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aras [áras] n Coins (as of the name given to those symbolically exchanged in a wedding ceremony). aras (sem. domains: - Monetary units.)

arastri [arástri] n Stevedore; dockworker; wharfie (as of a member of a trade union working permanently on the docks, loading and unloading ships). Puro arastri yang kag puyding magsuyor sa barko. Its only the stevedores who can go on board the ship. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

baras braso [báras braso] (comp. of baraso) n Monkey bars (as of metal bars which are playing or exercise equipment where one hangs by one's arms or legs). [lit: bars upper-arm] Tong boksingero ay naggagamit it baras para magkusog kag ida mga braso. The boxer uses monkey bars in order to strengthen his arm muscles. (sem. domains: - Exercise.)

baraso [baráso] (irreg. infl. braso) 1n Upper arm. bisig Nabali kag baraso ni Noel pagkahuyog sa mangga. Noel’s upper arm was broken when he fell from the mango tree. (sem. domains: - Arm.) 2v To arm wrestle. (sem. domains: 4.2.7 - Play, fun.) comp. baras braso

bayaras [bayarás] dial. var. of bayagbag

diklarasyon [diklarásyon] (der. of diklarar) n 1Official, notarized document or statement about something which would be legally acceptable/binding. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.) 2Notarized ownership papers, bill of sale for a land purchase. (sem. domains: - Land, property, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.) der. padiklarasyon

haras-haras [haras-harás] 1adv Messy; done quickly; poorly done or made. dali-dali Marali nak nasira katong kuray dahil haras-haras kag pagkahuman. The fence was easily destroyed because it was poorly done. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2adj Careless person. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Untidy.) 3vt To do something poorly or quickly or carelessly. To rush, be too fast doing something; to be careless in doing something. Ingharas-haras nida it raya kag mga pinggan kada nagkahuyog. She handled the plates carelessly so she dropped them all. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

huda [hudâ] 1n Shame; shyness; embarrassment. walang hiya Nawawagit kag huda it tawo pag yangoey. The shyness of a person is lost when he’s already drunk. Katong tawo ay waya huda. That person is shameless. (sem. domains: - Ashamed.) 2adj Shameful; embarassing. Kahuhuda kag ida inghuman nak pagpanakaw. The stealing that he did was very shameful. (sem. domains: - Embarrassed.) 3vi To be shy; to be embarassed, ashamed, hesitant to approach somebody (as of feeling inferior, undignified). mapahiya Nahuhuda magbisaya kag anak sa ako. The child was too shy to speak to me. Sida ay nahuda sa mga bisita dahil buko sida hanra. He was embarrassed by the visitors because he wasn’t dressed. Indi ka nako gustong mahud-an. I don’t want to embarass you. syn: tahap. (sem. domains: - Unsure, 3.1.1 - Personality, - Embarrassed, - Participate.) 4vt To embarass or shame somebody else. Ingpahud-an ako nida sa maramong tawo. She embarassed me in front of many people. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - Embarrassed.) 5vt To be the cause of somebody’s shame or embarassment. Ingkakahuda it Nanay katong ida anak nak nakamatay. The mother is shamed by her son that killed someone. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - Embarrassed.) der. huda-huda , der. huda-huda , der. mahud-anon

kaparas [kaparás] (irreg. infl. maparas) adv Naughty; can’t sit still; always active. malikot Kaparasey kag ida anak nak maayamey magpanaw. Her child is always active because he knows how to walk now. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

maparas [maparás] irreg. infl. of kaparas

marasmas [marásmas] n To be conscious, aware of something.(as of feeling hungry) (sem. domains: - Notice.)

naimbaraso [naimbaráso] v To be embarrased. napahiya Naimbaraso tong ida anak sa ida nobyo dahil nag-inaway sinra sa inra atubangan. Their child was embarrassed with her boyfriend because they quarreled in front of them.

padiklarasyon [padiklarásyon] (der. of diklarasyon) v To have papers drawn up and notarized for ownership of land, bill of sale for land purchase. (sem. domains: - Land, property, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.)

paras [parás] 1vi To constantly be moving, running around (i.e. can’t sit still in one place). Nagpipinaras yang ka mga anak kung waya’t maestra. The children just run around if the teacher isn’t there. syn: yangas, sutil, likot 1, mayangas. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement.) 2n Constant movement, running around. Sa ida kaparas, nasakro nida kag salamin ag nabuong. In her moving around, she bumped the mirror and it broke. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement.) 3adj Constantly moving, running around, on the move as of a naughty child. malikot, magaslaw, magalaw Maparas kag ida anak kada nahuhuyog. Her child is always on the move so he fell. (sem. domains: - Child.)

porter [pórter] n Porter (as of a laborer who carries shipped or passenger cargo for whatever remuneration, payment he is given). arastri, kargadór (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

bayagbag [bayágbag] (dial. var. bayabag; dial. var. bayaras) 1adj Crossways, perpendicular, at right angles to something (as of a boat turning across the bow of another); landscape, horizontal position (as of the view of photos on the computer). (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 2v To turn, move crossways, perpendicular, at right angles to something (as of a boat turning across the bow of another); to put, turn to a landscape, horizontal position (as of the view of photos on the computer). (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something, - Horizontal.) 3v To put something across somebody's path so as to obstruct, block, prevent an action or access. (sem. domains: - Prevent from moving.) 4v To stand in the way, block, veto, oppose a plan or action. (sem. domains: - Stop something.) 5adj Unconnected, on a different track, tangent to what was said (as of verbal responses or communication). (sem. domains: - Away from, - Answer.) comp. bayagbag kag isip , comp. bayagbag sa yugas , der. pabayagbag

kutoy [kútoy] vi To become pain moving around abdomen, with some enlargement. Reccuring moving pain in stomach, as with intestinal parasites like amoeba. There maybe rumbling moving sound. kumakalam Nagkukutoyey kag ako bituka dahil inagutomey ako. My stomach is becoming painful because I’m already feeling hungry. (sem. domains: - Pain, - Stomach.)

margoso [margóso] n The fruits and young leaves are boiled and eaten by Filipinos with meat and other vegetables. They are very bitter but are prized for the flavor which they give for stews. The fruit is a good source of iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is an excellent source of vitamin B. The leaves are excellent sources of iron and calcium and a good source of phosphorus, and vitamin B. They are very high in carbohydrates. The sap of the leaves is used as a parasiticide, and the fruit when macerated in oil as a vulnerary. ampalaya Momordica Charantia

piko [píko] n Pick (as of a tool with a sharp ended crossbar on the end for digging). dáras (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool.)

puya₂ [púyà] 1n Ridicule. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Mock.) 2adj Ridiculing type of person. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Mock.) 3v To ridicule; to degrade; to insult, criticise, embarass. pula, insulto, hamak Ingpuya nako kag ida paki nak siki. I ridiculed his lame foot. Apuyaan nako kag ida pagyuto. I will ridicule her for her cooking. Apuyaan nako sida sa ida kaitom. I’ll ridicule her for her being dark-skinned. (sem. domains: - Insult, - Criticize, - Mock.) der. pamuya

sabo-sabi [sabo-sabî] 1.1v To dare to interrupt (as to be curious, question, harass a group, butt in). Si Rolly kung inggwa it mga nag-iistoryahan ay nasabo-sabo ra it istorya. Whenever there are those who tell stories Rolly dares to interrupt in telling stories also.

likot [likót] (dial. var. bugahor; dial. var. basura) 1n Garbage; trash. syn: yangas, paras 1, sutil, mayangas. 2adj Untidy; dirty. Malikot nak lugar kina para kaunan. That is a very dirty place to eat. 3vbt To make something dirty or messy. basura Naglilikot yang ra kamo dili ay pauli yangey kamo. You are just making dirty this place, you better go home. comp. kalikutan

mayangas [mayangás] adj Jumping around. malikot Mayangas nak anak kalio. This child is jumping around. syn: yangas, paras 1, sutil, likot 1.

sutil [sutíl] adj Naughty. sutil Abang sutil si Anthony dahil ingpipitas nida kag buyak nina Manang Heather. Anthony is a naughty boy bacause he picks the flowers planted by Manang Heather. syn: yangas, paras 1, likot 1, mayangas.

yangas [yangás] adj Naughty; running everywhere; can’t sit still. malikot Abang yangas tong mga anak ni Alicia. The children of Alicia are very naughty. syn: paras 1, sutil, likot 1, mayangas.
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