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an-om [án-om] 1nmrl Six. ánim (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.) 2v To have, have had, have become six in number (as of the number of offspring in a person's family or litter of animals). (sem. domains: 8.1.1 - Number.) comp. an-om nak pilo , der. an-uman

an-om nak pilo [an-óm nak pilô] (comp. of an-om, pilo) nmrl Six times, fold; multiplied by six; a multiple of six. anim na beses Kag ing-ihaw ninrang baktin ay an-om nak pilo gador it tubo sa dating presyo. Their butchered pig brought six times more than the actual price. (sem. domains: - Number of times.)

manas [manás] 1n Fluid in tissues during pregnancy. 2vi To swell during the later part of pregnancy. manas Amanasoney ikaw dahil an-om nak buyaney kag imo bituka. You will swell because you are already on your sixth month of pregnancy.

saliping [salíping] 1adj Extra fingered, toed, hands, feet. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.) 2n Extra fingers, toes on hand, feet. iping Si Tang Rufi ay an-om kag damot, kag usa hagto ay saliping kada kag tawag sa ida ay si “Tang Rufi nak silipingon”. Uncle Rufi has a six fingered hand. One has an extra finger so he’s called “Uncle Rufi who is extra fingered”. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)