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agubay [agúbay] vbt 1To put an arm around the shoulders of somebody when accompanying them (as of showing affection, care and guidance). samahán, sabayán Ging-agubayan ni Tony si Gloria papauli para hagto magpangrayaga. Tony accompanied Gloria going home so he could court her on the way. (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany, - Show sympathy, support.) 2To support somebody financially, morally and spiritually (as of parents supporting children). (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Interested.)

tapon [tapón] 1vbt To infect somebody with a disease; to catch a disease from somebody else. Matapon kag sakit nak tipras sa imo pag mapayungot ikaw sa di sakit. Measles will infect you if you come near the one who is sick. Itapon nako sa imo kag ako sip-on I will infect you with my cold. Natapnan sida it sakit it ida manghor dahil nagubay sinra. She was infected with her younger sibling’s illness because they slept together. syn: kapot 4. 2adj Infectious; contagious. hawa Nakakatapon kag tipras lalong laloey ruto sa waya gibaksinasyona. Measles are contagious especially with those who haven’t been vaccinated.