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aders [áders] 1adv Changed for the worse (as of somebody's clothes, speech or behavior). (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) 2v To change for the worse (as of somebody's clothes, speech or behavior). Pay adersey ra si Mel tuna tong nakaasawa it mayaman. Mel seems to have different kind of ways since she has married a rich man. (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior.)

pamumuno [pamumúnò] (der. of puno) n Leadership; leadership style; way of leading. (sem. domains: - Lead.)

pamunuan [pamunú-an] (der. of puno) v To lead, give leadership. (sem. domains: - Lead.)

patikang₂ [patíkang] n Say, method, system of leadership, raising a family. (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority, 4.5.4 - Submit to authority.)

patiraya [patiráya] v To mastermind, take over, usurp leadership; to be a ringleader; to lead others to do wrong. namuno Si Bruno kag nagpatiraya sa mga rebelde tong magbuang si Dante. Bruno took over as leader of the rebels when Dante became insane.

patusa [patúsà] v To ask persistently for something; to whinge; to nag (as of children, nagging spouse, old person). To cause hardship as of children to elders and leaders to their people. úngot Kag mga anak ngasing nak panahon ay abang ayo magpatusa sa mga maguyang. Children nowadays really know how to persistently ask their parents for things. (sem. domains: - Ask.)

maton₂ [matón] n Gangleader; tough person. siga Aya baga kamo magbinarkada sa mga maton dahil sinra ay mga dilikadong tawo. Please don’t get in a gang of friends with gang leaders because they are dangerous people. syn: dagol.