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ag₂ [ag] 1part Sf Also; agreement. Wayaey sinra nakaistar ruto, ag. I agree they don’t live there any more. syn: a. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - And, also.) 2part On the contrary; by way of correction. Hagto pa, ag! On the contrary they’re still there! (sem. domains: - Opposite, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

banaag₂ [baná-ag] 1n Sun’s rays at dawn; dawn light; first light of dawn. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) 2vi To have the sun's rays appear at dawn; to have the first light of dawn appear, shine. banaag Nabanaag kag adlaw kada alas-kwatro. The sun always appears at four o’clock. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)

basag₂ [básag] v To break, shatter into many pieces (as of things like glass, china etc.). basagin Ingbasag nida kag salamin. He broke the mirror. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.) der. basag

bayabag₂ [bayabág] 1n Dried coconut leaves which are burnt to use as a torch, flare. sulô (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Light source.) 2adj Having dried coconut leaves to burn (as of in a torch, flare). (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Light source.) 3v To use, burn dried coconut leaves as a torch, flare. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Light source.)

bulag₂ [búlag] (der. of bulag) sta To go, become blind. bulág Nabulag sida tong naggira. He became blind during the war. (sem. domains: - Blind.)

bungkag₂ [búngkag] v To untie a bundle of something (as of brooms etc.). tastas Gingbungkag nida kag silhig. She untied the broom. (sem. domains: - Set free.)

huwag₂ [huwág] n Plant species; Rattan which is a vine used for tying and making baskets and furniture. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, 1.5 - Plant, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

labag₂ [labág] n Teeth of saw.

panagtag₂ [panágtag] vbt To distribute. pamigay Nagpanagtag it maintik nak bibliya kag mga Gideons sa eskwela. The Gideons distributed small bibles to the students.

pangalag-kalag₂ [pangalag-kálag] (der. of kalag) v To sing songs house-to-house on All Soul’s Day in order to be given money.

paypag₂ [páypag] v To brush, dust off something with one’s hand, an instrument (as of removing dust or dirt). pagpag Ingpaypagan it raga ni Norma kag ida binuyar nak baro nak nahuyog. Norma brushed the dirt off the clothes she’d been drying when they fell.

sabwag₂ [sabwág] v To be scattered, unplanned in arrangement; to sow seed scattering it by hand. Nagsabwag kag tanan nidang gamit tong mabunggo sida it dyip. All her things were scattered when she was hit by a jeep. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter.)

sakag₂ [sakág] (irreg. infl. sawayang) v To fish with long thin net in deeper water with either end held by one person. Gingsakag namo kag mga isra para amo mabaoy sa medyo marayom nak ragat. We fished for fish with a long thin net so we could get them from fairly deep water in the ocean. syn: sungya, sawayang 1.

sinabag₂ [sinábag] n Roasted food; fried rice. sinangag

tagtag₂ [tágtag] vbt To distribute freely, in a generous way (without having been asked); to give away. namigay Nagpanagtag sida it dulse ag tinapay. She gave away candies and bread. (sem. domains: - Share with.)

tatag₂ [tatág] vt To organize. itatatag Ato itatag kali nak partido para sa masunor nak eleksyon. We will organize this party for the next election.

tawag₂ [táwag] 11.1n Name; nickname. 1.2vt To call somebody; to summon somebody. tawag Atawagon nako ikaw kung nakaabotey sida. I’ll summon you when she arrives. 22.1vt To telephone somebody. tawag Atawagan ka nako pag-abot it imo intratong tela. I’ll phone you when the cloth that you ordered arrives. 33.1n A public service announcement; a plea for something. 3.2v Nagpapanawagan kag ida asawa sa radyo nak nawagit ka inra anak. Her husband is making a public announcement over the radio that their child was lost. 44.1n A calling in one’s life (figurative). Indi nato gipaindian kag tawag it Diyos sa ato kabuhi. Let’s not reject God’s call in our life.

tikrag₂ [tíkrag] 1sta To fall from a height (people, object); to fall off a tree (as of fruit, leaves). nalaglag Nagpapangpuyot kag anak it mga natikrag nak mangga. The children are picking up mangoes that have fallen off the tree. syn: taktak, yakrag 1, huyog 1, lagas 1, unot. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.) 2vi To fall off a tree (leaves, fruit). Nagtitikrag kag mga yaay ngasing. The old coconuts are falling from the trees now. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.) 3v To cause something (usually leaves, fruit) to fall. Pagtawog nimo aya gipatikraga kag mga bunga. When you climb up don’t cause the fruit to fall off. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

uyag₂ [úyag] 1adj Lustful; sex-crazy; agressive sexually; sexual activity, urge. 2vi To lust after somebody; to be in heat (animals). libog Nagpapanguyagey tong iro dahil ingrarapyasan nida tong kabading iro. The dog is already in heat because his now beginning to jump up on the female dog.

wagwag₂ [wágwag] n A variety of rice, very white and expensive. Pink rice with good fibre content. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

yaghag₂ [yághag] v To open up and leave spaces between; to separate, draw apart (as of teeth weaving, flooring). Kag ida ngisi ay nagyaghag pagkatapos mabunot kag mga bag-ong. Her teeth open up and left spaces between after her molars were pulled.

yubag₂ [yubág] v To loosen, easily remove dirt from pre-soaked clothes. binabad Nayubag kag buling nak raan pag inahuom sa sabon. You can easily remove dirt from pre-soaked clothes if you soak them in soap. (sem. domains: 5.6 - Cleaning.) der. payubag

a [a] part Sf Also; agree. Maganda yaki kali a! Oh I agree this is pretty! syn: ag 1. (sem. domains: - Compatible, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

huyog₁ [húyog] 1vi To fall, drop from a height (as of leaves, fruit off a tree). Naghuhuyog kag bunga sa puno aber buko pa hinog. The fruit is falling from the tree even though it’s not ripe yet. syn: taktak, yakrag 1, tikrag 1, lagas 1, unot. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 2vbt To drop something from a height (as of posting a letter, lowering a fishing net into water, dropping a coconut from a tree). Kung matawog sida sa nidog, sida ay mahuyog it butong sa ako. When he climbs up the coconut tree, he’ll drop a young coconut down for me. Nahuyugan ako it nidog sa uyo. A coconut fell on my head. Ihuyog nako kaling ako suyat ruto sa huyugan it suyat. I’ll mail my letter there at the post office. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 3vbt To have something fall, drop on a thing, person or place. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 4sta To fall from a height (people, objects); to fall from a high level to a lower rank, resulting in lower lifestyle. hulog Nahuyog kag anak sa hagranan kada nagtibaw. The child fell down the stairs so he cried. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, 7.1.3 - Lie down.) 5v To miscarry, lose a baby prior to birth. hulog Nahuyog ka ida anak. Her child was miscarried. (sem. domains: - Miscarriage.) 6vt To buy an item or pay off a debt on instalment basis. hulog Mahuyog si Jun pagbakay it kang Ted baligyang kotse. Jun will buy Ted’s car that’s for sale on an installment basis. Mahuyog ako it diyes pesos ruto sa ako utang sa tinrahan. I’ll pay ten pesos towards my debt there at the store. (sem. domains: - Pay.) comp. nahuyog kag buot , der. huyog-huyugan , der. huyog , der. huyugan it suyat , der. ihuyog , say. nahuyog kag ako buot sa ida

lagas [lágas] 1sta To fall off (as of leaves which are old and dried out, or off hair falling out). lagas Nalagas kag tanang rahon it buyak. All the leaves of the flower fell off. syn: taktak, yakrag 1, tikrag 1, huyog 1, unot. 2n An old, dying tree.
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