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abil [abíl] n The male testes where one is larger and lower than the other. (sem. domains: - Male organs.)

abilidad [abílidad] n 1Ability. (sem. domains: - Expert.) 2Bad habits, behavior (as of swearing, fighting, yelling etc.). (sem. domains: - Expert.)

bilin [bílin] 1n Last request, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). habilin Kag huling bilin it ida lola bag-o mamatay ay sunugon kag ida yawas. The last words of his grandfather before he died was to have his body burned. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Say farewell.) 2n Things intentionally left behind somewhere. (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing, 7.5.9 - Put, 8.5.3 - Be at a place.) 3v To leave something, somebody behind (either intentionally or unintentionally). iwan Inabilin ni Lito sa bayay kag ida anak kung nag-uuwang. Lito leaves his child behind in the house when its crying. (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put, 8.5.3 - Be at a place.) comp. nabilin kag buot , der. pabilin , der. pabilin-bilin

bitin₁ [bítin] 1v To hang something from one point (as of Christmas decorations, bunch of bananas or a slaughtered animal). pabiling, bitin, sabit Nagbitin sida it abitan sa suyor. She hang up the baby hammock inside. Ibitin anay nimo kag regalo sa krismas tree. Please hang the gift on the Christmas tree. Ingbitin nida kag manok kada namatay. She hung up the chicken (by its legs) so it died. Ibitin it huwág kag nakabiling nak basket. Hang up the hanging basket by the rattan. Ibitin kag higot it batag. Hang up the bananas by the tie. (sem. domains: - Hang.) 2sta (fig) To be curtailed, cut short, left hanging, suspended (as of an activity e.g. sleep, speech or a party). Nahangit ka mga anak dahil nabitin ka inra pabayli. The children were mad because their dance was cut short. (sem. domains: - Stop something.) comp. pabitin sa krismas tri , der. bitin , der. bitinan , der. ibitin , der. pabitin

budabil [budabíl] n A dance with couples following a caller, like a square-dance. The spectators throw money onto the dance floor when the dancers are good. [Possibly from the English/French term "vaudeville".] (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.)

indi mabilang-bilang [índì mabilang-bílang] (der. of bilang) n Uncountable; beyond counting.
hindi mabilang-bilang
(sem. domains: 8.1.2 - Count.)

kabakay [kabákay] (der. of bakay) adj Sales well; saleable. [lit: buyable] mabili Kabakay kag mga baligyang mangga ni Norma. Norma’s mangoes sell well. (sem. domains: 6.9.3 - Marketing, - Cheap.)

kabilang [kabílang] adj One counted as belonging; a member of. Si Tanada ay kabilang sa mga senador nak waya gusto sa base it Amerika. Tanada is one of the members of the senate that don’t want the American bases. (sem. domains: - Belong to an organization.)

kabilang sa mga sinakupan [kabílang sa mga sinakúpan] idiom - Convert to subentry Counted as a subject; a citizen. Kag mga Kurdish ay kabilang sa mga sinakupan nina Saddam Hussein it Iraq. The Kurds are counted as citizens of Saddam Hussein of Iraq. (sem. domains: 4.6.2 - Citizen.)

kabilugan [kabilúgan] (der. of bilog) n Full moon. kabilugan (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kabilya [kabílya] n Steel reinforcing bars used to strengthen concrete foundations, floors and posts in house building. (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials.)

kasa-kasa [kasa-kasâ] 1pv To dare to do something dangerous. Uninvited answer; answering without being asked. to get up courage to do something. PV or ADV 2v To pretend to do something; to make out one can do something; to assume one can do something.To dare to do something dangerous. pabasta-basta Kasa-kasa ra kinaong kabadi magkanta ay libagon ra. That girl makes out she can sing but she’s out of tune though. (sem. domains: - Think so, - Can't.)

kasamot [kasamót] adj Fast. mabilis Kasamot kag ida hingab tong mayungotey mamatay. His breath was very fast when he was about to die. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Heart, - Quick, 8.4.8 - Speed.)

mabilog [mabilóg] n Fish sp., Onion Trevally. Carangoides uii (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

magkanyudo [magkanyúdo] (der. of yudo) loc On both sides. magkabilaan, bawat sulok Ingwa sida’t panika sa magkanyudong talinga. She has earrings on both ears. Magkanyudong siki kag di hubag nida. He has boils on both feet. (sem. domains: 8.6.3 - Side, - Beside.)

marabilos [marabílos] n Plant species; herbal plant, the leaves of which are boiled (bitter taste) and drunk to cause an abortion. marabilos (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

masamot [masamót] (der. of samot) adj Fast; quick. mabilis syn: samok 1. (sem. domains: - Quick.) comp. masamot kag hingab

matabil [matabíl] adj Talkative; gossipy. matabil, madaldal, satsat Buko nako ayam ay matabil yaki sida masyado. I didn’t know that she’s very gossipy.

mataliwan [matalíwan] v To die. sumakabilang buhay Bag-o magtaliwan kag ida lolo ay ingpartihan sida it mayapar nak duta. Before his grandfather died he was given a big share of land.

nabilin kag buot [nabilín kag buót] (comp. of bilin, buot) id Stole my heart; left my heart there (as of really liking something SOMEBODY??). [lit: left-behind inner-being] naiwan ang loob Nabilin kag buot nako ruto sa abang gandang kulintas nak ako nakita pero indi nako kaya nak bakyon. I left my heart there with that beautiful necklace which I saw but which I could not afford to buy. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.)

nagtaliwaney [nagtalíwaney] v To die; to pass on in death. sumakabilang buhay Waya kamalay si Peter nak nagtaliwaney tong ida pasyenteng ingbabantayan. Peter didn’t notice that the patient he was attending to had died.

pabili [pabilî] (der. of bili) v To have somebody bathed by someone. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.)

pabilik [pabílik] (der. of bilik) v To make something revolve, spin (as of a fast spinning top). (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something, - Move in a circle.)

pabilin [pabílin] (der. of bilin) 1n Last request, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). habilin Kag pabilin it tong namatay nidang tatay ay hagto sida iyubong sa habig it ida asawa. The last dying words of his dying father is he should be buried beside his wife. (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life, - Say farewell.) 2v To remain, stay behind, abide; to make stay on somewhere (as of somebody's words, something or somebody). (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, 8.4.2 - Take time.) comp. pabilin sa isip

pabilin sa isip [pabílin sa ísip] (comp. of pabilin, isip) n Something kept in one's mind. [lit: make-remain in mind] (sem. domains: 3.2.6 - Remember.)