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agsam [ágsam] v To graze (as of cows or goats). magpastól Nag-agsam ako’t kambing sa bukir. I grazed the goat on the hill. syn: halin, pastor. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.) der. paagsam

paagsam [pa-ágsam] (der. of agsam) v To make animals graze somewhere (as of cows or goats). (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.)

pangilin [pangílin] n Worship day. araw ng pagsamba

pasaka it demanda [pasákà it demánda] vi To press legal charges; to take to court. pagsampa ng demanda Mapasaka baga kamo it demanda laban roto sa anak? Will you press charges in the case against that child. Apasakaon nako sinra it demanda laban kang Pedro. I’ll let them press legal charges against Pedro. Apasakaan nako it demanda si Pedro. I’ll press legal charges against Pedro.

halin₁ [hálin] vbt To pasture an animal, to lead an animal to pasture or graze. Kada aga ay inghahalin ni Amy kag inra baka ag Karabaw sa baguntor. Every morning, Amy pastures their cow and carabao on the hills. syn: agsam, pastor. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.)

pastor [pastór] n Pastor. pastór syn: agsam, halin.

antar [ántar] 1n The distance between things, times or people (as of spatial, temporal or social distance). distansya Nag-antaran sinra pagsambatan it bola. They stood at a distance from each other when they played ball. Ing-antar nida kag pagtanom it mga kamatis. The tomatoes that he planted were kept distant from each other. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, 8.4.5 - Relative time.) 2adj Distant from eachother; wide apart, spaced well apart (as of when planting seeds, floorboards with a space between them). (sem. domains: - Interval, space.) 3v To move, put more distance, space between one thing and another (as of things or people); to move away from. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

giya [gíya] 1vt To guide; to lead somebody. Inggigiyahan kita it Santong Espiritu sa ato pagpangabuhi bilang Kristiyano. We’re guided by the Holy Spirit in our Christian living. syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, tanor, kabulig 2. (sem. domains: - Advise, - Give permission, - Accept, - Control.) 2vbt To lead or guide somebody/something somewhere. nangunguna Agiyahon nako ka karabaw roto sa maadong agsaman. I will guide the carabao over there to the good grazing place.

muslok₁ [múslok] v To “kick the bucket”; to die; to drop dead (is a disrespectful term). mamatay Siling it tong anak tan-ay mamuslok tong inra baka para indiey sida mag-agsam. The child said it would be good if their cow kicked the bucket so she won’t be eating the grass all the time. Pasalamat ka nak namuslok ey tong imo kaaway. You should be thankful that your enemy dropped dead. [Vulgar term used in anger.] (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die.)

samantala₁ [samantalá] v To take advantage of a girl; to rape. abuso Ingpagsamantalahan tong ida anak nak rayaga it mga adik. Her child was raped by some addicts.

sampay [sampáy] vbt To hang something up, over something such as a fence, rope, clotheline, etc. sampáy Nagsampayey ikaw it imo mga binunakan? Have you hung up the clothes that you have washed? der. sampayan

sampot₂ [sámpot] 11.1vbt To arrive at a place; to reach a boundary and finish it; to go, run to somewhere. dating, datnan Nagsampot sida it gab-i? Did he arrived at the house last night? Ingsampot nimo sa yudo’t bayay kag paghilamon? Did you reach and finish the back yard when you weeded the grass? Kung ingwa it priso nak nakakalayas ay waya sinra it mayungot nak nasasamputan kung buko ay isla it Banton. If there were prisoners who got away they had nowhere nearby to run to except the island of Banton. 22.1vi The end result; outcome of something kahahantungan Kung perming inaway kag pamilya kag asamputan ay binuyagan. If a family always fights the end result will be separation.

samuyakot₂ [samuyákot] vi To be messed up, such as files, or alphabetized cards; to disarrange something; to be mixed up; confused (as of speed). halu-halo Nagsamuyakot kag papeles para sa tinrahan ag sa opisina dahil inghakar it anak. Her paperworks for the store and office were disarranged because it was messed by the child. Nagsamuyakotey kag ida bisaya kada pay indiey sida gipatihan it tawo. Her speech is all mixed up so people won’t believe her.