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agit-agit [agit-agít] 1v To tease, mock, provoke somebody into a fight. kinukulit Aya giagit-agita kinang anak para indi magtibaw. Don’t tease the child so it won’t cry. (sem. domains: - Mock.) 2v To flirt with somebody. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 3adj On-and-off especially of rain (as if it's teasing one and preventing washing from drying etc.). Agit-agit kag uyan. The rain is just on and off. (sem. domains: - Regular, - Rain.)

hantong [hántong] 1n Consequences; outcome; destination. hantungan (sem. domains: - Result, 4.7.7 - Punish, - End, - Purpose, goal.) 2vbt To have consequences, to cause a certain result (good or bad); to end up with a result. Mahantong sa away kinang inro agit-agitan. Your jokes will end up in a quarrel. Kag ahantungan it imo kabuhi ay kayainan kung indi ka magpati sa maguyang. If you don’t obey your parents, your life will result in wickedness. (sem. domains: - Result, 4.7.7 - Punish, - End.)

hikoy [híkoy] vi 1To wriggle; to wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). galaw Naghihikoy kag mga uyor sa raga. The worms are wriggling in the earth. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.) 2To make something wriggle, wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). Apahikuyan ka nako it uyor sa damot kung imo ako agit-agiton. I will let the worm wriggle on your hand if you tease me. Ingpapahikoy-hikoy it uning kag ida ikog habang nag-iidamo it ida mga anak. The cat wags her tail while playing with her kittens. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.)

kiri [kirí] 1adj Flirtatious. kiri, harot, landi Pirmeng inaagit-agit it mga kayaki tong kiri nak kabade. The flirtatious woman is always teased by the men. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 2n A flirt (a flirtatious woman).

ngani₃ [ngánì] conj Therefore; so as a result; so that’s why (as of result relations). kaya nga Ngani nagtibaw kag anak dahil sa ing-agit-agit ni Juan. Therefore the child cried because John teased him.

pamuya₁ [pamuyá] (der. of puya) vi 1To make something turn red. (sem. domains: - Change color.) 2To blush (as of with embarrassment, anger). Nagpapamuya sida pag sida inaagit-agit. She blushes when she’s teased. (sem. domains: - Angry, 2.2 - Body functions, - Embarrassed.)

pikon₁ [pikón] adj Touchy person. TAGALOG? pikon Kali baga sida ay mapikunon kung imaw it ingaagit-agit. This guy is a very touchy person when he’s being teased.

pitik₂ [pitík] 1n The tie, rein on the buffalo sled when it’s harnessed, used to flick, whip the animal into motion. pitik, tali Waya nida nahuyte kag pitik it kabayo pagmaliya. He didn’t hold the reins of the horse when it bolted. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2n Marking string. 3v To flick with one's fingers, rubber band, veins. Apapitikan ka nako it lastiko pag indi ka gitungon it agit-agit sa ako. I’ll flick a rubber band on you if you won’t stop teasing me. Apitikon ninra kag uyo it maning-maning. They will flick the heads off the dragon flies with their fingers. (sem. domains: - Throw.) 4v To flick with a whip as of a water buffalo. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

ruya [ruyâ] 1n Spittle; spit (as of the saliva that has been spat out by someone somewhere). (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.) 2vbt To spit out; to expectorate (as of getting rid of betelnut juice, cigarette, phelgm). láway Aruyaan ka nako pag indi kag tungon it pagagit-agit. I’ll spit on you if you’ll not stop teasing me. (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.) 3n To spit somewhere, on something. (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.)

sapot₁ [sápot] 1vi To be irritated. Nasasaputan ako pag inaagit-agit pirme. I get irritated when I’m always teased. syn: napika, ugot 1.2. 2adj Irritating. inís Kasasapot ka imo puypog sa lamesa! Your tapping on the table is very irritating!

sinta₂ [sínta] vi To flare up; to be stirred up. Sida ay nasinta nak raan sa maisot nak agit-agit. She easily flares up at the slightest provocation.