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antaw [ántaw] v To see, glimpse, catch sight of something in the distance. tanaw Naantawan nako sidang ingsisira kag amo kuray. I saw at a glance that he was destroying our fence. syn: tiktik 1, lantaw, tiir, munra. (sem. domains: 2.3.1 - See.)

gantaw [gantáw] v To crawl out from a confined space (Banton). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

lantaw [lántaw] vt To look into the distance; to get a view of something. tinatanaw Alantawon nako sa ibabaw it bayay kung riin naghahalin tong a’so. I’ll look into the distance at the roof of our house where the smoke is coming from. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, tiir, munra. der. lantawon

lantawon [lantáwon] (der. of lantaw) n Distant view. syn: bisto 1.

pantaw [pántaw] n Open porch off kitchen; landing; verandah. balkón (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)

munra₂ [múnra] vbt To eye somebody; to spy on a prospective victim or object of theft. bantay, tiktik, pinapalaki Rugayey nida nak ingmumunraan si Lina nak apangrayagahon. It’s been a long time that he was eyeing Lina to court her. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, lantaw, tiir.

tiir [tíir] vbt To peer at something; to observe; to spy on a potential victim or object of theft. usísà, nanunubok Bag-o nida takawon tong manok, ida anay ingtiiran kag ingaapunan. Before he stole the chicken, he first spied where it roosts. Nakatiir sida sa mga maguyang kung pauno maging mayungot sa Dios. He observed his parents and how they became close to God. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, lantaw, munra. (sem. domains: 7.6 - Hide.) der. paniir , der. pinaniiran

tiktik₁ [tíktik] 1v To spy on somebody. tiktik Ako naayaman nak kag asawa ni Ben ay ingtitiktikan sida kung nagpapagto sa inuman. I learned that Ben’s wife is spying on him when he goes to a drinking party. syn: antaw, lantaw, tiir, munra. (sem. domains: - Study.) 2n Detective; private detective. (sem. domains: - Study.)

Ebahobahaw [báhaw] v To make, let food, drinks cool off (as by stirring, blowing on them, placing them in water or letting them sit). Nagbahaw kag ako nabilin nak kape sa pantaw. The coffee I left on the porch cooled off. syn: yamig 4. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Cold.) comp. kabahawey , der. pabahaw

hamag [hámag] vi To play with animals; to bite gently, playfully (as of animals such as dogs). laro Naghahamag kag amo iro sa ako pagnaabot ako sa bayay. Our dog playfully bites me when I arrive at the house. Naghamag kag oning ag iro ruto sa inra pantaw. The cat and the dog played with each other in the terrace. syn: hayog. (sem. domains: 1.6.5 - Animal home, - Animal movement, 4.2.7 - Play, fun, 1.6.4 - Animal actions.)

pahilay-hilay [pahilay-hílay] (der. of hilay-hilay) v To stretch, rest, relax in a reclining position. Pagkatapos it kaon nagpahilay-hilay si Mario sa pantaw it bayay. After he had eaten Mario relaxed in a reclining position at the porch of their house. (sem. domains: 2.4.5 - Rest.)

saka₁ [sákà] 11.1vi To go up; to climb (up stairs; ladder); to come, go up or into a house. tumaás Igwa’t nagsaka sa pantaw tong nagkakatuyog pa ako. Someone came up on the porch while I was still sleeping. 1.2vt To take, carry something up; to raise something up. 22.1v To press legal charges. akyat der. sakaan

silong [sílong] 1n Space underneath a house or bed or shelter. Nagtago ka iro sa silong it katri dahil nahadlok sida it mga payupok. The dog hid underneath the bed because he was afraid of the exploding firecrackers. (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 2v To go underneath a tree, roof, etc., to get out of the rain; to take refuge in the shade. silong Waya nako kilaya katong kayaki nak nagpasilong sa amo pantaw. I did not know that man who took refuge from the rain on our porch. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

sintas₁ [síntas] n Sill of a window, porch, rail. sintas Sabyayan anay kag pamahiran sa sintas it pantaw. Hang the doormat over the sill of the porch.

yamig [yamíg] 1n Cold. lamig syn: hagan-hagan 2. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, - Snow, ice.) 2adj Cold, cool. Igwa baga’t mayamig nak Pepsi? Is there any cold Pepsi? 3vi To feel cold or cool; to become weak in faith (lit. faith becomes cold). magináw Nagyamig sida sa pagtuo it katong sida’y masunogon it bayay. He became weak in faith when his house was burned. Inayamig ako dahil waya ako’t suksok nak sweater. I feel cold because I’m not wearing a sweater. 4vi To cool off, become cool or cold (said of water or other liquids). Nagyamig kag ako kape nak nabilin sa pantaw. My coffee I left on the porch became cold. syn: Ebahobahaw. 5vt To cause or allow something to cool off. Apayamigon nako kag niyaga nak tubi bag-o inumon. I’ll let the boiled water cool before drinking it. Indi nako sida giistoryahan hanggan indi magyamig kag ida uyo. I won’t talk to him until he cools off. Nagpayamig sida it ida uyo bag-o nagpauli. He let his temper cool down before going home.

yubi₁ [yubî] 1n A small hole, usually in the floor. Nahuyog kag iro sa yubo it pantaw. The dog fell through the hole in the porch. 2sta To fall into a large hole, opening; to put ones foot accidentally through a small hole in the floor. butas Nayubo kag bisita sa amo pantaw. My visitor’s leg went through a hole in our porch when she came up. Nayubo gihapon sida sa kwadan nak sayog dahil waya pa natatapos. He fell on the bamboo floor because its not yet finished. syn: suybo.