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ampin [ámpin] dial. var. of apin der. kaampin Ally; allies; camp; fans; followers of a sports team; defender; advocate; one on one’s side, team; a supporter. kakampi His constant mistress.

hamo [hamó] 1n Diaper. lampin Ilisi it hamo kinang lapsag dahil basa. Change the diaper of the baby bacause it’s wet. syn: lampin 2. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby, 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 2v To put a diaper on a child; to wrap a child in clothes (used as diapers). lampin Hamuhi it maado kinang lapsag agor indi giyamigon. Wrap the baby well with clothes so he will not feel cold. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)

kaampin [ka-ámpin] (der. of ampin) n 1Ally; allies; camp; fans; followers of a sports team; defender; advocate; one on one’s side, team; a supporter. kakampi Kag mga demokratikong nasyon ay kaampin it Amerika. Democratic nations are allies of America. (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support, - Defend against accusation.) 2His constant mistress. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

kamping [kámping] n Camping activity; to hold a camp. Nagnunot sida sa kamping it mga “girl scout”. She joined the girl scoup camp. (sem. domains: - Fort, 5.9 - Live, stay.)

lampin [lámpin] 1n Diaper. 2vbt To put a diaper on a baby. lampín Inglampinan nida kag lapsag. She put a diaper on the baby. syn: hamo 1.

apin [ápin] (dial. var. ampin) 1adj Allied with, to somebody (as of being on the same side or involved in the same cause). (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 2vbt To side with, take the side of somebody; to favor, ally oneself with; to defend somebody (in fight, game, competition or legal court). kampi Ako ay maapin ruto sa ‘unit one’. I will back the ones there in the first team. Nainukawan kag mga tawo sa inra pag-apin. The people were shouting for the side they were backing. Ing-aapinan ni Jesus kag mga Kristiyano pag inaataki it mga kaaway. Jesus defends Christians when they are attacked by enemies. syn: kampi, kiling 2. (sem. domains: - Show sympathy, support.) 3adj Defending (as personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) 4v To defend a person (as of personally or legally). (sem. domains: - Defend against accusation.) der. kaapin , der. manugapin

budangos [budangós] v To pout, twist one's lips in anger, disgust while stamping one's feet. (sem. domains: - Angry.)

dalisonson [dalisónson] n Afterbirth (as of the large clots of blood and tissue expelled, discharged from the uterus by continued contractions, cramping after childbirth). Pagkatapos it anak ay dalisonson kag nasunor. After delivery stomach cramps follow. [When large clots of blood come out it is said that a woman has eaten a lot of meat that has be "double dead" i.e. meat of an animal that has died of natural causes or sickness, but has still been eaten. The meaning is that the mother is recovering well and has not been effected by the dangers of childbirth.] (sem. domains: - Labor and birth pains.)

pudag-pudag [pudag-pudág] 1n Stamping action. 2vbt To stamp one’s feet in anger at somebody. dabog Ingpudag-pudagan it anak kag ida nanay The child stamped his feet at his mother. Ingpudag-pudagan nida kag inra sayog nak kwadan kada nasira. He stamped his feet on their bamboo floor so it was ruined.