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alaga [alágà] 1n One that’s being taken care of (as of a pet animal or a person e.g. child, elderly or sick person). Kag ako alaga nak anak ay marakoey. The child that I’m taking care is already grown-up. syn: alila 1. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 4.3.4 - Do good to, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.) 2vbt To care for something or somebody (as of a pet animal or a person e.g. child, elderly or sick person). alaga Ing-alagaan sida it ida lola. He was cared for by his grandmother. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 4.3.4 - Do good to, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.) der. paalaga

alagar [alagár] dial. var. of suguon

alila [alílà] 1n A pet (as of a pet animal). alaga Igwa ako’t alila nak pikoy. I have a pet parrot. syn: alaga 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2n A slave, servant. (sem. domains: - Slave.) 3vt To act like a servant in taking care of something (as of things, animals or people). Katong ilo nak anak ay ingpaalila sa ida ibang hali. They had the orphan child taken care of by her other relatives. (sem. domains: - Worried.) der. paalila

balagtasan [balagtásan] 1n A debate in poetic form which is performed, presented by two or more people debating back and forth (as of poetic repartee). bálagatasan (sem. domains: - Poetry.) 2vi To debate on poetic form (as of two or more people composing and presenting their arguments in the form of poetic repartee). balagatasín Kabade ag kayaki kag nagbalagtasan it tahapon. Yesterday, it was a man and a woman who debated in poetic form. (sem. domains: - Poetry.)

bayu-bo [bayú-bò] dial. var. of asikaso

borbor [bórbor] v 1To roll up, wind thread, string, rope on a stick-like spool. kalagan Ingborbor nida kag naylon sa kahoy. He unrolled the nylon on the stick. (sem. domains: - Roll up.) 2To wrap, wind strips of leaf around cooked food (as of banana and coconut leaves). (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation, - Roll up.) der. binurbor , der. burburan

dalagang ma-anghot [dalágang ma-ánghot] (comp. of maanghot) n Plant species; large weed with beautiful pink, yellow flowers that smell bad, and a stalk with small spikes, thorns. [lit: lady stinky] [It resembles the lantana plant.] (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

disipulos [disípulos] (der. of disipulo) n Disciples; followers of a teacher. (plural) alagad Nagsunor kag mga disipulos ni Cristo sa ida habang nagtutudlo. The disciples of Christ followed him while he was teaching. (sem. domains: - Follow, be a disciple.)

haka [hákà] vt To discuss, air an issue. háka, palagay Inahaka ninra nak mabalik pa kono si Marcos. They’ve discussed the possibility that Marcos will still come back. (sem. domains: - Mention, - Talk about a subject.)

haka-haka [haka-hákà] n Opinion; belief, expectation of something which seems incredible. pala-palagay Ka haka-haka it mga tawo ay sabakey sida tong inakasay. The people’s opinion was that she was already pregnant when they were wed. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.5 - Opinion, 3.2 - Think.)

halaga [halagá] 1n Worth; value; importance. halaga Waya’t halaga sa ida kag ako bulig. My help has no worth for her. (sem. domains: - Important, - Value.) 2adj Important, valuable. Mahalaga nak magbasa kita’t Bibliya. It’s important that we read the Bible. (sem. domains: - Important.) 3vi To value something. Waya nida gipapahalagahi kag ako ingtao sa ida. She didn’t value what I gave her. syn: bali7, bakwi 2. (sem. domains: - Reject, 3.3.5 - Offer, - Value, - Accept.)

importante [importánte] adj Important. mahalaga (sem. domains: - Emphasize.)

indi gador malimutan [índì gadór malimútan] idiom - Convert to subentry Unforgettable; never ever will be forgotten. hindi talaga makalimutan Indi gador nako malimutan tong ako’y ida murahon sa karamuang tawo. I will never ever forget when he scolded me in front of so many people. (sem. domains: - Leave something, - Forget.)

indi mamutang [indî mamutáng] vi To become restless and tense; can’t be still. hindi mapalagay Si Mila ay indi mamutang it katong gab-i dahil inggwa yaki sida it pa-abutong bisita. Mila became restless and tense that night because she had a suitor coming to visit her. (sem. domains: - Nervous, - Worried.)

kahilas kag hiwas [kahilás kag híwas] adj Restless. hindi mapalagay (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, - Walk.)

kamutangan [kamutángan] (der. of butang) n Situation, condition (as of one's health or financial situation). kalagayan Kaadoy kag kamutangan ni Fred tuna maka trabaho. Fred has a better situation now that he is working. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, - Situation, 2.4.1 - Strong.)

kang manang yangey talaga ako [kang Manáng yangéy tálaga akó] id Committed to somebody. Kay Manang na lang talaga ako Kang Manang yangey talaga ako aber sin-o pa kag magbaoy. I am already committed to Manang even though there are still those who want to get me to work for them. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Devout, 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, - Choose.)

klarong gador [klárong gadór] adj Really true; determined to do something. tutuo talaga Kag siling ni Sally ay klarong gador nak mabuyag sida sa ida asawa nak nagpapangabadi. According to Sally it’s really true that she’ll separate from her husband who’s a womanizer. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - True.)

mahalaga [mahalagá] adj Important; special; valuable. mahalaga Mahalaga nak magtuo sa Ginoo para maligtas. It is important to believe in God to be saved.

makabuluhan [makabuluhán] adj Important. mahalaga, importante Indi nako kali giuma sa inro kung buko makabuluhan sa inro pangabuhi. I will not tell this to you if it is not so important in your daily life.

malagat [malagát] time A certain length of time. Indi malagat ay ubos ray tong usang pasong ninrang bugas. It won’t be long before their one bag of rice is used up again.

malagat-lagat [malagát-lágat] adv In a little while; later. maya-maya Una yang ikaw masunor ako malagat-lagat. You go ahead, I’ll follow in a little while.

manog-alaga it karnero [manog-alágà it karnéro] irreg. infl. of manog-karnero

nag-alaga it sawa [nag-alágà it sawá] idiom - Convert to subentry To have cared for an ungrateful person; to “bite the hand that fed you” (lit: care for a snake). nag-alaga ng ahas Pay ka nag-alaga it sawa kung pagkatapos nimong pakaunon ay ingtakawan ka pa. It seems you were kind to a snake that after you have fed him he will still rob you.

paalaga [pa-alága] (der. of alaga) v To have something, somebody be cared for by someone (as of caring for an animal, person or thing). (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 4.3.4 - Do good to, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.)