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aboy [abóy] part Do you think, suppose?; in your opinion?. [This particle is the 2nd position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Kung ato anay aboy abuhian kag manok, indi mawagit? Do you think that if we let the chicken run free for a while it won’t get lost? Nio aboy kag imo masisiling diling bersikulo? What do you think this verse means? Pati nidog aboy ay natumba it tong bagyo? Do you think the coconuts also fell over in that typhoon? (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

aboy man ra [abóy man ra] fr. var. of aboy ra man

aboy ra man [abóy ra man] (fr. var. aboy man ra) excl Not really, just joking!; not really true, as I made, led you to believe! (as of a joking reply to contradict one’s previous words). [lit: your-opinion also even] (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

baktin [baktín] n 1Animal species; Pig; hog. báboy (sem. domains: - Pig.) 2Pork (as of the meat from a pig). [Pigs are reared as a way of saving, investing money. A true "piggy bank". The grown pig is either cooked litsón "whole spit-roast pig" for a special family celebration or sold for pork to make money. In the past people fed them food scraps yayóg "wet pig food" and let the pigs roam free but nowadays they buy prepared "feeds" and keep them in pens. The amount of real profit earned is questionable, but it does tie up money that would otherwise be spent straightaway.] (sem. domains: - Meat.) der. baktinan

guyang nak baktin [gúyang nak báktin] n Mother pig. inahíng báboy (sem. domains: - Mammal, 1.6.1 - Types of animals, 1.6 - Animal, - Hoofed animals.)

haboy [háboy] 1n Loom for weaving. habihán (sem. domains: - Weaving cloth.) 2vt To weave on a loom, as abaca (to form threads into a fabric). maghábi Inghabuyan ako nida it tamong. She wove a blanket for me. (sem. domains: - Weaving cloth.) der. habuyan

kayasanon [kayasánon] irreg. infl. of kayhasanon

kayhasanon₂ [kayhasánon] (irreg. infl. kayasanon) n Wild pig. báboy damó (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals, - Pig.)

palaboy [paláboy] vi To wander around. palaboy Nagpalaboy yangey sida sa Manila sa paghanap it trabaho. He wandered around somewhere in Manila in search of a job.

saboy-saboy [saboy-sáboy] v To catch, pull the threads on cloth, garment. dumudikit Kag baro ni Norma ay nagsasaboy-saboy kung inghihigra sa banig nak tinagsa. Norma’s dress catches on the mat when she sleeps on a woven mat used for drying rice.

sabyag [sábyag] vbt To splash something or somebody with water. magsáboy Asabyagan nako kag nagpapamungo it tubi. I will splash the ones who are throwing stones with water. syn: sablig, samo.

suboy₂ [súboy] v To send, drive out in anger. taboy Ingsuboy si Manu it ida mga maguyang dahil tamhuyan. Manu was driven out in anger by her parents because she is very lazy.

tabog₁ [tábog] v To chase away, drive somebody out in anger, strong emotion. taboy Ingpangtabog it nanay kag ida mga anak paeskul dahil orasey ay nag-iidamo pa sinra. Their mother sent her children out in anger to go to school because it was already time and they were still playing. (sem. domains: - Annoyed, - Chase away.)

tabog₂ [tábog] vt To drive away, out an animal; to shoo an animal away; to exorcise (as of evil spirits). magtabóy Atabugon nako kag baka paliwas sa amo geyt. I’ll drive the cow out of our gate. Ingtabog ni Mang Loring kag nag-aamigo kay Helen. Mang Loring drove away the evil spirit which befriended Helen. syn: bughaw 1.

tangkay it baktin [tangkáy it baktín] n Pig pen. ulbî ng báboy

yagmaw [yágmaw] n Food scraps, slops in liquid (as to be used for animal food). kaning baboy Karako kag ako yagmaw nak natipon para sa mga baktin. I have collected a lot of food slops to be feed to the pigs.

yaon₃ [yáon] vbt To cook leafy food for pigs. luto ng pagkaing baboy Nagyaon sida it tangkong nak ibahog sa baktin. She cooked kangkong leaves to feed for the pigs.

yayog [yayóg] n Pig’s food. pagkain ng baboy karako kag inra natipon nak yayog tong maghanra sinra sa kasay ni Teri. They saved a big amount of pig’s food when they prepared for Teri’s wedding.

yayugan [yayúgan] n Container for pig’s food. lalagyan ng pagkaing baboy Natumba kag yayugan it baktin ag naudak kag suyor nak baho. The container for the pig’s food fell on its side and the smelly contents spilled out.

hopya [hópyà] n A kind of bread rolls with filling: hópyà mónggo (mungo bean filling); hópyà báboy (pork filling). hopya (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

kayhasan [kayhásan] n Virgin forest. kagubatan Karamong sawa ag baboy ramo sa kayhasan. There are plenty of snakes and wild pigs in the forest. (sem. domains: 1.7.1 - Natural.)

pali₂ [palî] v To come to, towards. nagpunta Asi aboy nagpali sida? Why do you think he has come here? (sem. domains: - Towards.)

tongtong₁ [tóngtong] vt To experience what somebody went through; to be in somebodys place, situation. lumagay sa lugar ko, ikaw ang nasa katayuan ko Kung apatongtongon ka abi nako sa ako kamutangan ngasing masasdyahan ka aboy? If you were in my place experiencing what Iam now do you think you’d be happy?

uli₁ [úlì] 11.1vbt To return to; to return home; to go down to town from the farm. balikan Nag-uli sinra sa banwa tong gab-i. They came back down to town the other night. Nag-uli sinra halin sa Maynila. They came back from Manila. Anong oras aboy mapauli ka imo tatay? What time do you think your father will return home? Aulian ninra ka inra dating bayay dili. They will return to their former house here. syn: balik, pabisong, sapoy. 22.1vbt To return something borrowed or purchased; to give back; to return for something. Ing-uli nida kag pala it tahapon. He returned the spade yesterday. Aulion ninra kag tratong isra. They will come back from the farm for the order of fish.