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abat [ábat] (fr. var. abat ay) part 1Lest; in case; in the event of (as of a warning regarding something unexpected or an anticipated contingency which may effect one’s actions). sim: sabang, sabaling; Syn: baka 1, amat. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Reason.) 2Probably; likely; might (that something is true or will occur). (sem. domains: - Probably, 9.2.6 - Particles.) der. pa-abat-abat

abat ay [ábat ay] fr. var. of abat

balaso [baláso] vt To throw stones, spears, stick-like objects at something, somebody (as of long pointed objects, weapons being thrown). babatuhin Abalasohon kono nida isag sa gab-i kag bayay it ida kaaway. He will throw stones at his enemy’s house tonight. syn: buyok, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

bugno it kalag [búgno it kalág] (comp. of bugno, kalag) id To be made sick, die by the spirit, soul of a dead person that comes to take somebody's soul to be with them. [lit: greeting of dead-soul] nabati nang kaluluwa Nagsuga sinra it kanrila sa sementeryo dahil nabugno it kalag tong ida anak. They lighted candles at the cemetery because their child was greeted by dead soul. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 4.9.4 - Miracle, supernatural power.)

hapros it amindikit nababatyagan it tanang yawas [hápros it amindikit nababatyagán it tanáng yáwas] say A sore little finger, toe, felt in one's whole body (lit. pain in small digit is felt in all parts of body). sakit ng kalingkingan ramdam ng buong katawan (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

huwas [huwás] vbt To abate, die or go down (as of a fever). bababá Mahuwas kag imo sagnat pag magtumar ka’t buyong. Your fever will die down if you take medicine. Ingpunasan ni Amy tong ida anak nak di sakit para huwasan it init. Amy wiped her sick child (with a wet sponge) to bring out the heat (of the fever). (sem. domains: - Decrease, - Fever.) der. pahuwas

kabata-on [kabatá-on/kabatán-on] dial. var. of kabataan

kabataan [kabatá-an] (dial. var. kabata-on) (der. of bata) n Young people; youth; older children. kabataan (sem. domains: - Youth.)

kabatuhan [kabatuhán] (der. of bato) n Rocky place, rocky shore. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

kasabat [kasábat] adv Answer back; insolent. walang galang Si Tomas ay kasabat sa ida nanay. Tomas always answers his mother back. (sem. domains: - Impolite.)

kasimanwa₂ [kasimaanwa] irreg. infl. of primo

katubo₂ [katubô] vi The same birthdate. magkababata, magkaidad Magkatubo gador kami ni Laids dahil pareho kami’t petsa inaanak. I have the same birthdate as Laids because we were born on the same date. (sem. domains: - Age, - Same.)

kinatawo [kinatáwo] (der. of tawo) 1n Birth canal; Cervix; vagina. (euphemism) poki Kag pamatyag ni Che tong mahuyog sa hagran ay pay nagisi kag ida kinatawo. The feeling of Che when she fell down the stairs was that her birth canal seemed to be torn. (sem. domains: - Female organs.) 2adj Congenital (as of a characteristic, defect one has had since birth). mula sa pagkabata Kinatawo tong ida sakit sa puso. His heart disease is a congenital one. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, 2.4 - Body condition.)

labatiba [labatíba] v To give an enema. Ginglabatiba tong anak dahil waya nakakakauyo it tatlong adlaw. The child was given an enema because he had not had a bowel movement for three days.

maabat-abat [maabat-abát] adv After a while; in a little while. maya-maya, mamaya Maabat-abat, nahuyog sida sa nidog nak waya sida gisunor sa ako sugo nak magpilhig. After a while, he fell down from the tree because he didn’t obey my command for him to go down.

mabatlaw [mabátlaw] (der. of batlaw) adj Sitting, riding high in the water (as of a lightly loaded ship which is floating with most of the hull above water). (sem. domains: - Light in weight, - Travel by water.)

mabaton it pagkundinar [mabáton it pagkundinár] saying - Convert to subentry To incur condemnation. tatanggap nang paghatol Kag mga makakasala ay mabaton it pagkundinar pag-abot it Ginoo. Sinners will incur comdemnation when the Lord comes.

masabat [masábat] (der. of sabat) adj Always having many reasons, excuses, answers for their actions (as of youth who answer back with lots of reasons and complaints rather than to accept being chastized).

mayain kag ida pagkabati [mayá-in kag ída pagkabátì] (comp. of bati) exp Woke up in a bad mood. [lit: bad her after-waking-up] (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema [nabatyagán nákò nak sída ay di probléma] (comp. of batyag, problema) id I felt she had a problem. [lit: I felt that she had a problem] naramdaman kong mayruon siyang problema Nabatyagan nako nak sida ay di problema dahil nagtitibaw sida. I felt she had a problem because she was crying. (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

nagbabatyagey [nagbabátyagey] v To be in labour, delivery (as of childbirth). Nagbabatyagey si Edith nak maanakey bag-o ray-on sa hospital. Edith was in labour already about to give birth before she was rushed to the hospital.

ni singko waya ka it mababaton halin sa ako [ni síngko wayâ ka it mababáton halín sa ákò] say When I die you'll receive, inherit nothing from me! (as of a parent scolding a child with the threat of being disinherited). [lit: not even five centavos will you receive from me] (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Word.)

pa-abat-abat [pa-abat-ábat] (der. of abat) v To wait a while longer; expect; anticipate. Isagey kita mahalin, mapaabat-abat anay sabaling umabot sida. We will leave a little later, wait a little while longer first because she might arrive. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect, - Wait.)

paabat-abat [pa-abát-abát] vt To expect something to happen. STRESS? nagbabakasakali, maya-maya Nagpaabat-abat sida nak ingwa’t masapoy sa ida. She’s expecting that there will be someone to fetch her. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect.)

pabatak [pabátak] (der. of batak) v 1To have something pulled up, upwards by somebody; to have something hauled in by somebody (as of having a fishing net hauled in, an anchor or a child's pants pulled up). (sem. domains: - Pull, - Lift, - Up.) 2To have someone lift up the internal organs in the lower abdomen (as of a traditional medical treatment). (sem. domains: - Lift, - Traditional medicine.)