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abtik [ábtik] 1adj Agile, lively, active, energetic, fit. Maabtik gihapon sida aber maguyangey. She’s still energetic even though she’s old. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 2sta To be, become agile, lively, active, energetic or fit. maliksi Naabtik sida pagkaehersisyo. He becomes energetic after doing exercise. syn: liksi. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 3vt To hasten, speed up or increase the pace. bilisán Ing-abtik nida kag pagpanaw agur indi sida maulihi pa-mitingan. He hastened his walking so that he wouldn’t be late for the meeting. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. maabtik

agi [agî] n A male homosexual person. (colloquial) (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

agigising [agigísing] dial. var. of patilya

agík-ik [agík-ik] 1n The yap of a puppy. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2v To yap (as of a puppy). (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.)

agila [agilá] n Bird species; eagle, hawk. ágilá (sem. domains: - Bird.)

agimat [agímat] n Magic or protective power coming from an amulet, good luck charm or talisman. Indi matamaan it bala si Nardong Kidlat dahil inggwa sida it agimat. Nardong Kidlat could not be hit with a bullet because he has supernatural power. [The charm can be worn on clothing or implanted under the skin to protect, bring luck, or give special ability to a person. It is often said to protect one from bullets.] (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

agindan [agíndan] n Insect species; blowfly, march fly, large fly. Karamong agindan pag Agosto. There are plenty of blowflies during the month of August. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

agipot [agípot] dial. var. of kuyaw-kuyaw, aninipot

agit-agit [agit-agít] 1v To tease, mock, provoke somebody into a fight. kinukulit Aya giagit-agita kinang anak para indi magtibaw. Don’t tease the child so it won’t cry. (sem. domains: - Mock.) 2v To flirt with somebody. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 3adj On-and-off especially of rain (as if it's teasing one and preventing washing from drying etc.). Agit-agit kag uyan. The rain is just on and off. (sem. domains: - Regular, - Rain.)

agiw [ágiw] 1n Soot from a fire. Kung ikaw ay nagsusuga it iwag nagkakaigwa it agiw kag ida tubo. When you light the lamp, you get soot on her lamp glass. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2v To get soot on, become sooty or soot covered. Ing agiwan kag kisame sa kusina dahil sa rabók nak kahoy. The ceiling gets soot on it bacause of the wood fire. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 3n House dust, fluff, tiny specks of dirt (as of what collects under a bed when it isn't cleaned). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.) 4v To build-up, gather house dust, fluff, tiny specks of dirt somewhere. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.)

ansig [ansíg] 1adj Active, agile, flexible, lively, fit or energetic (as of a person's physical fitness). (sem. domains: 2.4.3 - Energetic.) 2vbt To be, become active, agile, flexible, lively, fit or energetic (as of a person's physical fitness). maliksi Madali giansig kag ako yawas kung adlaw-adlaw akong nagiihersisyo. My body easily becomes active when I exercise everyday. (sem. domains: 2.4.3 - Energetic.) der. maansig

anting-anting [anting-ánting] n Magic or protective power coming from an amulet, good luck charm or talisman. anting-anting [The charm can be worn on clothing or implanted under the skin to protect, bring luck, or give special ability to a person. It is often said to protect one from bullets.] (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

ayagihis [ayagíhis] n Shell species; Violet Sanguin Clams or the less plentiful Sunrise Tellin. They look like cream and grey stones (as of 1.5cm diameter and commonly found along the beach at sunrise, slightly buried, at the water’s edge). Karamong agihis nak nakita si Norma sa baybay. Norma found many tiny clams along the seashore. Soletellina violacea Lam.; Tellina radioata L. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagihis

baghot [bághot] v To throw, eject, toss something or somebody out. ihagis, itapon Ingbaghot ni Arlene tong regalo it ida manang dahil buko nida gusto. Arlene threw out the gift of her sister because she didn’t like it. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

baging [báging] 1n Vine. baging (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2adj Having many of vines hanging; viney (as of frightening place where snakes can be mistaken for vines). (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 3vbt To swing on a vine or rope. baging, lambitin Nagbaging si Raul pagtabok it sapa. Raul swung on a vine in crossing the river. Ingbagingan nao katong nagbibiling nak higot sa kahoy. I swung on the rope that hangs on the tree. (sem. domains: 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

bago-bagi [bago-bagî] n Plant species which is a kind of vine for making baskets. [lit: vine-kind] baging Kinang mga bago-bago ay nababaoy sa bungkag. Those vines for making baskets can be taken from the jungle. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

basag₂ [básag] v To break, shatter into many pieces (as of things like glass, china etc.). basagin Ingbasag nida kag salamin. He broke the mirror. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.) der. basag

bataan [bata-án] (der. of bata) n Vagina. (euphemism) [lit: baby place] [This term is commonly used when advising one's daughter not to have pre-marital sex i.e. surrender her vagina before marriage.] (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

batag [batág] n Fruit species; banana (as of the generic term). ságing (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.) comp. puso it batag , der. batag-batag

bayagon [bayágon] 1n Plant species; vine (as of the general term for all vines, runners, climbing plants). baging Kahihinagba katong bayagon nak amo nakita sa Gingpalutaw tong Sabado. The vines we saw last Saturday in Gingpalutaw were so long. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2v To climb like vine (as of a plant that puts out tendrils and climbs by clinging to walls, trellises or other plants). (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

bertod [bértod] n Virtue. agimat (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral.)

bibig-bibig [bibig-bíbig] (comp. of bibig) n The labia of the vagina. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

bilat [bilát] n Very large vagina. (crude) poki Abang raku baga’t bilat kag ida lola. Her grandmother has a very big vagina. syn: nabuywa. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

bulok [bulók] adj 1Dull, slow, below average mentally, of poor intelligence. naging bubo Kaling anak ay nagpakabulok sa pag-aray tong mapabarkada. This child got a dull mind when he indulged himself to his friends company. syn: buroy 1. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) 2To be, become even more dull, slow, below average mentally, of poor intelligence. (sem. domains: - Stupid.)

buragis [buragís] adj Blue eyed. burgis Kag asawa ni Ellen ay German kada buragis kag mata it ida anak. The husband of Ellen is a German that’s why their child is blue eyed. [Usually inherited from the Spanish or other European races who have high status. Such eyes are seen as beautiful.] (sem. domains: - Eye.)

buwa [buwâ] 1n Prolapse (as of protruding female genitals after childbirth). (sem. domains: - Female organs.) 2v To have a prolapse of female genitals after childbirth (as of when they protrude). (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, - Female organs, 2.5.3 - Injure, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) 3n Hernia in the vaginal area of a woman (as of from lifting heavy loads). (sem. domains: - Female organs, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 4v To have, get a hernia in the vaginal area of a woman (as of from lifting heavy loads). (sem. domains: - Female organs, 2.5.3 - Injure.)

buwaon [buwá-on] adj 1Prolapsed (as of protruding female genitals after childbirth). (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, - Female organs, 2.5.3 - Injure, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) 2Herniated vaginal area of a woman (as of from lifting heavy loads). (sem. domains: - Female organs, 2.5.3 - Injure.)

buyagis [buyagís] n Eyes with blue, hazel coloring showing mixed ancestry (as of a Filipino with eyes that are totally blue or light brown with blue flecks i.e. hazel, inherited from a white, Western ancestor). [Such eyes are admired due to both the fact that they are seen as beautiful and that these features came from a blood relationship with the high status Spanish or Americans etc. who ruled the Philippines for a time. ] (sem. domains: - Eye.)

dalagita [dalagíta] n A young teen-age girl between the ages of 12-14 years. dalagita (sem. domains: - Woman, - Youth.)

dilikado [dilikádo] adj Fragile, breakable, dangerous (as of breakable, explosive, unsafe goods or places). delikado (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 2.5.3 - Injure, - Disaster, 7.9.1 - Damage.) der. dilikadesa

gal-om [gál-om] adj Cloudy. madagím, madilim syn: kulimlim, kunom, rag-om 1. (sem. domains: - Cloud.)

hagikhik [hagíkhik] n Slight sound of controlled, held in laughter. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

hagimit [hagímit] n Tree species; a herbal plant which is thorny. It has to be cut at night so the sweet sap flows out. [A medicinal tree which is used to treat sickness called pasma.] (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

haging [háging] vbt 1To almost hit something; to fly, hover close together; to pass close to something, specifically of a moving, flying object. haging Isutaney sida matumba tong mahagingan sida’t biseklita. She nearly fell down when the bike passed by her very closely. Malagat-lagat humaging kag mga eroplanong tig-ruha’t yawas sa mga bapor it kaaway. Soon the two-bodied aeroplanes hovered close together over the enemy ships. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Change your mind, - Insult, - Recognize, - Mock, - Demonstrate.) 2To speak loud enough for somebody to over hear; to speak indirectly to somebody; to purposely let somebody overhear (as of intentionally speaking about something that is meant to be overheard by someone actually present). parinig, parunggit Ingpahagingan nida akot mahapros nak bisaya pag rayan nako sa inra. When I passed by their place, she spoke offensive words loud enough for me to overhear. syn: rungog 1, balita 1, sagap. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Vehicle, - Slip, slide, 2.3.2 - Hear, - Quiet.) der. pahaging

hagip [hagíp] vt To catch, grab hold of something; to get run over (as when one is caught under the wheel of a vehicle). hagip Inahagip nida tong manok ay di tamaey it bala sa pakpak. When he caught the chicken it was already hit by a bullet in the wings. syn: rakop. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 6.4.2 - Trap, - Notice, - Attention, - Appear, 2.3.1 - See.)

hamak₁ [hámak] excl Imagine that! akalain mo Hamak no, nagraog sida’t usang milyon. Imagine, she won P1 million! pesos. (sem. domains: - Think so, - Imagine.)

hidagis [hidágis] vt To clean, trim the uneven pieces off the bamboo, wood. linis ng kawayan Naghihidagis sida’t kwadan nak sayugon. He’s trimming the bamboo that’ll be used for the floor. (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials.)

hinabor [hinábor] vt To undo, unravel, untangle, unknot, untie (as of rope or fishing net). kalagin Hinabura kinang bunang agor indi mautoy. Untangle the thread so that it won’t have to be cut. (sem. domains: - Tangle, 7.5.4 - Tie.) der. hinaburon

hugot-hugot sa tagipusuon [hugot-húgot sa tagipusú-on] (comp. of tagipusuon, hugot-hugot) adj Faithful; whole-hearted; fervent. taos sa puso Kag mga disipulo ni Kristo ay hugot-hugot sa inra tagipusuon kag pagpalapnag it maadong balita nida. The disciples of Jesus are faithful in preaching his gospel. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Trust, 9.3.2 - Completely.)

ibutang sa isip [ibutáng sa ísip] (comp. of butang, isip) id To put, imagine certain things in one's own mind (as of strange or unfamiliar things). ilagay ang iyong sarili Mahirap kung minsan ibutang sa sarili kag mga bagay nak waya nimo nakasanayi. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine oneself in a certain situation that one is not used to. (sem. domains: - Situation, - Imagine.)

igot₂ [ígot] 1n Squeaking sound (as of a door hinge). (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.) 2adj Squeaky. lumalagitnit (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.) 3vi To squeak, creak (as of a door hinge). Nag-iigot ka inra hagran nak tuktokoney ka mga bisagra. Their door is squeaking because its hinge is rusty. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

ikog it pagi [íkog it pági] (comp. of ikog, pagi) n Tail of a stingray (which is one of the items used in exorcism). [lit: tail of stingray] Kag ida ginggamit nak panglampos sa ida mga anak ay buntot pagi. What she uses to hit her children is a stingray’s tail. (sem. domains: - Demon possession, - Religious ceremony, - Parts of a fish.)

indi mawagit [índì mawágit] adj Not perish; imperishable; everlasting. hindi mawala Indi mawagit nak kalipay kag imo mararanasan sa Ginoo. What you will experience in being in the Lord is everlasting joy. (sem. domains: - Forever.)

kaging [káging] adj Crisp. malutong Abang kaging pa baga tong anit it lechon. That lechon is still crispy. syn: kuyar 1. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

kagir [kágir] adj Scratched; covered with sores; mangey (as of a dog). galis Abang kagir tong iro ninra. Their dog is covered with sores. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

kagirkir [kagírkir] n Mange on a dog’s back. galis Indi ninra gipasuyuron sa bayay tong di kagirkir ninrang iro. They won’t let their dog with mange on its back enter their house. (sem. domains: - Castrate animal, - Animal diseases.)

kayagwat [kayágwat] n Distance between things such as bamboo slate. malayong pagitan (sem. domains: 8.2.6 - Distance, 8.2.8 - Measure.)

kilir [kílir] n Underarm; side (as of between the armpit and waist). tagiliran (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.)

kinagisnan [kinagísnan] adj Inherited characteristic situation; heredity; born with into certain situation. kinamulatan Kag amo kinagisnan nak relehiyon ay Foursquare. Our inherited religion is Foursquare. (sem. domains: 4.1.9 - Kinship.)

kobra [kóbra] vt To level a steep place, land. patagin Ingkóbra ni Oming tong duta ni Tang Pepe para humanon nak lanas. Oming leveled the land of Uncle Pepe intended for a ricefield. syn: panpan. (sem. domains: - Plain, plateau.)

kung sin-o kag unang nagkutak imaw kag nagitlog [kung sín-o kag únang nagkútak imaw kag nagitlóg] say Whoever is first to question, deny doing something is the one who did the wrong (lit. whoever the first hen to call-out is the one who laid the egg) as of the reaction of a child when challenged. (sem. domains: - Contradict.)

kuyagi [kuyagí] 11.1n The long brush like instrument for cleaning, scraping out the coconut wine container. [It is made of coconut frond or bamboo and is used to scrape out the container carried on the shoulder (kalawit).] 22.1n The residue left in the container to catch the coconut wine.

lagíni [lagíni] n A pink species of rice. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

likwar₁ [líkwar] 11.1vi To fall off edge or from a standing position. Naglikwar kag kaldero sa sig-ang. The pan fell off from the stove. 1.2vbt tumagilid syn: kapyos 1, payos 1, huslo 2, tangkas, hubar, hukas 2. 22.1vi To leave somewhere. umalis Naglikwar yang sinra it waya ako kamalay. They just left unnoticed.

listo [lísto] adj 1Alert; smart. listo, laging handa Marali tudluan kag listo nak anak. It’s easy to teach a smart child. Listo sida sa pagpanimati sa maestra. She’s alert at listening to the teacher. Syn: alisto 1; syn: but-anan 1. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) 2To prepare; to get something ready. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) der. alisto

lusa [lúsa] adj China (as of plates). babasagin Pag ingga kami it bisita ay kag amo ginggagamit nak pinggan ay lusa. When we have visitors the plates we use are China.

maabtik [ma-ábtik] (der. of abtik) adj Agile, lively, active, energetic, fit. maliksi Kag ida lola ay maabtik gihapon aber maguyangey. Her grandmother is still lively even though she’s already old. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.)

maaman [maáman] adj Prepare ahead of time; prepared. laging handa Si Doming ay maaman nak bag-o mag-abot kag tag-uyan ay karamoey sidang tinipon nak kahoy. Doming prepares ahead of time because before the rainy season starts he had plenty of firewood stocked.

maansig [ma-ánsig] (der. of ansig) adj Active, agile, flexible, lively, fit or energetic (as of a person's physical fitness). (sem. domains: 2.4.3 - Energetic.)

mabinungahon [mabinungáhon] (der. of bunga) adj Fruitful; bearing well (as of any fruit, nut or plant). maraming bunga, laging namumunga Nag-adap sida it busoy it kinang yangka dahil mabinungahon kinang klase. He obtained that kind of jackfruit seeds because they bear good fruit. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

maging [magíng] adj To become. (sem. domains: - Interested.)

maging tag-iya [magîng tag-íya] v To become the owner of a house, business. (sem. domains: - Land, property.)

mainamanon [mainamánon] adj Always ready beforehand. laging handa, listo, hindi nawawalan, maagap Aber katong binata pa ra sida ay mainamanon sida sa paglimpyo it lanas. Even when he was still a bachelor he was always had his ricefield cleaned and ready early.

manog-ariglo₂ [manog-aríglo] (irreg. infl. manog-areglo) n Mediator; one who settles a legal case, personal difference of opinion. taga-pamagitan

mariwasa [mariwásà] adj Good, high class, quality of something, way of life (as of tiles, people’s standard of living). maginhawa Kag inra pamumuhay ay mariwasa kada pay waya’t kapoproblema. Their life style is high class so they don’t seem to have any problems.

masahoy [masáhoy] adj Busy. maraming trabaho, laging okupado Masahoy ngasing si Mama dahil di bisita. My mother is now busy because she has a visitor. syn: kuli 1, habot 3, kapos 1, hirap 1, kabos 1, gipit 3.

mat-an [mát-an] vt To be brought up to believe something is true, good; to grow up experiencing something. kinalakihan, kinagisnan Ingmat-aney namo nak sugaroyey si Pedro. We were brought up to believe that Peter was a gambler.

matambaka₂ [matambáka] n A kind of fish. lagidlid

matugas nak tagipusuon [matúgas nak tagípusúon] adj Hard hearted. matigas ang kalooban Matugas sida it tagipusuon. She’s a hard hearted lady.

muri [múrì] n Vaginal discharge. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

nabuywa [nabúywa] n Vagina has become large (crude word). kíkì syn: bilat. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

naging [náging] adj Became. (sem. domains: - Interested.)

naging dahilan [nagíng dahilán] v To cause something to happen; to be the cause of something. naging sanhi Kag mga baradong tulay kag naging dahilan it mga pagbaha. The clogged culverts are the cause of the flooding.

naging maado [náging maádo] v To make a success of one’s life; to prosper, be fulfilled (not of wealth); to do good to, show favour to; to have a good effect. naging mabuti Aber mahirap sinra ay naging maado ra gihapon sa bandang huli. Even though they are poor still he made a success of his life as time went by. Naging maado kag resulta it pagdisiplina sa ida. It did him good to be disciplined.

naruyot sa tagipusuon [naruyót sa tagipusúon] idiom - Convert to subentry Something strikes home to one’s heart, mind. tumatalab sa puso Kag inglaygay sa inra it pari tong sinray ingkasay ay naruyot sa tagipusuon. The sermon given by the priest when they were wed really struck home to one’s heart.

nawagit kag ispirito [nawágit kag ispírito] idiom - Convert to subentry Lost consciousness; mind on something else; thinking of something else. nawala ang ispirito Nawagit kag ispirito ni Eddie tong sida ay mahuyog sa kahoy. Eddie lost consciousness when he fell from the tree.

nawagit sa kalibutan₁ [nawágit sa kalibútan] (id. of wagit) v To die (lit: ‘lost from the world’).

nawagit sa kalibutan₂ [nawágit sa kalibútan] idiom - Convert to subentry To die (lit: lost from the world). nawala sa daigdig Karugayey sida nak nawagit sa kalibutan pero narurumruman pa gihapon. It’s a long time since she died but she’s still remembered even now.

nawagit sa sarili [nawagit sa saríli] (id. of sarili) idiom - Convert to subentry To be in a trance (lit. lost to self); to day dream and seem a long way away in one's mind. a bit crazy; not himself. sarili Nawagit sida sa sarili tong mabaril sa ida atubangan kag ida asawa. She was not herself when her husband was shot in front of her. (sem. domains: - Shock.)

ngayos [ngáyos] n Gums in the mouth. gilágid (sem. domains: - Mouth.)

pag-igik [pag-igík] adv Sound of walking on bamboo floor. lagitnit Permi yang akong nakakarungog it pag-igik kung gab-i. I often heard the sounds of walking on the bamboo floor at night.

pagi [pági] n Ray species; Blue-spotted Fantail Ray. pági [p23] Taeniura lymna (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Shark, ray.) comp. ikog it pagi

pagiging [pagigíng] ger Becoming. (sem. domains: - Become, change state.)

pagiging marahan [págiging maráhan] adj Gentle in ways, manners; careful. pagiging marahan Kag pagiging marahan ay nalilikaw sa disgrasya. Being careful avoids accidents.

pagiling [pagíling] (der. of giling) 1n Grinder; mincer; beaters. gilingan 2v to have something ground, milled or minced (as of milling rice or grinding meat).

pagiltak [pagíltak] (der. of giltak) vt To let something crack (as of wood). lamat Apagiltakon nako kag kahoy agur marali mabika. I’ll let the wood crack so it can be easily split into two. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Furrow, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.)

pagirper [pagirpér] n Catfish, freshwater fish (sem. domains: - Fish.)

pagirpir [pagírpir] n Prostitute. pakawala Pag-abot it bapor it gab-i ay abang ramong nagbaba nak pagirpir. When the ship arrived last night a lot of prostitutes got off.

pahaging [paháging] (der. of haging) adj To cause someone to hear what is said by speaking loudly. (sem. domains: - Shout.)

pakoy [pákoy] n A species of largely uncultivated banana, which has seeds. It is eaten by monkeys, but the flowers have medicinal value and can also be eaten. saging-matsing [The young inflorescences are used as food. When boiled they make an excellent vegetable or, served with dressing, an excellent salad. The sap is vulnerary and used for urethral injections in gonorrhoea.] Musa Errans (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

pampukaw it ginhawa [pampúkaw it ginháwa] vt To make somebody feel well; to make somebody recover; to revive somebody. pampagising ng malay Kag ida alaga nak pikoy ay ingraya sa ospital para ipampukaw it ginhawa sa ida amo. Her favorite oriole was brought to the Hospital to make her master feel well.

panagitlon [panagítlon] vi To swallow saliva. napalunok Nagpanagitlon sida pagkakita sa namatay nak iro. He swallowed his saliva when he saw the dead dog.

pananamgo₂ [pananámgo] 1n Dream. 2vt To dream. panaginip Apananamguhon nako kag ako nakita nak sine. I’ll dream about the movie I saw. Pag nagpananamgo ikaw it tai, makakabaton ikaw it kwarta. When you dream about feces, it means you’ll receive money. [Often the meaning of a dream is opposite in connotation of what is dreamt.]

pangayagihis [pang-ayagihis] (der. of ayagihis) v To gather ayagihis shells at sunrise (at sunrise when they are plentiful at the water's edge on the shore). (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.)

parti₂ [párti] 1n Part; fraction. bahági 2vbt To share something with somebody else; to divide. comp. mga parti it tanom , comp. mga parti it yawas , der. partido

patong magilok [patóng magílok] n Bamboo species which has rough skin. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

permi [pérmi] 1part Always; continuously. Kag anak ay perming nagraraya it buyak sa ida maestra. The child always brings flowers to her teacher. syn: karamuang beses. 2vbt To always be, live somewhere. Nagpepermi sida sa amo. He is always at our place. 3vbt To maintain a condition, state of something or an event. palagi Pagnapatubo it payay, ingpepermi ka rayom it tubi sa lanasan sa 3-5 cm. When growing rice, the depth of the water in the field is maintained at 3-5 cm. comp. buko permi-permi

pikpik₁ [píkpik] n Vagina of a child, as of a colloquial euphemism. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

pipi [pípì] n Vagina of a child, as of a childish euphemism. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

poki [pokî] n Vagina, as of a crude term but can be used by an adult to a child. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)

puat [púat] 1adv Continuously; non-stop (as of speech, eating, going, questioning, dancing). parati, lagi-lagi Waya puat bisaya sida kada mayango. He talks continuously everytime he gets drunk. Puat pabaoy kag inra sayap. Their fishing net continuously gets a catch. 2vt To do something continuously. Nagpuat sida’t inom it kahilada kada nagniwang-niwang sida. She continuously drank lemon juice therefor she became a bit slimmer. Nagpupuat sida’t panilhig it rayaag kada adlaw dahil perming di nayayakrag nak mga rahon. She continously sweeps the yard everyday because many leaves are falling. Magpupuatey kono sida’t pangutana sa maestra agor mababaoy kag ida kahuda sa klase. She said that she’ll continue to ask the teacher questions so that her shyness will be lost. syn: tudo-tudo 1. id. waya puat

punggor [púnggor] 1n Pimple. Nagliwas kag maramong punggor sa ida uda. Many pimples appeared on her face. 2vi To get pimples. tagiháwat Ingpupunggor sida pagnagkakaon tudo it lanahong pagkaon. She gets pimples when she eats a lot of greasy food.

puso it batag [púsò it batág] (comp. of puso, batag) n Banana flower (which is shaped like a large heart). [lit: heart of banana] puso ng saging Nag-utan kami it puso it batag. We make vegetable out of banana blossom. (sem. domains: - Growing bananas, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

pwerta [pwérta] n Opening; vagina as at the birth of a child. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth.)

ragi-os [ragi-ós] n A variety of rice; syn. with pinung'o (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

ragil [ragíl] adj Spendthrift; big spender; go through money fast. waldas Kag ida mga hali ay puro ragil kada naubos kag ida kwarta. Her relatives are all spendthrifts therefore her money is all used up.

raginot [ragínot] 11.1vt To begin something; to introduce something new. umpisahan Ingraraginutaney nida kag ida trabaho dahil limitado kag ida oras. She is beginning with her work because of her limited time. syn: tuna 1. 22.1vt To do gradually; to do bit-by-bit. umpisa Raginotey ikaw it sag-ob habang apila pa kag mga tawo sa gripo. You gradually fetch water while there are still few people at the faucet. syn: inot-inot 1. 33.1vbt To hurry to do something. pinasimulan Ingraginutan ni Neysa it silhig kag mga likot sa rayaag. Neysa hurried up doing the sweeping of trash on the lawn.

ragipon [ragipón] vbt To gather around something, somebody (as of a crowd). pinagkalumpunan, nagtipon Ingragipunan it mga anak tong away ni Sabeth ag Darling. The children gathered around the fight of Sabeth and Darling.

ragit-ragit [ragit-ragít] v To get a stiff neck; to have one’s neck stiffen up. Kailangang hiluton si Aubrey sa liog para mabaoy kag pagkaragit-ragit. Aubrey’s neck has to be massaged in order to iradicate her neck from stiffnes. Ingragit-ragit kag liog it anak dahil waya nahilot. The child’s neck got stiff because it wasn’t massaged.

ragit₁ [rágit] v To grab, snatch prey especially of birds; to prey on something. dagit Ingbabantayan ni Glo kag mga isiw dahil inggwa it nagpapangragit nak uwak. Glo is watching her chicks because there’s an eagle which preys on them.

ragit₂ [rágit] vt To snatch in talons (eagles and chickens). dagit Ingragit kag mga isiw it agila. The chicks were snatched in the talons of the eagle.

rayaga [rayága] 1n Teenage girl; unmarried girl. 2vt To court a teenage/unmarried girl. dalagíta, dalaga Apangrayagahon kuno nida tong magandang kabadi dahil kabuot. He’ll court the beautiful lady because she’s kind. der. rumayaga , der. rurayagay

rinagipon [rinagípon] v To gather together, around fast (as of a crowd). kalumpon Marali magrinagipon kag mga tawo kung di away. People quickly gather around if there’s a quarrel.

sab-a₁ [sáb-a] n saging [It is rich in carbohydrate. Deficient in calcium and phosphorus and only fair in iron, fair or good sources of vitamin A, fair sources of vitamin B, and good sources of vitamin C. The flowering inflorescence or bud of saba vriety is used as a boiled vegetable, with dressing very good as salad. Fibers from the sheathing leafstalks are used extensively in making shirts for men. The leaves are used for polishing floors, for lining pots when rice is cooked, for lining baskets, for wrapping various articles sold in markets and shops.] Musa Paradisiaca (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

sagher [ságher] vbt To entwine; to rub against something (as of a cat around one’s legs; a person rubbing against something, somebody). sagi Gingsagheran ako’t amo oning sa siki. Our cat rubs against my feet if I’m around.

sagibin [sagibín] n 1To work together for free to move a whole house that has already been built. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 2To voluntarily work together; group work. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

sagil-ot [sagíl-ot] vt To squeeze through narrow space; to squeeze between people; to push in. siksik Aya kamo gi basta sagil-ot agor indi kita tanan mahirapan. Don’t just push in and make it hard for all of us. syn: raguso. (sem. domains: - Occupy an area.)

sagil-utan- [sagil-útan] Place, space between. (sem. domains: - Between.)

sagilong [sagilóng] n Reticulation pipe often made of split bamboo. (sem. domains: - Conveying water.)

saging-saging [saging-sagíng] n Decorative palm like a banana but in shape of fan. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

sagitsit [sagítsit] vi To speed past; to go by fast. paragasa Nagpasagitsit sida’t parayagan it dyip tong ingraya kag ida anak sa hospital. He went fast driving the jeep when his child was brought to the hospital.

sampagita [sampagíta] n Sampagita bush, which has small white flowers. sampagita [The flowers are applied as a poultice to the breasts of women to reduce the secretion of milk. The flowers are used in China for giving an aroma to their tea. In Malaya women soak the flowers in water to be used for washing the face. A paste compounded with Gardenia flowers and roots of Acacia myriophylla, is applied to the head for congestive headache. They also make eye-lotions by mixing the juice from the flowers with juice from the root of Conocephalus, or with the rhizome of Kaempferia. A decoction of the leaves is given internally for fever.] Jasminum Sambac (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)

sanggit [sanggít] v To snatch prey especially of birds, flying witches. dagit Kag isiw it manok ay gingsanggit it kwago. The hen’s chicks were snatched by the hawk.

tagapamagitan [tagapamagítan] n Mediator (of an argument, a marriage). Si Sanching kag nagtinrog nak tagapamagitan roto sa nag-aaway nak mga yango. Sanching acted as the mediator between the drunk men who quarreled. syn: areglo 1, yari.

tagik [tágik] v To put up, attach a fence thatch (as of the one doing work which requires tying twine). gapos Katulin magtagik it kuray si Jumar. Jumar is fast in putting up a fence.

tagikaw₁ [tagikáw] irreg. infl. of taghikaw

tagikaw₂ [tagikáw] n A nose tether on a cow, buffalo. Kag tagikaw it tong baka ay nasira katong nag-away ra sinra it tong usang baka. The nose tether on the cow was destroyed during it’s fight with another cow. Katong alaga nak karabaw ni Tony ay di tagikaw. Tony’s tamed carabao has a nose tie.

tagiktik [tagíktik] n Small rattan.

tagimmata [tagimmatâ] n Conjunctivitus. Puya kag ako mata dahil igwa ako’t tagimmata. My eyes are red because I have conjunctivitus.

tagiptip₁ [tagíptip] (dial. var. amnan) dial. var. of taliki

tagiptip₂ [tagíptip] 1n Dirt that becomes stuck, ground into one's skin when it isn't washed properly (as of on growing children). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, 2.1.4 - Skin.) 2v To have dirt become stuck, ground into the skin of some part of the body when it isn't washed properly (as of on growing children). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

tagipusuon [tagipusú-on] (der. of puso) n Heart; emotional heart (as of the centre of one's emotions). puso [The puso 'heart' is the physical organ in the body.] syn: puso 1. (sem. domains: 3.4 - Emotion.) comp. hugot sa tigipusuon , comp. hugot-hugot sa tagipusuon

tagite [tagité] irreg. infl. of tagithi

tagithe [tagíthe] n Drizzling (of rain), sprinkling, spitting. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tagithi [tagíthi] (irreg. infl. tagite) 1n Light rain. (sem. domains: - Rain.) 2vbt To rain lightly; to sprinkle rain. ambon Aya baga giliwas para indi ka matagithian dahil asip-unon ray ikaw. Don’t go out please, so you won’t be caught by light rain and you will not get cold. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

tagitis [tagítis] n Small grey clam shells. Karamong tagitis sa baybay. Many small grey clams can be found along the seashore.

takilir [takílir] v To lie on one’s side. tumagílid Nagtatakilir kag anak sa kona. The baby is lying on his side in the crib. syn: talikir. (sem. domains: 7.1.3 - Lie down.) der. patakilir

tulay [tuláy] n 1Bridge. tuláy (sem. domains: - River.) 2A go-between. tagapamagitan tuláy (sem. domains: - Diplomacy.) der. patulay

tunga-tunga₂ [tunga-túngà] loc Between. Kalagitnaan Kag Simara ay sa tunga-tunga it Banton ag Tablas. Simara is between Banton and Tablas.

ubar [úbar] n Banana stalk. ubod ng saging

urimos [urimós] 1n Magic ritual, arts, orations. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.) 2v Nagging as of wife (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.) der. pang- urimos

usog [usóg] (irreg. infl. usob) 1v To get sick from evil magic, die from the smell of certain person’s sweat; to get sick, die from the evil eye (as is cured by the saliva of the person causing the sickness, or by rubbing with oil). usog Tong ida kuno anak ay nausog kada nag tinibaw. They say her child got sick from the smell of someone’s sweat so he cried. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.) 2n Stomach ache caused by evil spirit (when a sweating person admires a child). (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

uyanon [uyánon] (der. of uyan) n Dark rain clouds (as of often seen over the mountains etc.). dagím Abang rako kag uyanon hampig sa bukir. The rain cloud on the mountain side is so enormous. (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Rain.)

wagit [wágit] 11.1sta To lose; become lost. mawalà Nawagit nida kag dawi it bayay. She lost the key for the house. [It is often used to imply when something is stolen but where there is no absolute evidence or certainty of the theft.] 1.2vt To lose something. Asing imo ingwagit kag silhig? Why did you lose the broom? 22.1v To disappear. id. nawagit sa kalibutan

wagit kag respito sa imo pagkatawo [wágit kag respíto sa ímo pagkatáwo] idiom - Convert to subentry Lost respect for yourself. nawala ang respito sa iyong pagkatao Nawawagit kag respito sa imo pagkatawo kung maghuman ka it kalokohan. The respect for yourself is lost if you perform some deceptions.

wagit-wagit₁ [wagit-wagít] v To scatter and get lost (as of animals). watak-watak Aya gibuhii kinang mga isiw mapangwagit-wagit ray kina. Don’t let the chickens out or they will scatter again and get lost.

wagit-wagit₂ [wagit-wagít] adj Scattered, lost, misplaced. kalat-kalat Kag mga papeles it inra bayay ay wagit-wagit kada indi makita. The deeds of their house were misplaced that’s why they could not be found.

wagit-wagit₃ [wagit-wagít] adj Scattered. nagkalat Kag inra mga raya sa sala ay wagit-wagit. Their things are scattered in the living room.

wagiton [wagíton] v To wipe out people by killing them. mabala Gusto ni Napoleon nak wagiton kag tawo para sida’t maghari. Napoleon wanted to wipe out people by killing them so he would be the king.

yagit [yagít] adj Poorest of the poor. yagit Abang ramong yagit nak mga anak sa Maynila. There are many children who are the poorest of the poor in Manila.

yagitnit₁ [yagítnit] 1n The sound of the cracking of wood because of heavy weight on it. Squeaky sound of timbers moving or a metal chair that needs oil. Nakarungog ako’t yagitnit sa sayog tong mapuno it tawo tong bayay. I heard a cracking of wood on the floor when it was filled with people. (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 2vi To make a sound of a cracking. lagitnit Narunggan nimo nak nagyagitnit kaling sanga nak ato inatuntongan? Did you hear that this branch on which we stand did make a sound of a cracking. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)

yagitnit₂ [yagítnit] v To make the sound of creaking and cracking earth, walls (as in an earthquake). Pay nagyagitnit kag inra bayay nak semento tong maglinog. It seems that their house got a sound of creaking and cracking walls during the earthquake. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

yamay₂ [yamáy] n Dried banana leaves. tuyong dahon ng saging Nagpangbaoy kami it maramong yamay para ahumanong pamahiran. We got several dried banana leaves to be used in making rugs.

yamig [yamíg] 1n Cold. lamig syn: hagan-hagan 2. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, - Snow, ice.) 2adj Cold, cool. Igwa baga’t mayamig nak Pepsi? Is there any cold Pepsi? 3vi To feel cold or cool; to become weak in faith (lit. faith becomes cold). magináw Nagyamig sida sa pagtuo it katong sida’y masunogon it bayay. He became weak in faith when his house was burned. Inayamig ako dahil waya ako’t suksok nak sweater. I feel cold because I’m not wearing a sweater. 4vi To cool off, become cool or cold (said of water or other liquids). Nagyamig kag ako kape nak nabilin sa pantaw. My coffee I left on the porch became cold. syn: Ebahobahaw. 5vt To cause or allow something to cool off. Apayamigon nako kag niyaga nak tubi bag-o inumon. I’ll let the boiled water cool before drinking it. Indi nako sida giistoryahan hanggan indi magyamig kag ida uyo. I won’t talk to him until he cools off. Nagpayamig sida it ida uyo bag-o nagpauli. He let his temper cool down before going home.

yatir [yátir] v To trip up somebody by catching their leg with one’s foot, by putting one’s foot out. nadagil Ingyatir nako kag baktin sa ida siki. I tripped the pig by catching his foot with my foot.

yumpagi [yumpágì] v To sit flat on the floor with knee and legs curled to one side. Nayumpagi gador si Ebing pag naglalaba. Ebing used to sit flat on the floor with her legs curled to one side while washing clothes.

aninipot [aninípot] (dial. var. agipot) n Insect species; firefly. alitaptap [In large numbers these can give off enough light to brighten a whole area. They resemble blinking Christmas lights.] syn: kuyaw-kuyaw 1. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

kuyaw-kuyaw [kuyaw-kuyáw] (dial. var. agipot) 1n Firefly. alitaptap syn: aninipot. (sem. domains: - Insect.) 2vi To flicker like a firefly. kurap-kurap Nagkukuyaw-kuyaw kag inra iwag dahil kuyang it petrolyo. Their lamp is flickering because there’s not enough kerosene in it.

patilya [patílya] (dial. var. agigising) n Sideburns; long hair at the sides of the face (as of hair on a man or woman that grows or hangs in front of the ears). WOMAN?? patilya Bagay kang Elvis kag patilya. Elvis is nice looking with side burns. (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair.)

taghikaw [taghikáw] (irreg. infl. tagikaw) n Nosering (as of jewelry or for tethering animals). Ingbutangan ni Nardo it tagikaw tong tanan nidang karabaw para matanraan. Nardo put noserings on all his carabaos to identify them.

taliki [talikî] (dial. var. tagiptip) 1n A black mold which grows on moist cloth or paper. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.) 2adj Having black mold which grows on moist cloth or paper. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.) 3v To have black mold grow on cloth or paper that remains wet for too long. taliki Ingtatalikiey kinang imo panyo ay waya pa nimo nawawaswasi. Your handkerchief got black mould so why don’t you rinse it. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

ayap-ap [ayáp-ap] 1n A contagious skin disease with white spots that spread. an-an [This is a name given to a number of skin diseases like scabies, cold sores and herpes. A common characteristic is that it has whitish blotches which spread in size and number.] (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 2v To be infected with the contagious skin disease that has white spots that spread. Ingayap-ap kag anak tong pirmeng inghaharuan sa uda it di ayap-ap nak yaya. The child was infected with tinea flava when the babysitter with the disease always kissed her on the face. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 3n A fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot. an-an nagkadat kag ayap-ap sa buong yawas nida. The tinea scattered all-over her body. tinea flava (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 4v To be infected with the fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot.

bangka [bángkà] n Card dealer (as of the person dealing the cards and managing the bets in a game). (sem. domains: - Card game.)

bisa₂ [bísà] n Potency, power (as of a witch, sorcerer or magic charm). Kag bisa it ida gahom para magpangaswang ay nababaoy pag sida ay mag suyor it simbahan. The potency of her power to perform witchcraft was taken from her when she went inside the church. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

buhat₁ [búhat] 1n Religious, magic rituals performed to appease, exorcize evil spirits (as of a general term for all such rituals e.g. making offerings of food, animal sacrifices). (sem. domains: - Demon possession, - Religious ceremony, - Sorcery.) 2v To perform religious rituals to appease, exorcize evil spirits (as of a general term for all such magic rituals e.g. making offerings of food, animal sacrifices). hain [Such rituals are to allow a sick person to recover, land to be cleared, a house to be built or to give a good harvest etc..] (sem. domains: - Demon possession, - Religious ceremony, - Sorcery.) der. pabuhat

buong₁ [bú-ong] v 1To break, crack, shatter into pieces (as of damaging something e.g. breaking eggs, glass, earthenware, china objects). (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.) 2To split open (as of coconuts being split to remove the meat for making copra). (sem. domains: 6.2.6 - Process harvest.) der. buong

dulyinte [dulyínte] vi 1To run amok, fight people or do silly things and damaging things (as of the behavior of a very drunk person). dulyente Nagdulyinte tong yango it gab-i. The drunk man ran amok last night. (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.) 2To rebel, become a delinquent, react or behave badly (as of a child who is always criticized, scolded etc). (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.)

ginhawa [ginháwa] n 1Breath; life breath. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.) 2To breathe well. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.) 3Encouraging, good, easy, relaxed, comfortable circumstances and feelings. (sem. domains: - Relaxed, 3.4.1 - Feel good.) 4To be encouraged, feel good, at ease, relaxed, comfortable. (sem. domains: - Relaxed, 3.4.1 - Feel good.) comp. matibay it ginhawa , comp. nabawian it ginhawa , comp. nabugto kag ginhawa , der. pagginhawa

human-human [human-húman] (der. of human) adj Made up, concocted, fictitious, imaginary, virtual (as of something untrue, unreal). (sem. domains: - Tell a lie, - Imagine.)

huna-huna [huna-húnà] n Opinion, thinking, ideas, imagination, viewpoint, perspective. (sem. domains: 3.2.5 - Opinion.)

ingkargado [ingkargádo] (der. of karga) adj Tenant; farm manager (as of the one responsible for working, managing land or other work). katiwala Ingkargado sida sa inra duta. He manages their land. (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management, 6.2 - Agriculture.)

ingkoy it rayaga [íngkoy it rayága] (comp. of ingkoy) n Flat nape of neck on a young woman (as of the sign of youth and beauty. In an old woman it thickens and is a sign of aging). [lit: nape-neck of young-unmarried-woman] (sem. domains: - Woman, 2.1.1 - Head, - Youth.)

kinatawo [kinatáwo] (der. of tawo) 1n Birth canal; Cervix; vagina. (euphemism) poki Kag pamatyag ni Che tong mahuyog sa hagran ay pay nagisi kag ida kinatawo. The feeling of Che when she fell down the stairs was that her birth canal seemed to be torn. (sem. domains: - Female organs.) 2adj Congenital (as of a characteristic, defect one has had since birth). mula sa pagkabata Kinatawo tong ida sakit sa puso. His heart disease is a congenital one. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, 2.4 - Body condition.)

kisi-kisi [kisi-kisí] v To be constantly moving and can't keep still; to be restless (as of somebody who is agitated or nervous). (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.) der. pakisi-kisi

liksi [líksi] adj Lively; active; agile; energetic. Kaliksi kag ida hiwas paghali ikaw. Her ways are lively if you are here. Kag ako pamatyag ay maliksi kung bag-ong kaligos. I feel active after taking a bath. syn: abtik 2.

madyik [mádyik] n Magic. Sa circus ay makakakita ka it iba’t-ibang klasing madyik. In a circus you can see different kinds of magic.

madyikero [madyikéro] n Magician.

mahika [mahiká] 1n Magic. 2vt To perform magic. salamangká Amahikaon nako kaling bolpen. I will perform magic with this ballpen.

manug-amulit [manug-amulít] (der. of amulit) n Sorcerer (as of one who performs black magic). [lit: one-who do-sorcery] Syn: amulitan. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

mapisik [mapisík] adj Lots of energy, agile. maliksi Si Lydia de Vega ay mapisik kung parti sa pagrayagan. Lydia de Vega has lots of energy when it comes to track and field events.

matapok [matapók] adj Weak; fragile (as of cloth, rope); tears breaks easily (as of weaving materials). marupok Matapok kaling ako nabakay nak pisi. The rope I bought was very weak.

matuon it maado agor di puyos sa imo kag banwa [matuón it maádo agór di puyós sa ímo kag bánwa] idiom - Convert to subentry Learn well so you’ll be of use to your hometown (as when encouraging a child to get an education). mag-aral nang mabuti para mapakinabangan ka nang bayan Siling it amo prinsipal ay matuon nak gador kami it maado agor di puyos sa imo kag banwa laloey pag ikaw ay inggwa it matapos nak kurso. Our principal said learn well so you’ll be of use to your hometown especially if you’ve finished a course.

mutya [mútyà] n Magic stone, charm. Tong unang panahon pag-ikaw ay inggwa it mutya ay indi ka gitamaan it bala. In early times if you had a magic stone you would not be hit by a bullet.

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsahán] id Aging,growing old ironing. (idiom) as of a lifetime occupation. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsáhan] id Aging, growing old in ironing, as of a life time occupation. (sem. domains: - Work hard.)

okra₁ n They are eaten in various ways as an ingredient of soups and stews. When cooked they are very mucilaginous. They are a fair source of iron and a good source of calcium. A syrup which is useful in sore throat attended with hoarseness is made from the mucilaginous fruit. okra Abelmoschus Esculentus

okyi [okyî] v To close up, shrink especially of body parts (as of vagina). lumiit Pay maukyo kag ako yawas pagmagkaligos dahil abang yamig. It’s as if my body would shrink if I take a bath because its too cold.

pangduyo [pangdúyò] v Chickens get sick, weak and die (as of a contagious disease which kills birds). Nagpapangduyo kag mga manok kada waya it baligya sa merkado. The chickens got sick and died so thats why there are none being sold in the market.

pesti [pésti] 1n Epidemic; plague pests; calamity. Kag inra uma ay inabot it pesti it mga ambo. Their corn farm was plagued by rats. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.) 2v To get an infectious, contagious illness; to suffer an epidemic. pesti Napesti it mga uyor kag amo mais kitang waya kami it natubas. Our corn grains suffered an epidemic of worms that’s why we got no harvest. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.)

puki [pukî] n Vagina (euphemistic). pípì, poki

putay [putáy] n Vagina of a small child (as of baby talk). poki Kag putay ni Azenith ay nabub-an it mainit nak gatas. The vagina of Azenith had hot milk spilt on it.

puya₁ [puyá] 1n The color red. pulá (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 2vi To become, turn red in color. Nagpupuya kag taliuyang pag inayuto. The lobster becomes red when it’s cooked. (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum, - Change color.) 3adj Symbol of anger (as of when one's skin goes red). (sem. domains: - Angry.) 4adj Symbol of happiness, celebration, courage, bravery, victory. (sem. domains: - Happy, - Celebrate, - Win, - Confident.) 5v To be in heat specifically of an animal (as of when the vagina turns red). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle.) der. pamuya

puyas [puyás] n Vagina. poki Nagyamhong kag puyas it baktin. The vagina of the pig is swollen.

salamangka [salamangkâ] vi To do a magic trick. salamangka It kag nagsasalamangkaey kag madyikero ay napayong kag iwag. When the magician was already doing magic tricks, the lights went off.

sambibisar-on [sambibisár-on] n A magic spell; magic words. salamangka Kag ida mga sambibisar-on ay indi maintindihan. His magic words are not understandable.

si-si₁ v To tear the vagina when giving birth. hiwa Nasisian kag ida tong sida ay mag-anak. She got torn when she gave birth.

sili₂ [síli] v 1Chilli (as of hot chilli peppers). siling-labuyo [One chili a source of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is used externally as a stimulant and counterirritant, and internally to dispel flatulence and rouse the appetite. It has a very sharp taste and is extensively used as a condiment. The leaves are very extensively used as a leafy, green vegetable. They are excellent sources of calcium and iron and a good source of phosphorus. They are excellent source of vitamin B, and good source of vitamin A.] Capsicum Frutescens (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, - Food from fruit.) 2To be hot and bothered, restless; to be constantly moving and can't keep still (as of somebody who is agitated, nervous, impatient or bored). [lit: to feel hot like chili] silaban Pag kahaba kag sermon it pari kung Domingo ay pay ingsisilihan kag mga tawo magliwas. If the homily of the priest is quite long on Sunday people seem to get all hot and bothered and want to go out. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior.) 3To feel like kicking up one’s heels; to feel like dancing, having fun. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.)

sinyales it kabanalan [sinyáles it kabanálan] (id. of sinyales) idiom - Convert to subentry Gesture indicating reverence in church (as of walking with head bowed and hands clasped in prayer below one’s chin lit:‘sign of holiness’ from Tagalog sagísag ng kabanalan). sinyáles

tabunuon [tabunúon] n Bulbous vagina. umbok Tabunuon sida it puki. She has a bulbous vagina.

tantanan₁ [tantánan] n Magic genie who can perform any miracle. minahan Aya baga kamo gipermi it hagar sa ako it kwarta dahil buko ako tantanan. Don’t you keep asking me for money because I’m not a magic genie.

tapon [tapón] 1vbt To infect somebody with a disease; to catch a disease from somebody else. Matapon kag sakit nak tipras sa imo pag mapayungot ikaw sa di sakit. Measles will infect you if you come near the one who is sick. Itapon nako sa imo kag ako sip-on I will infect you with my cold. Natapnan sida it sakit it ida manghor dahil nagubay sinra. She was infected with her younger sibling’s illness because they slept together. syn: kapot 4. 2adj Infectious; contagious. hawa Nakakatapon kag tipras lalong laloey ruto sa waya gibaksinasyona. Measles are contagious especially with those who haven’t been vaccinated.

tutok [tútok] 11.1n Stare; fixed look in one’s eyes. 1.2vbt To stare with fixed eyes (as with admiration; to hypnotise; to exert magic power) tutok Ingtutukan ako nida kada ako nahadlok. He stared at me that’s why I got frightened. 22.1vbt To point something at somebody; to threaten somebody with a weapon pointed at them. tutok Bag-o mabaoy kag ida relo, ingtutukan anay sida’t sipoy sa liog. Before his wristwatch was taken, he first had a knife pointed at his neck. Ida ingtutok kag baril sa kayaki. He pointed the gun at the man.

usob₁ [usób] vt To sorcerize; to inflict pain in the navel area due to magical power. Ingusob it kayaki kag anak ni Maria. The man sorcerized Mary’s child.

wili [wíli] 1vt To keep somebody’s attention, interest (for a period of time or frequently); to detain somebody by engaging them in conversation. wili Indi nako kamo giwilihon dahil gab-ey. I won’t detain you because it’s late. Indi giwilihon kag mga anak sa pagpamati it radio it marugay. You can’t keep the children interested in listening to the radio for very long. syn: lipat 1.1. 2vi To be interested in something; to linger along the way. Nawiwili sinra magpasyar sa baybay pagmahadag kag buyan. They are always lingering in strolling on the beach when the moon is full. 3adj Interesing; fun; entertaining. Kawili magmuyat sa marugay nak mga letrato. ??? It’s fun to look at old photographs.

wilig-wilig₂ [wilig-wilíg] vi To go, move from side-to-side; to zig-zag (as of a boat tipping from side-to-side, a dog waging it’s tail). iling-iling Ingwilig-wilig it iro kag ida ikog pagkakita sa ida amo. The dog wagged his tail from side-to-side when he saw his master. Nawilig-wilig pa kag ikog it israng kadadawi yang. The fish that was just caught is still wiggling its tail. Ingwilig-wilig ni Gail kag ida damot para makabuhi kag uning nak nakakagat. Gail shook her hand to get the cat off which was biting her. syn: hiwag 1. (sem. domains: - Move noisily.)

wiri-wiri [wiri-wirí] vbt To say, mumble magic words under one’s breath. Nagwiri-wiri tong nagbuyong sa ida. The one who cured her said magic words.

areglo [aréglo] vt 1To mediate, negotiate a solution to a problem between people (as of a feud, business or legal problem. It may be resolved by payment of expenses, losses incurred by the agrieved party). Ging-ariglo it abugado tong ida kaso agor maliwas sida sa asunto. The lawyer settled her case for her so she would be freed of the case. Kung kamo ay indi magkaaregluhan dili sa ako ay isampa kaling inro kaso sa station Commander. If you don’t settle this matter here before me I will take your case up before the Station Commander. syn: tagapamagitan, yari. (sem. domains: 4.7.9 - Justice, 4.7.6 - Judge, render a verdict.) 2To settle a debt, legal case out of court (as by payment of expenses, losses incurred by the agrieved party). (sem. domains: - Repay debt.) comp. aregloy , der. kaareglo , der. manog-ariglo

balita [balítà] 1n News. balità syn: haging 2, rungog 1, sagap. (sem. domains: 3.5 - Communication.) 2vbt To tell, receive news; to news something abroad to people; to inform somebody about something. balita Nagbalita ako sa ida it tungor sa miting. I told her about the meeting. Nabalitaan nako sa ida kag pag-abot ninro. I heard from her about your arrival. (sem. domains: 3.5 - Communication.)

inot-inot [inot-inót] 1adv Little by little; gradually. syn: raginot 2.1. (sem. domains: - Slow.) 2vt To do something little by little. unti-unti Ako ing-inot-inot it pagbahog sa uning. I feed the cat little by little. syn: amat-amat 1.

kuyar [kúyar] 1v To shrivel up when dried too much (Calatrava). natuyo Ako ay nagbuyar it buri ay nagkuyar. I dried the leaves for weaving and they shriveled up. syn: kaging. 2n Dried root crops that aren't good when cooked (they require lengthy cooking). (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)

puso₂ [púsò] n 1Heart (as of animals and people). púsò syn: tagipusuon. (sem. domains: - Heart.) 2Banana flower. (sem. domains: - Growing bananas, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 3Shell species; Heart Cockle. [p 145] Corculum cardissa Linne (Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.) comp. puso it batag , der. tagipusuon , id. matanrog kag puso , id. matugas it puso

raguso₁ [ragúsò] v To shove, push hard against someone; squeeze through a crowd; to lunge at somebody to attack them and then hold onto them tightly. dumog It giragusoa ni Miloy tong tumpok it tawo para makaagaw yang it karneng baligya. Miloy squeezed through a crowd so as to avail of the meat sold. Aragusuon tan-a ni Berto tong ida kaaway ugaling ay nasaway sida ni Kardo. Berto was about to lunge at his enemy but Kardo fasified him. syn: sagil-ot. (sem. domains: - Push.)

rakop [rakóp] v To catch prey (bigger animals); to catch a thief, criminal. dakpin, hulihin Arakupon namo kag mananakaw ag ikulong. We will catch the thief and imprison him. syn: hagip. (sem. domains: 4.7.3 - Break the law, 6.4.1 - Hunt.) comp. kag isra ay sa yuba nararakop

rungog [rungóg] 1n What was heard. syn: haging 2, balita 1, sagap. 2adj Able to be heard; loud enough to hear. Rungog nida kag ukaw it anak. The child’s shout was loud enough to hear. 3vbt To hear(as of the sense of hearing); to listen. narinig Nakakarungog ako it ida kanta sa radyo. I can hear her songs on the radio. Narungog nako kag balita sa ida. I heard the news about him. Waya nako narunggi kag imo sugo sa ako. I didn’t hear your command to me. Ingparunggan nida ako pag na rayan ako sa inra. She lets me overhear something every time I pass by them. syn: pamati.

sagap [ságap] vt To hear about something; to get news of. sagap Kanin-o ikaw nakasagap nak nakitaey kag amo nawagit nak manok? From whom did you hear that our lost chicken was already found? syn: haging 2, rungog 1, balita 1.

tuna [túnà] 1part Beginning at; since, from sometime onwards (as of beginning-post-span time, at some point in the past); starting from (a place). Mag-aaray sinra tuna alas otso. They’ll begin studying at eight o’clock. Tuna tong usang buyan ay perming nag-uyan. Since last month it has rained often. Nidog kag gingtunaan it amo pag-away. Our fight began over a coconut. Kag pakarera ay tuna sa Odiongan. The race starts from Odiongan. Tuna pa it katong Martes ay masakit sida. She has been sick since last Tuesday. Tuna pa it katong usang tuig sida it ka kapangrayaga sa imo. Since last year he has been the one courting you. syn: raginot 1.1. 2vbt To start something. simulâ Nagtuna sida’t trabaho tong Lunes. She started work last Monday. Atunaon nako sa primero kag pagbilang. I will start my counting from the beginning. Matuna ako’t paali insulip. I’ll start to come tomorrow. Niong oras matuna ka ato miting? What time will our meeting start? Atunaaney nako kag estorya. I’ll now begin the story.

yari [yárì] v To settle a matter, problem. Pagkatapos it pirma ay nagkayari sinra. After signing the matter was settled between them. syn: areglo 1, tagapamagitan.

abor [ábor] v To hover (as of a bird). Kad agila ay nag-aabor sa mga manok. The eagle is hovering over the chickens. (sem. domains: - Fly.) der. abor-abor

abor-abor [abor-ábor] (der. of abor) v To fly round in circles (as of a bird circling above it's prey). Kag agila ay nag-abor-abor mayungot sa kulungan it manok. The eagle flew around in circles near the poultry pen. (sem. domains: - Fly.)

aboy [abóy] part Do you think, suppose?; in your opinion?. [This particle is the 2nd position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Kung ato anay aboy abuhian kag manok, indi mawagit? Do you think that if we let the chicken run free for a while it won’t get lost? Nio aboy kag imo masisiling diling bersikulo? What do you think this verse means? Pati nidog aboy ay natumba it tong bagyo? Do you think the coconuts also fell over in that typhoon? (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

adagan [adágan] (der. of adag) n Sifter, sieve, winnowing basket (as for dry items like flour, peanuts or sand). salaan Naggamit sida it adagan para maging puro pino tong arinang agamiton. She used a sifter so that the flour she will use will be fine. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter, - Winnow grain.)

agkay [ágkay] v To lead, hold the hand of somebody as one walks (as of keeping a child safe, showing affection, guiding a patient or elderly relative). akáyin, akay Ako Ing-agkay kag anak agor indi mawagit. I led the child by the hand so that she wouldn’t get lost. Nag-agkayan sinra pagpanaw sa tulay. They held hands walking across the bridge. (sem. domains: - Guide.)

agrabyado [agrabyádo] 1adj Aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); victimised; oppressed; suffering loss, hurt or unfair treatment. maapi Waya gusto it Dios nak kag mga mahirap ay maging agrabyado. God doesn’t want that poor people be aggravated. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) 2v To be aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); to be victimized, oppressed, made to suffer loss, hurt or unfair treatment. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) der. pangagrabyado

ari₁ [árì] n Genitals; private parts; reproductive organs (as of the general term for male and female organs). (euphemism) Mapuya’y kag ari it amo baktin. The vagina of our pig is already red (ie She is in heat). (sem. domains: - Female organs.) comp. ari it kabade , comp. ari it kayaki

bakunawa [bakunáwa] n The mythological seven-headed snake which eats the moon during an eclipse; a dragon. bakunawa Ingkaon kono it bakunawa kag buyan tong magiklipse. The dragon that according to them, ate the moon when an eclipse occurs. syn: amamayay. (sem. domains: - Snake, - Omen, divination.) comp. ingkaon it bakunawa

balingbing [balíngbing] adj Two-faced person; turncoat; changing positions (as of a politician who changes his opinions or political parties). Pagkatapos it eleksyon, maramo kag naging balingbing. After the election, many turned two-faced. [This term is borrowed from the Tagalog word for the fruit called sabilír "carambola, five corners, star fruit" which has protruding two-sided ridges on it, that look like a star when cut crossways. These two sides of each point on the "star" is the basis for this reference to politicians facing both ways at once or changing from one side to another. It resembles the English expression "changing horses mid-stream".] (sem. domains: - Contradict.)

balor it kayaki [balór it kayáki] (comp. of balor) id 1The value of a man (as of his having a faithful wife and good family). [lit: value of man] karangalan ng lalaki Balor it kayaki kung kag ida pamilya ay naging ado. Its the value of a man if his family turns out well. (sem. domains: - Man, - Family, clan, - Rear a child, 2.6.1 - Marriage.) 2Being head of his household or family; fatherhood. (sem. domains: - Man, - Family, clan, - Rear a child, 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

balsamador [balsamadór] (der. of balsamo) n Embalmer.
Kag ida naging asawa ay usang balsamador. The man she married is an embalmer. (sem. domains: - Corpse.)

bangon₁ [bángon] 1vi To get up in the morning; to get out of bed (as of off a sleeping mat); to arise from a sitting or lying position where one has been resting. mabangon Nagbangon sida pag-abot nako. She got up when I arrived. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Move up.) 2vt To help somebody get up, rise up, stand up (as from a lying position). mabangon Abangunon nako ikaw kung indi nimo kaya. I’ll help you rise up if you’re unable to do it by yourself. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Move up.) 3vt To name a child after a dead ancestor. isaulì Abangunon nako kag maadong binuhatan it katong amo lolo. I will reinstate the good reputation that our grandfather had. (sem. domains: - Personal names.) 4vt To reinstate the value of something (as of a good family name, reputation or financial standing). Gingbangon ni Jhonny kag inra pangayan tong sida ay maging abugado. Jhonny was able to reinstate their family name when he became a lawyer. (sem. domains: - Reputation, - Value.)

baoy [ba-óy] (dial. var. buoy) 1v To get something. kuha Imbaoy nida kag kaldero sa aparador. She removed the pot from the cupboard. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 2v To take, remove something from somewhere. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 3n A catch of fish. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 4v To catch fish (as of getting fish by any method of fishing). (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 5v To take a course of study, subject; to take, sit for an exam, test; to get, achieve a certain grade, mark in an exam. nakakuha Nakabaoy ako it 96% sa amo eksam. I got a 96% on our exam. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test, - Study.) 6v To choose, select, hire for a job or certain purpose (as of getting a job). nakuha, natanggap Abang sadya si Arlene dahil nabaoy sida sa trabaho. Arlene is very happy because she was hired. Abay-on kuno kami nak maging ninang sa kasay ninra. They said that they’ll chose us to be sponsors for their wedding. (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker, - Choose.) 7v To remove, fire from a job. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 6.1.5 - Unemployed, not working.) 8v To get rid of a bad physical sensation; to be cured of a sickness; to have pain, sickness go away (as of resulting in a positive situation). naalis Nabaoy kag ako sagnat it tong buyong. I recovered from my fever because of the medicine. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) 9v To get the point of something; to understand, catch on to what somebody is talking about; to know somebody’s thoughts intuitively; to be inspired by an idea from somebody. nakuha Nagbaoy ako it ideya sa libro. I got the idea from the book. Nabaoy baga nimo kag ida intrimis? Did you get his joke? Nabaoy ni Jesus ka inra isip. Jesus know their thoughts. (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.2.4 - Understand.) comp. abay-an it ngayan , comp. ingba-oy it Dios , comp. nabaoy ka isip , comp. nabay-an it hingab , comp. nabay-an sida it ngayan , comp. nabay-aney , der. bay-unon , der. bay-unon , der. baya , der. gingbabay-an , der. mansigbaoy , der. pangbaoy

bawi [báwì] 1v To regain, recover, retrieve something from a bad situation (as of a bad investment or something lost, stolen or taken). bawi Nabawi nako kag ako puhunan sa pagnegosyo it sapatos. I was able to recover my capital in the business. Nabawi nako kag ako relo nak nawagit. I regained my watch that was lost. (sem. domains: - Return something, - Improve.) 2v To regain one's breath, consciousness or good health (as of a return from bad health). Nakabawi sida it ida paghingab. She regained her breath. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness, - Return something.) 3vi To make up, be recompensed for a lack or loss of something (as of food, sleep or money). Nagbabawi sida it katuyog. He’s making up for lost sleep. (sem. domains: - Return something, 7.4.6 - Not have.) 4v To retract, correct wrong or hurtful words or assumptions. bawi Ingbawi ni Jenny tong tanan nidang alahas sa ida kabulig. Jenny retrieved all her jewelry from her maid. (sem. domains: - Return something, 3.5 - Communication.) 5vi (fig) To die (as of God taking back a person's life). Nabawian it kinabuhi sida. She died. Rugayey sida nabawian it kinabuhi. It’s been a long time since she died. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Return something.) comp. bawia kinang imo bisaya , comp. binawian it hingab , comp. nabawian it ginhawa , comp. nabawian it kinabuhi , der. pabawi

biktima [bíktima] n Victim (of bad treatment or crime etc.). Si Nena ay naging biktima it usang aswang. Nena was the victim of a witch. (sem. domains: - Suffer.) der. pangbiktima

bin-og [bín-og] 1n Eggs that don’t hatch (even if brought to full term e.g. when a typhoon hits and they get wet). Sa sampuyong itlog it amo manok, tatlo kag mga bin-og. Of the ten eggs laid by our hen, there were three unhatched eggs. (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, - Egg.) 2sta To be, remain unhatched (as of eggs which are brought to full term but when abandoned by the hen they don't hatch). bugok Nabin-og tong itlog it manok nak nawagit. The eggs of the hen that was lost became unhatched. (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, - Egg.)

bukar [búkar] v 1To open something up to examine the contents (as of a suitcase full of clothes etc.). bukas Abukaron nako kag ida maleta. I’ll open her suitcase up. syn: gabot 1, bugnot, hugnot 1, gabot 2, hugot 1, hugnot 3, guna, abri 1, bukâ 4, bukas 3, hugkot, bira 2, randa, balingling, gudor, kubra 1, udong, hiknit 2, gunot, dordor 2. (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.) 2To open up, reveal details about something private, unknown (as of one’s past life etc.). Bada’ey bukara katong ato nagligar nak paginaway. Don’t open up details on our past quarrel. (sem. domains: - Admit.)

bulilyaso [bulilyáso] 1adj Cancelled, caled off, not carrying through with an activity, planned event (as of something which is completely stopped e.g. due to a typhoon etc.). (sem. domains: - Cancel an event.) 2v To cancel, call off, not carry through with an activity, planned event (as of something which is completely stopped e.g. due to a typhoon etc.). Nabulilyaso kag inra pagikskursyon dahil nagbagyo tong adlaw nak kato. Their excursion did not come about because a typhoon occurred that very day. (sem. domains: - Cancel an event.)

buot silinggon [bu-ót silínggon] (comp. of buot, siling) id 1Mean, meaning, mean to say; as if to say; in other words. [lit: will say-to-somebody] ibig sabihin Kag buot silinggon it imo mga maguyang sa pagpiga sa imo sa pakikipaginuman ay adong indi ka magrako nak mayanguhon. What your parents mean in stopping you from drinking with others is that for you not to grow up to be a drunkard. syn: kahulugan, gustong bisayahon. (sem. domains: - Cause, 3.5.3 - Language.) 2The reason. (sem. domains: - Cause.)

busero [buséro] (der. of buso) n Deep sea diver (as of for coral, pearls, marine life etc.). Kag ida buhok ay abang puya’y dahil sa ida pagiging busiro. Her hair is really red because it’s been lightened by the sea and sun. (sem. domains: - Dive.)

buyo₁ [buyô] n One single banana (as of one banana, piece on a hand of bananas). isang piraso Mahagar baga’t usang buyo yang nak saging. Can I ask for a single banana. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit, - Growing bananas.)

dahil busa [dáhil búsà] (comp. of dahil) conj The cause; the reason for something happening. Dahil busa raya-raya nida kag idamuan sa liwas, kada kali’y nawagit. Because he kept taking the toy outside, therefore it got lost. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

dilintar [dilintár] n Sales-apron, tools-apron with pockets (as for money or tools). bintahan Nagisi kag dilintar ni Alma dahil napuno it sinsilyo. Alma’s sales-apron tore because it was full of coins. (sem. domains: 5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions.)

dos [dos] nmrl Two (especially of money and time). dalawa Kaling mga saging ay tatlo dos. These bananas are three for two pesos. [This is a Spanish term. If larger amounts of money are implied and dos is stated alone it implies "two hundred" or "two thousand" pesos not "two" pesos.] (sem. domains: - Two.) comp. alas dos , der. dose , der. dosena

gerilya [gerlya] n Guerilla fighter, soldier. Kag Lolo nida ay naging gerilya tong tyempo hapon. Her grandfather was once a guerilla during Japanese times. (sem. domains: - Enemy.)

giba [gíba] 1vi Lap of a person. (sem. domains: - Leg.) 2vi To sit on somebody’s lap (as of a child, cat, etc.). kalong Naggigiba kag uning sa ida. The cat is sitting on her lap. (sem. domains: - Leg, 7.1.2 - Sit.) 3vt To set, hold something on one’s lap (a child, cat, package, etc.) Namuot kag uning nak gibahon ag hipuon. The cat likes being held on one’s lap and being stroked. Agibahon nako kag raya dahil wayaey it mabutangan. I will hold the things on my lap because there is nowhere else to put them. (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry, - Leg.) comp. apo sa giba , comp. lola sa giba , comp. lolo sa giba

giling [gíling] vt To mill; to grind grain to remove the husk; to grind, mince meat. giling Abuyaron liwat ag pagkatapos ay ipagilingey. It’s dried again in the sun and afterwards it’s ground. (sem. domains: - Mill grain, - Steps in food preparation.) der. gilingan , der. pagiling , der. panggiling

gilok [gílok] 1n Skin, hairs on plants that cause an itch (as of fruits like mabulo, bamboo shoots). Kag mabulo ay di gilok. Mabulo fruit has skin which causes an itch. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2n Rash, hives, itchy skin from plants. (sem. domains: 2.1.4 - Skin.) 3v To get a rash, hives, itch from the skin of plants. kati Halin kamo hina sa puno baka kamo magilukan hina. Get away from the tree in case you get an itchy rash. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

giltak₂ [gíltak] 1n A crack (as in parched or dry ground, wood or skin etc.). (sem. domains: - Furrow, 1.2.1 - Land, 2.1.4 - Skin, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) 2vi To crack (as of parched ground, wood, fruit or skin). Nagiltak kag raga pag linog. The earth cracked during the earthquake. (sem. domains: - Furrow, 1.2.1 - Land, 2.1.4 - Skin, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) der. pagiltak

giok [gí-ok] vt To tread grain, grapes, olives by feed or crushing. Thresh grain with the feet to remove the grain from the straw. gumiík Inggiok ninra kag inra inanihan. They treshed with their feet the grain that they harvested Pagkatapos it ani, agiukon kag payay ag apartihon kag inani nak payay sa mga tawo nak mayog-ani. After the harvest the rice will be threshed by foot and the harvested rice will be shared with the people who harvested it. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.)

gipit [gipít] 1adj Tight situation financially; hard pressed by circumstances; short of money. Indi anay ako magbadar sa imo dahil gipit pa ako sa kwarta ngasing. I won’t pay you first because I’m still hard-up this time. (sem. domains: - Poor.) 2n Hard circumstances in one’s life; hardtimes. (sem. domains: - Situation.) 3vi To be, put somebody in a tight situation or under hard pressure financially. gipit Nagipit sida sa kwarta tong nasira it bagyo kag inra inglulugitan. She was hard pressed for money when their coconut plantation was destroyed by the typhoon. syn: kuli 1, habot 3, kapos 1, masahoy, hirap 1, kabos 1. (sem. domains: - Situation.)

girgir [gírgir] (dial. var. gayor) v To graze, scratch, scrape one’s skin; to get a gravel rash. galos Nagirgir sida pagpagto sa bukir. She got scraped on the skin when she went to the farm. syn: gisgis, gasgas 1. (sem. domains: - Touch.)

gisa [gisá] vt To fry vegetables slowly (in oil to which water may be added). ginisa Inggisa nida kag hantak, tayong ag kayabasa. She fried in a little oil the beans, the eggplant and the squash. Agisahan nako sida it hantak sa kawa. I will fry the beans for her in a little oil in the frying pan. [Garlic is fried in the oil first.] (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

gisgis [gísgis] llcr: gayor. vi To graze one’s skin; to scrape one’s skin. galos Nagisgis sida it alambri nak inghigot sa kuray. She was grazed on her skin by the wire that was tied on the fence. syn: gasgas 1, girgir. (sem. domains: 2.1.4 - Skin, 7.9.1 - Damage.)

gisi₂ [gísì] vt To tear, rip something; to be torn or ripped (as of cloth, paper or the flesh of a woman in childbirth etc.). púnit Agision nako kag papel nak imo ingbulingan. I’ll tear up the paper that you dirtied. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, 7.8.4 - Tear, rip, - Working with paper.)

giya [gíya] 1vt To guide; to lead somebody. Inggigiyahan kita it Santong Espiritu sa ato pagpangabuhi bilang Kristiyano. We’re guided by the Holy Spirit in our Christian living. syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, tanor, kabulig 2. (sem. domains: - Advise, - Give permission, - Accept, - Control.) 2vbt To lead or guide somebody/something somewhere. nangunguna Agiyahon nako ka karabaw roto sa maadong agsaman. I will guide the carabao over there to the good grazing place.

gubat [gúbat] vt To enter somebody’s house, territory without permission; to trespass; to come for a fight; to invade and fight. gubat Nagpanggubat kag ida tatay sa inra kayungot pagkawagit it inra karabaw. His father entered their neighbor’s territory without permission after their carabao was lost. Inggubat sinra it inra kaaway. Their enemy entered their place without permission. (sem. domains: - Quarrel.)

guop₁ [gu-óp] v To chew, bite into something; to crush noisily between one's teeth (as of whole objects like tablets before swallowing). nginuya Ingguop it madyikiro kag limang itlog. The magician crushed the five eggs between his teeth as he ate them. syn: usap, ot-ot, pa-pa, guop, ut-ot 2. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew.)

guop₂ [gúop] v To chew, bite into something; to crush between ones teeth (as of whole objects like tablets before swallowing). nginuya Ingguop it madyikiro kag limang itlog. The magician crushed the five eggs between his teeth as he ate them. syn: guop, usap, ot-ot, pa-pa, ut-ot 2. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew, - Animal eating, - Tooth.)

gusto [gústo] 1v To want; to like; to desire. ibig, hangad, hilig Gusto nakong apatubuan kag rayaag it buyak agor maganda. I want to grow flowers in the yard in order to make it beautiful. Nio kag imo gustong inuman? What would you like to drink? syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.) 2vi To have a liking for something, somebody. Nagkakagusto sida sa mga rayagang mahaba it buhok. He has a liking for women that have long hair. (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, 3.3 - Want, - Like, love.) 3vi To like something or somebody; to find something pleasing (eg. to one’s taste). Nagugustohan nako kag tapoy. I like the black rice. Waya nako nagustuhi kag ida batasan. I didn’t like her character. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: - Happy for, - Like, love.) 4vi To allow somebody else to decide what they want; to leave a decision up to somebody else. Apagustuhan ka nako kung niong oras ikaw magtuna it trabaho. I’ll allow you to decide on what time you start to work. 5vt To want; to like. gustó Agustuhon pa nako nak magsakay sa bapor kesa sa eroplano. I’ll like riding in a ship more than in an airplane. Inggusto nida nak maging maestra. She wanted to be a teacher. comp. gustong bisayahon , der. pagusto-gusto

hagoy [hágoy] 1excl Too bad!; Oh no!; Oh bother!; drat! (as of when annoyed, upset, frustrated). sayang Hagoy! Waya ako nakasakay sa dyip. Too bad! I wasn’t able to take the jeep. (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad, 9.2.7 - Interjections.) 2vbt To exclaim, say "Oh bother!" (as of when annoyed, upset, frustrated). Nagpanghagoy sida pagkawagit it ida kwarta. She saidtoo bad’ when her money was lost. Ingpanghaguy ako nida tong makita kag nasira nak kuray. She swore at me ‘too bad’ when she saw the broken fence. Nagpahagoy sida pagkaudak it kape sa tasa. He said “oh no” when the coffee spilled from the cup. (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad, 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

hagoyhoy [hagóyhoy] v To sob quietly. hagulhol Kag anak ay naghagoyhoy sa ida kwarto dahil nawagit kag ida manika. Her child is sobbing quietly in her room because her doll was lost. (sem. domains: - Sad, - Cry, tear, - Upset, - Quiet, - Types of sounds.)

hantong [hántong] 1n Consequences; outcome; destination. hantungan (sem. domains: - Result, 4.7.7 - Punish, - End, - Purpose, goal.) 2vbt To have consequences, to cause a certain result (good or bad); to end up with a result. Mahantong sa away kinang inro agit-agitan. Your jokes will end up in a quarrel. Kag ahantungan it imo kabuhi ay kayainan kung indi ka magpati sa maguyang. If you don’t obey your parents, your life will result in wickedness. (sem. domains: - Result, 4.7.7 - Punish, - End.)

hikoy [híkoy] vi 1To wriggle; to wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). galaw Naghihikoy kag mga uyor sa raga. The worms are wriggling in the earth. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.) 2To make something wriggle, wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). Apahikuyan ka nako it uyor sa damot kung imo ako agit-agiton. I will let the worm wriggle on your hand if you tease me. Ingpapahikoy-hikoy it uning kag ida ikog habang nag-iidamo it ida mga anak. The cat wags her tail while playing with her kittens. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.)

himur-ok [himúr-ok] 1vi To be satisfied. kuntento Waya gihapon sida nahimur-uki it sari-saring pagkaon nak gingtahaw sa ida. She still wasn’t satisfied with the different kind of food served to her. (sem. domains: - Happy.) 2v To be choked by something eaten. Maisot yangey sida nahimur-ukan it tong saging. He was nearly choked with the banana. syn: yuog, pur-ok. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)

hitihot [hitíhot] 1n A disturbance to one’s thoughts. istorbo Ingga it usang bagay nak perming hitihot sa amo panamram ag paino-ino. There is one thing that is always a disturbance to our feelings and thoughts. (sem. domains: - Notice, - Ignore, 3.2 - Think.) 2vbt To disturb one’s thoughts; to have a troubled mind; to keep thinking about a problem. istorbo Tong nawagit ninra nak baka it imaw kag pirming hitihot sa ida isip. Their lost cow often disturbs his thoughts. (sem. domains: 2.5.8 - Mental illness, - Worried, - Upset.)

hubar [hubár] vt To untie; remove (as of lace up shoes, clothes, jewelry). kalag Inghubar nida kag higot it manok. He untied the tie on the hen. Hubara kag imo panika baka mawagit. Remove your earrings, they might get lost. syn: likwar 1.2, kapyos 1, payos 1, huslo 2, tangkas, hukas 2. (sem. domains: - Set free, - Tangle, - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

huda [hudâ] 1n Shame; shyness; embarrassment. walang hiya Nawawagit kag huda it tawo pag yangoey. The shyness of a person is lost when he’s already drunk. Katong tawo ay waya huda. That person is shameless. (sem. domains: - Ashamed.) 2adj Shameful; embarassing. Kahuhuda kag ida inghuman nak pagpanakaw. The stealing that he did was very shameful. (sem. domains: - Embarrassed.) 3vi To be shy; to be embarassed, ashamed, hesitant to approach somebody (as of feeling inferior, undignified). mapahiya Nahuhuda magbisaya kag anak sa ako. The child was too shy to speak to me. Sida ay nahuda sa mga bisita dahil buko sida hanra. He was embarrassed by the visitors because he wasn’t dressed. Indi ka nako gustong mahud-an. I don’t want to embarass you. syn: tahap. (sem. domains: - Unsure, 3.1.1 - Personality, - Embarrassed, - Participate.) 4vt To embarass or shame somebody else. Ingpahud-an ako nida sa maramong tawo. She embarassed me in front of many people. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - Embarrassed.) 5vt To be the cause of somebody’s shame or embarassment. Ingkakahuda it Nanay katong ida anak nak nakamatay. The mother is shamed by her son that killed someone. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - Embarrassed.) der. huda-huda , der. huda-huda , der. mahud-anon

imaw [imáw] 1dem That’s the one (as of a specifying demonstrative). iyan, yan Oho, imaw kag inra bayay. Yes that one is their house. Imaw kina kag ako nawagit nak padong. That is the umbrella that I lost. (sem. domains: - Believe, - Agree with someone.) 2excl That’s right; yes(as of agreement during repartee). (Abang kusog tong bagyo.) Imaw! (That cyclone was really strong.) Yes that’s right! (sem. domains: - Agree with someone.) comp. bagoy imaw kali , id. imaw kina , id. imaw ngani , id. imaw pa

inanak [inának] (der. of anak) 1n Offspring; descendants; children. (sem. domains: - Related by birth.) 2v To act childishly. Nagiinanak sida pag nagiidamo sa ida mga manghor. She acts childishly when playing with her younger siblings. (sem. domains: - Child.)

inggrato [inggráto] adj Ungrateful. Waya sida gikilay-a nak hali dahil sida ay naging ingrato sa pamilya. He was not recognized as a relative because he had been ungrateful to the family. (sem. domains: - Thank.)

ingkib [íngkib] (dial. var. anghab) vbt To bite, snatch and hold something in the mouth, between the teeth without biting into it (as of a pet dog). kagat Indi nida gipaingkiban tong ida tsokolate. She will let no one bite her chocolate. Maado gani waya sida giingkiba it iro. Good the dog didn’t bite her. Inglitrato si Romeo habang nagiingkib it santoy. Romeo was photographed while biting into a santol fruit. syn: pang-it, kagat 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.4 - Animal actions.)

ingtaas kag pagkatawo [ingtá-as kag pagkatáwo] v To raise one’s standard of life. itinaas ang pagkatao Si Menciong ay ingtaas kag pagkatawo it inra pamilya tong sida ay maging konsol. Menciong raised the standard of life of their family when he became a consul. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral, - Reputation.)

ingwaya sa isip [ingwayâ sa ísip] v To put something out of one’s mind. winaglit sa isip Ako ingwaya sa isip nak naging nobyo nako si Mansweto. I put it out of my mind that Mansweto was my boyfriend then. (sem. domains: - Think about, 7.5.9 - Put, 3.2.1 - Mind.)

inihaw nak isra [iníhaw nak isrâ] 1n Broiled fish. inihaw na isda (sem. domains: - Fish, - Cooking methods.) 2vt To sit on eggs (hen). init Kag munga namo ay nagiinitey it ida itlog. Our hen is already sitting on her eggs.

intelihente [intelihénte] adj Intelligent. intelihente, marunong Bagay ra kay Cory nak maging presidente dahil intelihente ra talaga sida. Cory is suited to be the president because she’s really intelligent. syn: bali8 2, maayo. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.)

inutil [inutíl] adj Useless (as of old age; retired person). Siling it usang maguyang nak waya anak ay maado pa’t namatayey sida kaysa maging inutil yang ra ag magpa-alaga pa. An old woman with no child said it’s better that she be dead now than to be useless and have to have someone care for her. (sem. domains: - Useless.)

ipit₁ [ípit] 1sta To be accidently crushed by something; to be run over by a vehicle. Naipit kag anak it dyip dahil nagiidamo sa karsada. The child was run over by the jeep because he was playing in the road. (sem. domains: - Hospital, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2vt To intentionally crush or run over something or somebody. naipit Ing-ipit nida kag uyo it sawa it ida siki. He crushed the snake’s head with his foot. (sem. domains: - Amputate.)

iskor [iskór] n Score. talà Si Arianne kag nakabaoy it pinakamataas nak iskor sa boling kada sida it naging tsampyon. Arianne got the highest score in bowling that’s why she was declared the champion. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Number series, 3.6.7 - Test, 3.6.8 - Answer in a test, 8.1.1 - Number.)

istrikto [istríkto] adj Strict. higpit Istrikto kag ako naging maestra kada nakatuon ako. My teacher was a strict one that’s why I learnt well. (sem. domains: 4.5.3 - Exercise authority, - Discipline, train.)

kabit₂ [kabít] 1vbt To reach, get something by going hand-over-hand (e.g. somebody hanging from a branch and moving along it to reach some fruit). TWO ENTRIES Kabitan nimo kag madabas sa sanga. You reach the guava by going hand-over-hand along the branch. Kabiti sida it badabas sa sanga. Reach the guava for her by going hand-over-hand along the branch. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Extend.) 2vbt To hang onto, from by using one’s hands (e.g. somebody hanging from a branch, moving along a branch hand-over-hand, hanging onto the outside of the jeep). Kag anak ay nagkakabit sa sanga it madabas. The child is hanging from the branch of the guava tree. Makabit yang si Juan sa dyip nak punoey. John just hung onto the outside of the jeep because it was already full. 3n Object on which something hangs. 4vt To attach, reattach something that hangs; hang up (as of mending the tear in a dress, sewing the ruffle on a dress, joining a skirt onto a blouse, putting a hose on a faucet, tieing a rope on a tree, plugging in an extension cord to electricity, pin a ribbon on a dress, hang up curtains, hang a picture on the wall). Akabiton nako kag ako blusa nak nagísi. I will reattach the tear in my blouse. Ingkabit nida it ispili kag panyo sa ida blusa. She attached the handkerchief on her blouse with a safety pin. Kabita kag rebite sa ida baro. Attach the ruffle to her dress. Akabitan nako it litrato kag ringring. I will hang the photo on the wall. Ikabit kag kurtina sa gaha. Hang up the curtains on the window. [Suspected loan from Tagalog.] 5n Place where something is attached. 6adj Attached.

kaguran [kagurán] adj Greedy. matakaw Karamo nak nagugutuman nak nagiging kaguran. There are many hungry children who become greedy. (sem. domains: - Greedy.)

kahugor [kahúgor] (irreg. infl. mahugor) adj Industrious. masipag Kahugor kag naging asawa ni Joy. Joy’s husband is industrious. (sem. domains: - Work hard.)

kaisot [ka-isót] (irreg. infl. maisot) adj Very small, little, few. maliit Kaisot kag naging parti nida sa lugit. They got a very small share of the copra. (sem. domains: 8.2.1 - Small.)

kanugon [kanúgon] 1excl What a waste; that's regretable; “Too bad”; that's disappointing. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 2adj Something which isn’t good to lose, waste; “Too bad”; wasteful; disappointing. Regretful. Kanugon kag ida relo nak nawagit. Her lost wristwatch was something not worth losing. syn: sayang 3. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 3vt To waste something; to feel sorry for the loss of something.Having some worth, value. sayang Ingkanugunan nida kag ida mga buyak nak nagkasira. She felt sorry for the flowers that were destroyed. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Waste.)

kanulo [kanuló] vt To betray somebody. kanulo Ingkanulo ako nida kada nawagitey gador kag ako tiwala sa ida. He betrayed me therefore I lost all my trust in him. (sem. domains: - Betray.)

karapat-dapat [karapat-dápat] (dial. var. karapat-rapat) (der. of dapat) adj Deserving; worthy; suitable; fitting. karapat-dapat Karapat-dapat sida maging tresorero dahil sida ay nasasaligan. He is worthy to be the treasurer because he is trustworthy. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral.)

katangian [katangían] n Characteristic ways, traits, behaviour of somebody; good traits. katangian Kag ako hanap nak katangian it usang kayaki ay kayaki nak ingwa it kahadlok sa Diyos. The characteristic I looked for in a man was a man who had a fear of God. Karamo it katangian kag ida naging asawa kada abang palangga nida. His wife has many good traits that’s why he loves her very much. (sem. domains: - Become, change state, 4.3 - Behavior.)

katin₁ [kátin] vi To sit or place something so that it is not resting flat against something else. FLOAT? katin, taas Ingpapakatin nako ka ako siki pagnagiingkor agur indi makamangan it gudom. When sitting Im not resting my feet flat on the floor so that no ants will crawl on them. Pag sida ay masadya ay pay kag ida pakiramdam ay nagkakatin sida sa duta pagnagpapanaw. When she’s happy she seems to feel like she’s floating above the ground when she walks. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, - Walk, 1.3.4 - Be in water.)

katipunan [katipúnan] n Place to meet in order to help or do something (as for bayanihan “group effort” work). tagpuan Kag bayay ni Jake it magiging katipunan it mga trabahador. Jake’s house will be the place where the workers will meet. (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place, - Approve of something.)

kinarampuyatan₃ [kinarampuyátan] n Knowledge; skill. alam, kaalaman Nio kag ida kinarampuyatan sa pagpanguma nak dentista ra sida! What knowledge does he have about farming when he is a dentist! Waya sida’t kinarampuyatan rotong nawagit nak bangko. She has no knowledge about the lost chair. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

kiri [kirí] 1adj Flirtatious. kiri, harot, landi Pirmeng inaagit-agit it mga kayaki tong kiri nak kabade. The flirtatious woman is always teased by the men. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 2n A flirt (a flirtatious woman).

komkom₃ [kómkom] vt To keep clasped in the palm; to take a hand full of something. kimkim Ingkumkom nida kag kwarta agur indi mawagit. He kept the money clasped in the palm so it wouldn’t be lost. (sem. domains: - Hold, - Actions of the hand.)

kung sabagay₅ [kung sabágay] conj Anyway (as of concession contra-expectation relations). kung sabagay Kung sabagay ay waya it mawawagit sa ako pagnagpurba ako it negosyo. Anyway I’ve nothing to lose for trying to run a business. Aber magpurba ako’t negosyo kung sabagay waya ra it mawawagit sa ako. Even if I try to run a business anyway there’s nothing to lose.

kunswelo [kunswélo] vbt To reward; to add something extra as reward. gantimpala Ingpakunsweluhan nida it tao it maisot nak kwarta katong nakakita it ida nawagit nak bisikleta. He rewarded the man who saw his lost bicycle with a small amount.

kupos [kupós] 11.1vi To wither (as of plants). lanta Nagkupos kag tanom tong waya mabunyagi it ruhang adlaw. The plant withered when it wasn’t watered for two days. syn: yadong, yada 2. 22.1vi To become deflated as of ballons, balls or the tube of a tire. Nagkupos kag ida lobo dahil nabuhos. Her ballon became deflated because it got holes in it. 2.2vi To deflate something. Ida ingpakupos kag bola agur indi magamit it iba. He deflated the ball so that others couldn’t use it. 33.1vi To shrink in embarrassment/humiliation; to become shy. Nagkupos ako sa kahuda tong ida ako murahon sa karamuan. I shrunk in humiliation when she scolded me in the public.

kutsara [kutsára] 1n Spoon. 2vbt To use a spoon; to feed somebody with a spoon. kutsára Ingkutsara nida kag isra sa mayukong. She used the spoon in removing the fish from the bowl. Hamak nimo! Ingkutsarahan nida it ‘medico’ kag ida buyangan tong di sagnat. Imagine! When his fighting cock had a fever he fed it aspirin with a spoon.

laban sa buot [lában sa bu-ót] (comp. of buot, laban) id Against one’s will; unwillingly. [lit: oppose to inner-being] labag sa loob Laban sa buot kag ida pagpakasay ruto sa ida naging asawa. It’s against her will to be married to her husband. (sem. domains: - Willing.)

labot₁ [lábot] 1n A part or concern in a matter; accountability; business. pakialam Waya ako’t labot sa ida aber sida man ay mawagit. I have no concern for her even if she gets lost. Wayâ ka it lábot. It’s none of your business. 2adj To have a part,concern in a matter. Asing nagsagbang sida sa amo istorya ay waya ra sida nalalabot roto. Why did she join in our talk when she’s not concerned.

latay [látay] vbt To walk on something that is raised such as a bridge or gangplank. nanulay Naglatay tong madyikiro sa pisi nak nakahigot sa poste. The magician walked on the rope tied to the posts. syn: talaytay, tulaytay.

libog [libóg] vi To worry about; to be concerned about somebody or something (usually results in doing something on behalf of somebody). mag-alala Inalibugan ako sa ako masakit nak manghor kada ako nak raan sida gingbakyan it buyong. I was concerned about my sick sister so I immediately bought her some medicine. Nagpangalibog ako sa inra nawagit nak payay kada nagtao ako it ruhang gantang nak bugas sa inra. I was worried about their lost rice so I gave them two gantas of rice. Aya gikalibog sa amo nak indi kami marugay. Don’t worry about us because we won’t stay long.

likay-likay [likay-likáy] adj Slightly cross-eyed. duling-duling Kaganda kag ida naging asawa ugaling ay pay likay-likay ra. He married a beautiful lady but she’s slightly cross-eyed.

lipong [lípong] 1n Headache; dizziness. syn: yuya 1. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 2adj Feeling dizzy. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 3vbt To have a headache; to feel or become dizzy. sakít ng úlo; hílo Naglipong kag ako uyo paginom it tuba. My head became dizzy when I drank “tuba”. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

lisor [lisór] 1adj Sad; sorrowful; grieved. syn: yangkag, buyong 1, buyong 2. 2vi To become sad; to become sorrowful. malungkot Ingkalisor gador nida kag pagkawagit it ida anak. She felt very sad about her lost child.

lugra [lúgra] 11.1vbt To get more than necessary at a particular time (as of buying, eating with the idea of greed also). abuso Indi nako gilugrahan it tao it kwarta kag ako anak agor indi maging abusador. I wont give my children money that’s more than necessary so that they will not become abusive. 22.1adj Abusive; taking advantage of; cheating. Ngasing nak pirmi sidang ingtataw-an it pagkaon ay nagiging lugrador. Now that he’s being given food often, he’s becoming abusive.

maadong pagtudlo [maádong pagtúdlò] adj Good teaching. mabuting turo Naging mabuot nak mga anak sinra dahil sa maadong pagtudlo ag paglaygay it inra maguyang. They became good children because of the good teaching and advices of their parents.

maayam₂ [maáyam] adj Practical. marunong Si Ana ay naging maayam sa buhay nak waya giasawa hanggang waya nakatapos. Ana was just being practical in life because she didn’t marry before finishing college.

mabinuligon [mabinuligón] (der. of bulig) adj Helpful, cooperative. matulungin Usa sa maadong ugali it tawo ay maging mabinuligon sa kapwa tawo. One of the good character traits of a man is being helpful to others. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, - Help.)

malay nato [málay náto] expression - Convert to subentry “who knows ........”. malay natin Sio kag makakasiling, malay nato si Raul ay maging doktor sa huling adlaw. Who can fortell who knows Raul might be a doctor someday.

malimuton [malimutón] adj Forgetful. makakalimutin Habang nagguguyang ay pay nagiging malimuton. While getting old we tend to be forgetful.

maniho [maního] (irreg. infl. maneho) 11.1vbt To drive a vehicle; to steer. maneho Buko nako kilaya kung sio kag nagmamaneho sa dyip ni Fred. I don’t recognize who’s driving Fred’s jeep. 22.1vbt To lead, direct, manage an activity, business, shop (as of pasties, wedding, games etc). Sin-o kag nagmamaneho it kinang pabayle? Who is managing the dance party? syn: rumaya, pamahala 2, opisyal.