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aber hariin [abér hari-ín] (dial. var. aber hiin; irreg. infl. aber hiin) (comp. of aber, hariin) loc Wherever there is; anywhere there is (as of where something "is" located or exists). [lit: even where] (sem. domains: - Indefinite location.)

aber hariing lupalop [abér hari-íng lupálop] (comp. of aber, hariin, lupalop) id Everywhere on earth; every corner of the earth; every little place; every 'nook and cranny'; the ends of the earth. [lit: even where small-place] (sem. domains: 4.6.7 - Region.)

bagahis [bagáhis] n Baggage, luggage (as carried when travelling). bagahe Raya-raya ni Eno tong ida bagahis aber hariin sida magpagto. Eno always carries his travelling bag with him wherever he goes. (sem. domains: - Bag.)