Promise.) 2To answer back (as of to ones elders). (sem. domains: - Answer.)

panabat₃ [panabát] (der. of sabat) v To hold accountable to one’s promise, word; to answer for something.

primo [prímo/príma] (irreg. infl. kasimanwa) n Term of address of people of same birthplace and same age; townmate of same age. magkababata Si Celia ag si Neneng ay magprima dahil pareho sinrang taga Samar. Celia and Nening are townmates of the same age because they are both from Samar. (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, - Peer group.)

sabat [sabát] 1n An answer to something. Syn: angal. (sem. domains: - Answer.) 2adj Answering person; answers back; talks back. sagot (sem. domains: - Answer.) 3vt To answer; to respond. Waya gisasabat katong anak sa ako dahil nahuda. That child doesn’t answer me because he’s ashamed. Mapangutana ako ag sabaton ninro. I’ll ask a question and you answer it. Aya gisabat sa imo nanay! Don’t talk back to your mother! (sem. domains: - Speak with others.) 4adj Talking back to one’s elders; keep answering back, talking; insolent. sagot Masabat kag ida anak sa eskwela kada permi nabibisar-an it maestra. In school his child keeps on talking back to his teacher so he’s always scolded. syn: labanan. (sem. domains: - Answer.) der. masabat , der. panabat , der. panabat , der. sabtanan

salabat [salabát] n Ginger drink. salabát

salimbabatang [salimbabatáng] n Sparrow. Maya Nakarakop si Lino it tatlong salimbabatang. Lino was able to catch three sparrows.

tabatsing-tsing [tabatsing-tsíng] n Fat child.(colloquial). (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy.)

waya napigahe ka nababatyagan [wayâ napigahé ka nababatyagán] v To be unable to control feelings. hindi napigilan ang damdamin Napauwang si Loyd pagkakita nida sa ida kaaway dahil waya nida napigahe ka ida nababatyagan. Loyd cried when he saw his enemy because he couldn’t control his feelings.

nakalis kag lisor [nakaalis kag lisór ??] vi To relieve or abate sadness. natanggal ang kalungkutan Nakalis kag ida lisor sa paglarga it ida asawa tong nag-abot kag ida anak. Her sadness over her husband’s flight was relieved when her daughter arrived from abroad.

amat₂ [ámat] conj Lest; in case; in the event of; might; the result might be (as of warning about an anticipated contingency which may effect ones actions). [Sentence initial] baka Amat mayagok kinang isra kung isag pa nimo yutuon. In case the fish goes bad if you cook it later (just cook it now). Syn: abat 1, baka 1. (sem. domains: - Clause conjunctions, - Reason.) comp. amat ay

angal [ángal] vi To complain; to answer back, retaliate by words or actions. angal, reklamo Maramo kag nag-angal nak mga estudyante tong waya sindra gipabay-a it eksamen. Many students complained when they were not allowed to take the exam. Syn: sabat 1; syn: nguyob 1. (sem. domains: - Complain.)

baka₁ [báka] part 1I’m afraid so! (as of conjecture with anxiety). siguro Baka ayam nida kag sabat. Perhaps he knows the answer. Baka mabasag kag baso. I’m afraid the glass will break. Syn: abat 1, amat. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2Lest; in case; perhaps (as of conjecture with anxiety). (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) comp. baka inggwa sa inro , id. baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom

labanan [labanán] (der. of laban) n Fight. syn: sabat 4.

sabaling₂ [sabáling] (irreg. infl. baling) part Might; perhaps; maybe (as of a verbal mode). baka sim: abat 1, sabang. (sem. domains: - Possible, 9.2.6 - Particles.) id. nak sabaling , id. sabaling...kada/kada sabaling

sabang₁ [sabáng] part Might be; maybe. baka sakali, baka Mapauliey ako nak sabang inghahanapey ako sa amo. I’m going home now for they might be looking for me at home. Sabang indi ikaw makabakay it karne kung isag ka pa napa-merkado. You might not be able to buy meat if you go to the market later. sim: abat 1, sabaling.

abot₁ [abót] 1n Arrival, coming. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 2v To arrive, come somewhere (as of somebody arriving on one's doorstep or bad weather hitting one's town). Ka ida abot ay insulip. His arrival is tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3v To have a feeling, sensation come upon or over somebody (as of sadness or hunger). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 3.4 - Emotion.) 4v To infect, be infected with a sickness. Nag-abot kag bisita it kuman. The visitor arrived earlier. Aabutan ikaw it mga bisita. You will have visitors arrive. Paabuton nimo sida sa Paskwa. You let her come for Christmas. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.) 5v To reach out to a certain point (as of to give, pass or touch someone with something). Aabutan ikaw nako it buyak. I will give you the flower. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 6prep Until. Nag-abot sa ako kag gutom tong kami’y magbaktas it mayado. Hunger overcame me when we hiked a far distance. Ing-abot ako it kabuyong pagkabaton it suyat. I was overcome with homesickness when I received the letter. (sem. domains: - Interval.) 7v To last for, until a certain time. Apaabuton nako it usang adlaw kag kapada. I’ll make the papaya last for one day. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere.) comp. abot-abot yang , comp. bag-ong abot , der. abot-abot , der. paabot , der. paabuton , der. pangngangabot

ado [ádo] 1adj Good; excellent; nice; moral (as of the general term for well-made objects, nice people, pleasant weather or successful events). maganda, mabuti Maado kag ida nabaton nak balita. The news that she received was good. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral, 8.3.7 - Good.) 2v To become good or improve (as of an object, feeling or relationship). Aaduhon nako kag yuto agor mamumuot kag ako asawa. I’ll make my cooking good so that my husband will like it. [When ádo occurs with bu-ót the meaning is "to be encouraged" or "to be reconciled with someone".] (sem. domains: 8.3.7 - Good.) 3vi To recover, get well from an illness. Nag-aadoy sida sa ida sakit nak malarya. He’s recovering from malaria. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) comp. maado it buot , comp. maado kag buot , comp. maado ngani , comp. maadong kabubut-on , der. ka-aduhan , der. maado , der. maadoy , der. paado , der. pagka-ado

alanganin [alangánin] 1adv Feeling unsure, fearful, apprehensive or caught between two choices. alangan Alanganin rang mag-idamo ako it Jackstone ay maguyangey ako. It’s improper for me to play jackstones since I’m too old for that. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 2v To feel, be unsure, fearful, apprehensive, or caught between two choices. alangan Nag-aalangan sida nak maglarga pa-Simara dahil makusog kag ragat. He’s not sure whether to leave for Simara because the sea is rough. Nag-aalanganin sida nak waya nabaton it ida manghor katong parayang kwarta. She fears that the money sent to her sister wasn’t received. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 3adv Unable, unfit, ineligible to do something. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable.) 4adj Being a little, slightly under ripe or not quite ripe. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

antimano [antimáno] adv Suddenly; immediately; unexpectedly; straight away. kapagdaka, biglâ Nakabati ako antimano pagkarungog it mga yupok it baril. I was suddenly awakened when I heard the gunshots. syn: gulpi 1, kibot 2, it yang, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Sudden.)

bandang huli [bándang hulí] (comp. of banda, huli) time Finally; in, near the end times; in the end. [lit: vicinity late] bandang huli Karugay ninra it dibati nahanungor sa eleksyon nak sa bandang huli ay nagkausa ra sinra it “opinyon”. They debated for a long time about the election but in the end they were united in their opinion. Kinang tawong kina ay sugapaey sa inom pero sa bandang huli ay abatyagon nida kinang ida ininom. That person drinks a lot now but in the end he will feel its consequence. (sem. domains: - Last.)

bangungot [bangúngot] v To die in one's sleep after making strange sound, as of one with sleep apnea. bangungot Pag naghahagong kag usang nagkakatuyog ay inabati nak gador sabaling ingbabangungot. If a sleeping person is groaning wake him up because he might die in his sleep. [This is a sickness or bad health condition which might be "sleep apnea". Culturally it is believed that if a person is groaning in his sleep it’s either because he is having a bad dream or because he’s suffering from this health problem and is going to die. One should always wake up a person who is groaning in his sleep because he might die. For this reason also people do not like to sleep alone.] sleep apnea (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease, 5.7 - Sleep, - Types of sounds.)

batalya [batálya] vt To strengthen, batten down, reinforce something (as of one’s house before a typhoon etc). patibayin Ingpabatalya kag mga sundalo parayan sa pag-ihersisyo kada adlaw sa rayaag. The soldiers strengthened their muscles by means of exercises every morning on the lawn. Ingbatalyahan it maado ni Tang Igo ka inra bayay dahil igwa it bagyo. Tang Igo strengthened their house well because there was a typhoon coming. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) der. pabatalya

bati₄ [bátì] vi To wake up; to wake somebody up. Nauuna magbati ay kag nanay para maghanra it pamahaw. The first one to wake up is mother so that she can prepare breakfast. Mapabati ako sa ida isag sa alas tres. I’ll have her wake me up later at three. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.) comp. batiey , comp. mayain kag ida pagkabati , der. bati , der. inugbati , der. inugbati , der. pabati , der. pagbati , der. pagkabati

batlaw₂ [bátlaw] adj To be sitting, riding high in the water (as of a lightly loaded ship which is floating with most of the hull above water). Nagkarga pa sinra’t mga bugas dahil mabatlaw pa ra kag inra sasakyan. They loaded more rice because their boat was still lightly loaded. (sem. domains: - Light in weight, - Travel by water.) der. mabatlaw

batyag [bátyag] (dial. var. batdag) vt 1To perceive, feel, sense, experience something (as of an inner awareness of mental, emotional, physical health and spiritual realities). nakaramdam Nagbabatsag si Nanay it kalisor dahil naglayas kag ida anak. Mother is experiencing grief because her child ran away. Ingbabatsag nako kag kahapros it likor. I feel pain in my back. Nio kag imo ingbabatsag? What are you feeling? Nababatsagan nako nak pay ako ay masuka. I feel like I’m going to throw up. Ingpamatyagan nida kung naghihingab pa tong irong naligis. He felt the dog that was hit by the jeep to see if it was still breathing. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive.) 2To feel sick, well (as of an inner awareness of the health of one's body). (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.) 3To become aware, perceive, feel, sense the presence of an evil spirit or a dead person's soul (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or spiritual means). (sem. domains: - Life after death, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 4To become aware, feel, sense, have a premonition of something bad that will or has happened to somebody (as of an inner awareness by intuition, physical sensations or omens). [Premonitions are recognized by intuition, physical sensations or omens e.g. seeing a large black butterfly, having a black cat cross one's path or a vase break without it being touched etc..] (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Instinct, - Bad, - Omen, divination.) comp. nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema , der. balatyagon , der. pabatyag , der. pamatyag

dalar [dálar] 1n Dollar; money. Nakabaton sida it dalar halin sa ida anak nak sa Amerika. She received some dollars from her child in Amerika. (sem. domains: - Monetary units.) 2adj Expensive; worth a lot; high financial value. (sem. domains: - Expensive, - Rich, - Earn.)

dusta [dústà] vt To belittle, treat with contempt or condescension. dusta Dinustaey ako’t ida nanay dahil pobre yang kami ag indi nida mabaton nak magpangrayaga sa ida anak. I was belittled by her mother because we are too poor and she won’t accept me courting her daughter. syn: libak 2, insulto 1, insulto 2. (sem. domains: - Criticize.)

dyana [dyána] 1n Reveille; morning "wake-up call" presented by band music or drums (as of drummers going round the streets before dawn during fiesta). dyana Nakabati kami tong magdyana kag mga musikero it tong kaadlawan o pyista. We woke up when the musicians played drums and trumpets around the town last fiesta. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Play music, - Musical instrument, - Festival, show.) 2v To play a reveille (as of with drums or a band of musicians going round the town before dawn during fiesta). (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Play music, - Musical instrument, - Festival, show.)

esplika [espliká] v To explain. paliwanag Kaling mga kabataan ngasing, wayaey nakakasador kina dahil nak katong iba pang maguyang ay waya ra gieesplikahan ninra sa inra mga anak. The youth nowadays don’t know about him because those other older folks didn’t explain these things to their children. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.)

halar [hálar] 1n Offering, sacrifice (as of money, service, killed animals etc. given to God, evil spirits or the dead ancestors). [This word is used for pagan and Christian offerings.] (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.) 2vbt To offer, make offerings to a supernatural being (as of money, service, killed animals etc. offered to God, evil spirits or the dead ancestors). magsakripísyo, alay Naghahalar kag mga anak it buyak sa Mayo kang virhin Maria. The children offer flowers to the virgin Mary in May. Igwa it mga tawo nak naghahalar it pagkaon sa minatay. There are people who offer food to the dead. Ihalar nato sa Ginoo aber maisot it ato nababaton. We should offer something to the Lord even if it’s just a little of what we have received. Dapat nato ihalar kag ato kabuhi sa Ginoo dahil ida gingtubos kag ato kasal-anan. We should offer our lives to God because he has redeemed us. Pag nagbubuhat ay nahalar ra it pagkaon para sa halag. When they celebrate the harvest they offer food to the souls. Ahalaran nako it bukay nak manok kag pakilibit sa ako anak para sida maulian. I will sacrifice a white chicken for the healing ceremony for my child so he will recover. (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Offering, sacrifice.) 3n Dedicated, consecrated thing (as of an object, person, place set aside for the use or service of a supernatural being e.g. God, evil spirits or dead ancestors). (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) 4vbt To dedicate, consecrate something to the use, service of a supernatural being (as of an object, person, place set aside for God, evil spirits or dead ancestors). alay Nag-alay sinra’t maramong buyak sa inra santo. The offered many flowers to their saint. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) der. halaran , der. ihalar

hangit₂ [hángit] (fr. var. mahangit) 1n Anger; hate; hatred. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) 2v To be, become angry; to hate, have hatred for somebody/something. galít Nahangit sida sa iro nak palabatok. She got angry with the dog that kept on barking. Nahangit si Nene sa nagbaoy it ida lapis. Nene got angry at the one who took her pencil. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) comp. hangit sa kwarta , der. hangit , der. kahangit , der. mahangiton

hipa-hipa [hipa-hípà] v To walk quietly on tiptoe. Dapat nak maghipa-hipa kung inggwa it katuyog agor indi makabati. It is necessary to walk on tiptoe if there is someone sleeping so they will not be awakened. (sem. domains: - Walk, 7.1.1 - Stand, - Move slowly.)

hunaw [húnaw] vi To sober up. nahimasmasan Nahunawaney sida’t kayanguhan pagkabati tong aga. He sobered up from drunkeness when he woke up the following morning. (sem. domains: - Serious.)

huyagok [huyágok] 1n Loud snore. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.) 2vi To snore loudly in one's sleep. hilík Napabati ako tong sida’y naghuhuyagok. I was awakened when he was snoring. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath, 5.7 - Sleep.)

ihig₃ [ihíg] (dial. var. api) 1adj Outcaste; rejected; ostracized. Pay nababatyagan nida nak sida it ihig sa inrang maghali. He feels that he is the one ostracized among his brothers and sisters. (sem. domains: - Ostracize.) 2vt To be ostracized, rejected, made an outcaste. apí Katong tawo ay inihig it ida kasimanwa dahil sa ida sakit nak ketong. That person is ostracized by his townmates because of his leprosy. Aihigon ka namo kung indi ka magsunor sa patakaran. We will ostracize you if you will not obey the policies. (sem. domains: - Ostracize.)

indi dayon [índì dáyon] (comp. of indi, dayon) part Not able to continue or go ahead as hoped, planned, anticipated (as when feeling let down, disappointed, frustrated or caught out). tuloy Naabutan nida sinra nak nagkakatuyog kada indi dayon ninra maayaman kag inra isabat. He came upon them sleeping again therefore the result was they didn’t know what to say this time. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, - Happen.)

kida [kidá] v To deduct all at one time. bawas Waya sida it nabaton sa sweldo dahil ingkida nak raan it tindera kag badar sa ida utang. He did not receive any of his wage because the storekeeper deducted the payment for his debt. (sem. domains: - Repay debt, - Owe.)

kumpara [kumpará] 1v To compare something with something else. Marako kag kaibahan kung ato ikumpara kag mga kabatan-on ngasing ag katong una. There’s a great difference if we compare the youth today with those of the past. Ingkumpara nida katong buyak nak ida nabaoy sa San Agustin ag it katong sa Odiongan. She compared the flowers she got in San Agustin with those she got in Odiongan. Kumparahan anay kag presyo it mga baro bag-o magbakay. Compare the prices of the dresses before you buy. (sem. domains: - Compare.) 2n Comparison. kumpara, hambing (sem. domains: - Compare.)

lagapak [lagapák] v To hit the ground with a thud; splash (as of water dropping, a person falling). Pagkagulo it lagapak kag tubi sa gripo kada ako’y nakabati. The sound of the water dripping in the faucet is very noisy so I was awakened. (sem. domains: 7.7 - Physical impact, - Drip.)

laylay₂ [láylay] (irreg. infl. larlar) 1vi To hang freely (as of untied hair, curtains, a lolling tongue, a flowing skirt, somebody’s shoulders sagging. laylay, ladlad Nakalaylay kag ida mahabang buhok. Her long hair was hanging freely. Ingpalaylay yang ninra kag kurtina. They just let the curtain hang freely. syn: latlat 1. 2vbt To spread out; hang out freely (as of a fishing net on rocks or a fence). Laylaye kag kabatuhan it sayap. Spread out the fishing net on the rocks. 3adj Hanging. Laylayey kag ida rila sa sobrang konsumisyon. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth from too much worry.

lima [limá] nmrl Five. lima Limang medalya kag ako nabaton tong amo paggradwar sa ‘high school’. I received five medals during our graduation from high school. Limahan nak baruto. The boat holds five.

makatoy [makatóy] adj Itchy. makatí Pag makatoy kag ako payar ay inggwa ako it nababaton nak kwarta. If my palms are itchy it means I will receive a certain amount of money.

masigasig₂ [masigásig] adj Persevering (as against all odds). masigasig Masigasig kag mga kabataan sa pagsimba. The young people are persevering in going to church.

multiplika [multipliká] vt To multiply. magmultipliká Multiplikaha baga kung pila kag imo mababaton. Please multiply how much you will receive.

nanibag-o [nanibág-o] adv Feeling of newness. nanibago Ako nabatyagan nak nanibag-o ako sa amo ingpagtuan dahil waya ako’t kakilaya. I noticed that I felt new in the place we went to because I didn’t know anyone.

ngasing yang [ngásing yang] time Just now. ngayón lang Nakabaton ako it suyat ngasing yang. I received a letter just now.

pabalang-balang [pabalang-baláng] (der. of balang-balang) 1adj Wobbling, staggering, tottering, lurching way of walking or travelling (as of like a person effected by alcohol or a jeep with a problem). (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty, - Balance.) 2adj To be wobbling, staggering, tottering, lurching when walking or travelling along (as of like a drunk person caused to wobble due to alcohol or a jeep being caused to wobble due to a flat tyre). (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty, - Balance.) 3adj Bad, ill mannered. pabalang Pinapabalang-balangan sida’t sabat it tong yangong tawo. He was answered in an illmannered way by that drunk man. (sem. domains: - Impolite.) 4adv To be bad, ill mannered in the way one speaks or answers. Pabalang-balang sida magsabat sa ako. He always answers me in an ill-mannered way. (sem. domains: 3.5 - Communication, - Impolite.)

paglibor it gulong [paglíbor it gulóng] saying - Convert to subentry When circumstances are reversed (lit. when the wheel turns). pag-ikot ng gulong Kinang ida kamiminaisog sa ida maguyang ay ida mababatyagan, nak sa paglibor it gulong ag sida ay magkaanak ra tyar ra kina ka ida maaagoman. The insolence she showed to her parents, she’ll feel what it’s like when the circumstances are reversed in the coming years when she has children who do likewise.

pahunor [pahúnor] 1adj Unselfishly giving, sharing. 2vbt To give way to somebody’s wishes, likes; to go along with somebody else’s way; to give something unselfishly to somebody else. pagbibigay Ya’t nabaton nak regalo tong ida manghor kada ingpahunor yangey ni Jose tong ida. Jose’s younger brother received no gift so Jose just unselfishly gave what he got to him.

palakasan [palakásan] n Nepotism; jobs given on the basis of acquaintance, relationship, influence. Aber karamo ka pang kwalipikasyon kung kag ingpapairay gihapon ay palakasan indi ka gihapon mabaton sa trabaho. Even though you’ve got so many qualifications if nepotism is still practised you still won’t get that job.

pan-os [pán-os] adj Spoiled; stale; rice that's gone off, bad, sour. panis Mapan-osey kag pinirito nababaton ninra. The fried fish was already spoiled when they received it. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

pananamgo₂ [pananámgo] 1n Dream. 2vt To dream. panaginip Apananamguhon nako kag ako nakita nak sine. I’ll dream about the movie I saw. Pag nagpananamgo ikaw it tai, makakabaton ikaw it kwarta. When you dream about feces, it means you’ll receive money. [Often the meaning of a dream is opposite in connotation of what is dreamt.]

pangagar₂ [pangágar] v To serve, work for intended father-in-law. panilbihan Sida ay nagpangagar it usang tuig bag-o sida mabaton it ida gingpapangrayaga. He worked for the girls family for a year before he was accepted by the girl he was courting.

parusa₁ [parúsa] 1n Punishment. Kag parusa sa ida, ay magtrabaho’t usang buyan nak waya’t sweldo. His punishment is to work for a month without pay. 2vt To punish. parusa Ingparusahan kag anak nak nagsasabat sa ida nanay. The child was punished because he talked back to his mother.

paumoy [paumóy] v To plead gently like a child. nakikiawa Kag mga bayor ay nagpapaumoy sa inro pagbasag sa kabatuan. The waves sound like a child pleading as they break on the rocks. [The figurative meaning to the “sound” resembling a child’s pleading.]

pidangka [pidángkà] v To sit, fall down with one’s weight heavily, fully, on one’s bottom; to sit down heavily. napahandusay Pagkabaton nida it telegrama ay napapidangka sida sa ingkuran dahil sa ida nabasa. When she received the telegram she sat down heavily on the seat because of what she read.

pilino [pilíno] n Hole in flesh of animals (in ears or nose for tying an animal). butas Ingwa ako’t kabayo, asa igot kag pilino; kag sabat ay radom. I have a horse, which has a hole in it’s tail end; the answer is “a needle”. syn: yubot 4, buho 1.

pindot [píndot] vt To switch a switch on or off, such as a light switch; to press a switch or key; to type. pindot Ingpindot nida kag businahan it jeep para makabati si Jorge. He pushed the buzzer of the jeep so George would wake up. syn: timbri 2.1. der. pindutan

Prisensya it Dios [Prisénsya it Diós] n Presence of God. prisensya ng Dios Nababatyagan nato kag prisensya it Dios pag narasay it hugot sa ato tagipusoon. We can feel the presence of God when we pray with all our hearts.

pundo₂ [púndo] n Funds. pundo Kag pundo nak nakulekta it kabataan ay ingbakay it libro. The funds collected by the youth were used to purchase books.

rangga [rángga] 1adj Humid; muggy, as of a weather. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 1.1adj Humid weather. maalinsangan, mainit Marangga kag panahon ngasing. The weather now is humid. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 22.1n Heat (from some source e.g. fire, sun). init Nabatsagan nida kag rangga it kayado pagpayungot sa kalán. She felt the heat of the fire when she got close to the charcoal stove. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 2.2vbt To become hot (often of a great amount of heat as from a fire or the sun). Naranggahan sida kada nagyamhong kag ida mata. He got too much heat from the fire so his eyes swelled up. Nagranggaey kag kayado dahil marakoey ka ida aput. The fire became hot because she had made it burn well. Aranggahan ikaw pag magpayungot sa kayado. You will get hot when you go near the fire. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.)

ranotnot [ranótnot] adj Close together (as of space or time intervals). dikit-dikit Nagnunot akong sador nak maramong sihi ka amo mababaoy sa baktason it Tugbungan nak kung riin ranotnot sa kabatuhan,.. I went with them because I knew where we could go along the shore in Tugbungan to get a lot of seashells that were close together on the rocks,...

regular [regulár] adj Moderate amount, enough. tama lang Regular yang kag ida nababaton nak sustento para sa ida anak. She received just a moderate amount of support for her children. syn: medyo.

rilam [rilám] vbt To poke out one’s tongue at somebody (as of children when angry). dilám Tong ako gingpangutana tong anak it ida ngayan ay waya gisabat kundi ay ingpakarilaman pa ako nida. When I asked the child of his name, he didn’t answer, instead he poked out his tongue at me.

ruha-ruha₂ [ruha-rúha] 1n Doubt. 2adj Doubting; vascillating. 3vi To doubt; to vascillate; to be of two minds, to be double-minded; to be reluctant. dalawang isip Nagruha-ruha sida sa ida mga sabat sa inra eksamen. She doubted her answers during their exam. Nagruruha-ruha pa ako nak mapa-Manila insulip. I’m still double-minded about going to Manila tomorrow.

ruyang puyo [rúyang púyo] n Twenty peso bills; twenty. biente Nakabaton ako’t papel nak ruyang puyo ugaling ay di gisi. I received a twenty peso bill but it was torn.

sambit [sámbit] vt To mention. nabanggit Waya gisambita kag ida pangayan nak ahat mabasa. His name wasn’t mentioned because it could hardly be read. Ida nasambit sa ako nak waya sida nakabaton it imo suyat. He mentioned to me that he wasn’t able to receive your letter. syn: mitlang 1, uma 1, saysay 2, siling.

sampal [sámpal] v To slap, hit the face. sampal Maisot yangey sida sampalon it ida Tatay tong ida gingsasabat kag ida bisaya. His father nearly slapped him when he answered him back. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

sugpo₁ [súgpò] vt To stop somebody doing something; to discipline. Asugpuon kuno ni Ramos kag problema it kabataan sa bawal nak buyong. Ramos will try to stop the problems of minors regarding the use of prohibited drugs.

sunor-sunor₂ [sunor-sunór] 11.1v To copy, imitate, follow a pattern. Asunuran nako kag ida tabas. I’ll copy the design from her dress. Ikaw permi ay ako asunuron. You’ll be the one I’ll follow always. 2obedient 2.1adj Obedient; conforming to one’s wishes; in agreement. 2.2vt To obey somebody in something one does; to conform to somebody’s wishes about something. susunod Asunuron nida kag tugra it ida nanay. He’ll obey his mother’s advice. Asunuran kono nida kag hiwas it mga kabatan-on ngasing. He said that he’ll conform to the ways of the youth today. 3adv Repeatedly; one right after another. Nagpayupok sida it sunor-sunor. He fired shots repeatedly. Ingpapasunor kag mga eskwela it mga maestra bag-o magsaka sa ‘stage’. The children are being lined up by the teachers before going up on the stage. Ipasunor anay nako kaling mga bisaya bag-o ahanapon sa diksyonario. I will first alphabetize these words before looking for them in the dictionary. der. sulunranon , der. sunranan/sinunranan

talikor₂ [talikór] v To turn one’s back on evil. Kung kita ay nagbabaton sa Ginoo dapat natong talikuran kag mayain nak mga bisyo. If we accept Christ it is proper to turn one’s back on evil vices.

tama₃ [támà] 1.1adj Correct; right. támà Tama ra kag ida sabat. His answer was also right. comp. buko tama , id. tama yang

tiktik₃ [tíktik] v To knock on a door. katok Ingtiktikan nako sida sa kuwarto pero waya’t nagsasabat. I knocked on the door of his room but nobody answered. (sem. domains: 4.3.7 - Polite.)

timi [tímì] 1adj Dented; crushed; out of shape (as of metal, plastic); deformed. tupi Timi tong ako nabatong regalo. The gift I received was crushed. syn: pi-pi 1.2, timi 3, yupi. 2sta To become dented, crushed, etc. (as of tin, plastic) Natimi kag planggana nak nahuyog sa hagran. The washbasin that fell down the stairs became dented. Natimi kag balde tong nabagsakan it ragkong-bato. The bucket became dented when the big rock crashed down on it. 3vt To dent, crush something intentionally. Ingtimi nida kag inra kaserola dahil sa kahangit sa ida asawa. He dented their cooking pot because of his anger at his wife. syn: timi 1, pi-pi 1.2, yupi.

tingog [tíngog] n Voice. tinig, boses Dahil sa ida rakong tingog nakabati tong nagkakatuyog nak anak. The child woke up because of his loud voice. Abang ganda sida it tingog. She has a beautiful voice.

tinrog it tadlong [tínrog it tádlong] idiom - Convert to subentry Stand up straight. Tumayo ng tuwid Dapat kang magtinrog it tadlong kung ikaw ay nagsasabat sa maestra. You should stand up straight when you are answering your teacher.

tubos [tubós] vt 1To redeem, obtain the release of something, somebody with a certain payment; to redeem something for somebody (as of obtaining a license, regaining a mortgaged, pawned object, and the release of a captive, hostage or prisoner of war. The payment may be money, property or anything of value). tubos Atubuson nako tong kulintas nak ako ingsangla sa ida. I’ll redeem the necklace that I pawned to her. Atubusan ka nako it lisensya’t biseklita. I’ll get a bicycle license for you. Nabaton namo kag kwartang itutubos it amo duta. We received the money that will be used to redeem our land. Natubos kita ni Hesus sa ato mga kasal-anan. We were redeemed by Jesus from our sins. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Exchange, trade, - Pardon, release.) 2To redeem, obtain the release of a person spiritually with a certain payment (as of a person in spiritual bondage. The payment is through faith in Christ’s blood). (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Salvation.) der. itubos , der. manunubos , der. pagtubos , der. pangtubos

umir₁ [úmir] 1vi To be included; to be involved; to share in; to implicate. Naumir sida sa mga nakabaton it regalo. She was included among those who received a gift. 2vt To include something; to include somebody in getting something. Ing-umir nimo ako’t bayon? Did you include me in those who will share the food brougt along? Aumiron ka yangey namo it plite sa barko. We’ll include you when we pay our fare on the ship. Umira anay ako it isra, ha? Include me when you get fish, ha? Iumir nako kaling ida kwarta it pagparaya sa Odiongan para sa tiket. I’ll include her money in what I send to Odiongan for buying the ticket. 3adj kasali Buko sida kaumir sa kaso. He wasn’t included in the case. Buko kaumir ka ako maleta hagto sa pangarga. My suitcase wasn’t included in the cargo. syn: partisipar, yakot 1, iba 2, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 1, halo 2.

ustyas [ústyas] n The communion host. ustyas, tinapay Nakabaton sida it unang ustyas tong sida ay magkender. She received her first communion host when she entered kindergarten.

wangay₁ [wángay] n Loud voice. Nakabati ako dahil sa wangay it amo kayungot. I woke up because of our neighbour’s loud voice.