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abara [abára] n A medicinal powder of beige color used to stop vomiting or diarrhoea. Ako ay nagbakay it abara para ibuyong sa ako anak nak nagsuka. I bought the medicinal powder for treating my child when he vomited. [It is also said to improve libido and sexual performance.] (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

aber anong parayan [abér anóng paráyan] fr. var. of aber niong parayan

aber niong parayan [abér ni-óng paráyan] (fr. var. aber anong parayan) (comp. of aber nio, parayan) pro By whatever means; by any means (something is done or happens). [lit: even what means/method] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

achara [achára] sp. var. of atsara

adlaw [ádlaw] n 1Sun. áraw (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Day. (sem. domains: - Day.) comp. adlaw gab-i , comp. adlawey , comp. bug-os nak adlaw , comp. bunga it adlaw , der. adlaw-adlaw , der. adlawan

agor [agór] conj In order to; so that; for the purpose of; just to. para Agor indi magutom ka mga anak, nagraya kami it tinapay. In order for the children not to be hungry we brought some bread with us. Ingsiling nida agor yang apahangiton ikaw. She said that just to make you angry. syn: adong, para 2.1. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

aladinet [aladinét] n Small kerosene night lamp with a glass. lampara Kag ingregalo sa amo it usa sa amo ninang tong kami ay gingkasay ay usang aladinet. What one of our sponsors gave us when we were married was a small kerosene nightlamp. (sem. domains: - Light source, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

aladineti [aladinétì] n Lantern (as of with a glass inside a wire-like frame). lampara, ilaw (sem. domains: - Light source, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

amaranhig [amaránhig] 1n Apparition of a dead person. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2v To come back from death to haunt people; to appear as an apparition of a dead person (as of an evil experience). pabalik-balik Nag-amaranhig tong ida tatay tong namatay. His father died and returned to life that time he was pronounced dead. Kag tatay ay nag-amaranhig halin sa pagkamatay. Father had a dead person appear to him after that person had died. (sem. domains: - Life after death.) 3v To appear, turn up after a long absence (as of a joking comment). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

angkaraha [angkarahâ] excl I don't care!; who cares! (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

antipara [antipára] 1n Fishing goggles (as used by spear-fishermen when constantly swimming and diving). [These were traditionally made of round glass lenses set in handmade wooden frames with a rubber headstrap.] syn: antyuhos 2. (sem. domains: - Something used to see.) 2vbt To put on, wear goggles (as used by spear-fishermen when constantly swimming and diving). salaming dagat Nag-antipara sida pag rangoy sa ragat. He put on the goggles when he swam in the sea. syn: antyuhos 1. (sem. domains: - Something used to see, - Fishing equipment.)

aparador [aparadór] n Wardrobe; cupboard; dresser. aparador (sem. domains: - Cabinet.)

ara [arâ] part 1Let’s try to (as of invitation). [This particle is the 13th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase.] kaya Mapanaw ara kita ruto. Let’s try to walk there. syn: marahil, siguro. (sem. domains: - Suggest, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2Do you suppose perhaps?; I surmise, think, assume, presume (as of speculation). Kung kag inro ingtao sa inra ay kali, naubos ara? If you had given them this, do you suppose it would have all been given away by now (assumption: it is not all gone yet). Kung ikaw ara kag ida ingbadaan, mahahangit ka? Do you think perhaps that if he’d neglected you, you would be angry? Pati nidog ara ay natumba it tong bagyo. Do you think perhaps the coconuts also fell over in the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Possible, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

Arabo [Arábo/Arabyáno] n An Arab; a person of Arabic nationality and race. (sem. domains: - Race.)

arado [arádo] 1n Plow. aráro (sem. domains: 6.2.8 - Agricultural tool.) 2vt To plow a field. aráro Aaraduhon insulip kag lanas. The ricefield will be plowed tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Plow a field.) der. paarado

aramuyan nako kag ako uda [arámuyan nakó kag ako úda] (comp. of ramoy, uda) id I will toughen myself, get up courage to approach somebody about something difficult (as of when needing to borrow more money). [lit: will-thicken I my face] (sem. domains: 8.2.3 - Thick, - Confident.)

arangha [arángha] (irreg. infl. suwa) n Fruit species which is a small green citrus like a tangy lime about 2-3cm diameter. kalamansi Maganda kag arangha nak humanon nak juice. Kalamansi are nice when made into juice. Citrus microcarpa. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from fruit.)

aranghita [aranghíta] n Fruit species which is a small green citrus like a tangy lime about 1-2cm diameter. dalanghita Citrus Nobilis (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from plants.)

araro [araró] n Plant species which has an edible root that can be ground to a powder and used to thicken cooked foods or starch clothes. aruaru Nagyuto sida it dulse nak araro. She cooked sweets made out of arrowroot. maranta arundinacea (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

aras [áras] n Coins (as of the name given to those symbolically exchanged in a wedding ceremony). aras (sem. domains: - Monetary units.)

arastri [arástri] n Stevedore; dockworker; wharfie (as of a member of a trade union working permanently on the docks, loading and unloading ships). Puro arastri yang kag puyding magsuyor sa barko. Its only the stevedores who can go on board the ship. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

araw-haraw [haraw-háraw] v To dissuade, prevent, hold back , stop somebody from doing what they want. (sem. domains: - Persuade.)

aray [áray] 1n Teaching, information, a subject that is studied; a course of study (as of academic, religious knowledge or teaching). aral Kag aray nak mababaoy sa pagbasa it Biblia ay maado. The teaching you get from reading the Bible is good. (sem. domains: 3.6.3 - Subject of teaching.) 2vbt To study, analyze, learn about something (as of a subject one can learn about). mag-áral Ato isag aarayan kag mga planeta. We’ll study the planets later. (sem. domains: - Examine, 3.2.2 - Learn.) der. inarayan , der. paaray , der. pagaray , der. pangaray

aray-on [aráy-on] (fr. var. adar-on) irreg. infl. of raya

arayis [aráyis] n The captain of a ship. (archaic) kapitan, piloto Maado gani maisog kag arayis waya nasirai it buot kag mga pasahero. It’s good the captain of the ship was brave the passengers didn’t lost hope. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)