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ambisyuso [ambisyúso] adj Ambitious (as of actively wanting to improve one's situation in life). [From English "ambitious".] (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.)

ambit [ámbit] sta 1To resemble, appear or look similar to somebody or something. magkahawig, magkapareho Maambit ikaw kang Maria pag magtaba-taba ka pa. You’ll resemble Maria if you grow a little bit fatter. Naambitan kag inra tabas it baro. gThe design of their dresses looks similar. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, hawig, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) 2To resemble, appear or look similar to eachother (as of two or more things). (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) der. paambit

baging [báging] 1n Vine. baging (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2adj Having many of vines hanging; viney (as of frightening place where snakes can be mistaken for vines). (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 3vbt To swing on a vine or rope. baging, lambitin Nagbaging si Raul pagtabok it sapa. Raul swung on a vine in crossing the river. Ingbagingan nao katong nagbibiling nak higot sa kahoy. I swung on the rope that hangs on the tree. (sem. domains: 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

bagsak [bágsak] 1vt Collapsed; fallen down (as of a collapsed, destroyed building in an earthquake or bombing). (sem. domains: 7.9.3 - Destroy.) 2vt Fallen, failed (as of a person of status or the failure of one's ambitions etc.). (sem. domains: 4.4 - Prosperity, trouble, - Low status.) 3vt To fall, collapse conspicuously and with damage (as of a building collapsing); to crash down when falling from a height. (sem. domains: - Fall, 7.9.3 - Destroy.) 4vi To fall suddenly and extremely in status or rank (as of a leader or kingdom falling). bumagsák Nagbagsak sa sayog tong kisami it kag nadamaan ni Badlong it kag sinray nagpapakando. The ceiling crashed down onto the kuyungan floor when Badlong stepped on it when they were fixing the roof. syn: wasak 1, distruso 2. (sem. domains: 4.4 - Prosperity, trouble, - Low status.) 5vi To fail in a subject, course of study, exam. (sem. domains: 3.6.4 - Class, lesson, - Study.) der. pabagsak

hanrom [hánrom] 1n Ambition; desire. Rako kag ako hanrom nak makapa Amerika. I have a great ambition to go to America. syn: hangar 2, timyas. (sem. domains: - Hope.) 2vt To remember or think about something; desire something. mithi Mahanrom kag mga maguyang nak makatapos kag inra mga anak it eskwela. Parents will desire that their children finish school. Ahanromon nako nak magkaigwa it tuyar tong ida baro. I desire to have a dress like hers. (sem. domains: - Hope.)

kuyambit [kuyambít] v To hang by hands, legs, tail like a monkey (may be used for people or animals). lambitin Nagkuyambitin si Nelson sa gaha nina Bulit para sil-ipon kung hagto pa si Roger. Nelson hung by his hands on the window grills of Bulit’s house to see if Roger was still around. (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.)

mataas it yupar [matá-as it yupár] (comp. of taas, yupar) adj High ambitions (as of like English "wants to be a high flier"). [lit: high of fly] (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan.)

naambit [naámbit] adj Same; look-alike; sounds-alike. magkamukha, pareho Naambit ikaw kang Brookie Shields. You’re a look-alike of Brookie Shields.

paambit [pa-ámbit] (der. of ambit) vi 1To make something look similar to something else (as of people or things). CHECK (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) 2To get, become involved; to make somebody join in (as of in a group activity). CHECK Mapaambit kono sida sa ato grupo sa trabahong kali dahil kuyang ka ida mga gamit. She said that she’ll just involve herself in our work because she lacks the materials for her own. (sem. domains: - Include, - Participate.)

panambitan [panambítan] v To wail, lament with words, song (as of somebody in great trouble, grief). panaghoy Nagsuor si Jake mayungot sa pantyon para marunggan kag panambitan. Jake went near the tomb so that he could hear the mailing.

panambiton [panambíton] 1n Words said in lamentation. 2vi To lament. panambitan Ramo kag napatibaw pagpanambiton nida. When she lamented over the dead, many were moved to cry.

sambit [sámbit] vt To mention. nabanggit Waya gisambita kag ida pangayan nak ahat mabasa. His name wasn’t mentioned because it could hardly be read. Ida nasambit sa ako nak waya sida nakabaton it imo suyat. He mentioned to me that he wasn’t able to receive your letter. syn: mitlang 1, uma 1, saysay 2, siling.

matayog kag isip [matáyog kag isip] adj Big, great ambitions. mataas ang ambisyon Si Imelda ay matayog kag isip maging reyna pero waya ra nahuman. Imelda had big ambitions to be a queen but it didn’t come true.

sikap [síkap] v Endeavour; effort; ambition. Sa amo pagsisikap nak mag-asawa ay kinang amo mga anak ay amo napaestudyo hanggang sa nakatapos sinra. It was our endeavour as a couple that we would give our children an education until they had completed school. syn: tinguha.

tayog [táyog] adv Very distant; very high (can be used to speak of one’s ambitions). tayog Matayog sida magbunggo. He can throw a stone far. Matayog kag ida ambisyon sa buhay. Her ambition in life is very high. [There is an idiomatic usage: (lit: made-go-high urine we) nagpapatayog-tayogan it ihi kami “We aim high” meaning to be proud, competitive; neither party will give up.]

hawig [háwig] adj Similar; resemble (dance steps, face); sound alike (as of dialects); look alike somebody. hawig, kamukha Kag ida anak ay kahawig nak gador sa ida Nanay. His child really looks like her mother. Hawig sa ida nanay kag ida hitsura. Her looks resembles that of her mother. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, ambit 1, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - Like, similar.)

mitlang [mítlang] vbt 1To mention something to somebody. banggit, nasabi Roto sa mga nakapasa sa eksamen, waya namitlang kag ngayan ni Laura. Among those who passed the exam, Laura’s name wasn’t mentioned. syn: sambit, uma 1, saysay 2, siling. (sem. domains: - Mention.) 2To pronounce words. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.)

parehas [paréhas] adj 1Same; an identical match; something which matches or goes well together (such as clothes). Magkaparehas it kulay kag ako blusa ag bag-ong sayway. My blouse and new pants have the same color. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, hawig, ambit 1, tugma. (sem. domains: - Same.) 2Same; identical; both. parehas Parehas sinra nak maadong kandidato. They are both good candidates. (sem. domains: - Same.) comp. dapat magraog sa parehas nak laban

pareho [parého] adv Same as (as of comparisons of equality). katúlad, pareho Sida ay pareho it taas nako. He is the same height as I am. Buko sida pareho it ganda it ida manghor. She is not as beautiful as her younger sister. syn: tuyar 1.1, hawig, ambit 1, tugma, parehas 1.

saysay₂ [sáysay] 1n Story. 2vbt To recount, relate a story; to tell of an event; to speak, suggest, mention. salaysay, ikikwento Asaysayon kono nida it liwat-liwat kag natabo sa ida tong gira. He said that he’ll recount again and again the things that happened to him during the war. Asaysayan nida kag ida abugado it katong ida problema. He’ll relate his problem to his lawyer. Kaling mga bisaya nak ako ingsaysay sa ibabaw ay pilang bilog yang nak ako natatanraan. These words which I mentioned above are only some of the one’s I can recall. syn: sambit, mitlang 1, uma 1, siling. der. kasaysayan

siling₃ [silíng] vbt To say; to tell something to somebody. sabi Si Nena ay nagsiling nak manunot. Nena said that she’ll go. Igwa kuno sida’t isiling sa imo. She says she has something to say to you. syn: sambit, mitlang 1, uma 1, saysay 2. comp. buot silinggon , der. siling-siling

tugma₁ [túgmà] vt To feel, think same way about something; to be mutually agreed on something. Nagtutugma ka amo isip ni Tommy kung ano kag amo iregalo sa kasay ni Ariane. My thoughts with Tommy mutually agreed on what to give as a gift for Ariane’s wedding. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, hawig, ambit 1, parehas 1.

tuyar [tuyár] (irreg. infl. tyar) 11.1adv Like; similar to (as of comparisons of equality). kagaya Sida ay tuyar nako it taas. She is like me in height. Tuyar sa uyan ka ida yuha. Her tears fell like rain. Tuyar kali ka ako baro. My dress is like this. syn: pareho, hawig, ambit 1, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - And, also, - Evaluator, - Combinative relation.) 22.1vbt To imitate, copy something; to mimic. ganitó, ganiyán,gayahin Patuyari ako siling ni Pablo. Imitate me said Paul. Aya gipatuyari kag ako bisaya. Don’t mimic how I speak. Apatuyaron nako kag tabas it ako baro sa imo. I will copy the style of my dress from yours. der. patuyaran

uma [umá] 1n A farm. syn: sambit, mitlang 1, saysay 2, siling. 2vt To farm; to cultivate land. magsáka Nag-uma sinra sa kayudong bukir. They cultivated land on the next hill.

bombay [Bómbay] n A person of Indian nationality or race (as of from the city of Bombay or another part of India). Kag nobyo ni Evelyn ay pay naambit sa Bombay. That fiancee of Evelyn’s seems to look like an Indian. [Perhaps] (sem. domains: - Race.)
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