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asenso [asénso] v To rise in rank, status, profession or financial security; to prosper, improve one's lifestyle; to do well in life. Nag-asinsoey kono sinra ngasing dahil igwa sida it permanenting trabaho. It’s said that they’re improving their lifestyle now because he has permanent work. syn: uswag 1. (sem. domains: 4.4.1 - Prosperity.) comp. asensoy , der. asensado

asensoy [asénsoy] (comp. of asenso, ey) adj Improved; prospered (as of one's lifestyle). Maado pa sinra, ruhang tuig pa yang it pag-asawa ay asinsoy kag inra pangabuhi. They are doing well, they’ve only been married two years and have already improved their way of life. (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior, 4.4.1 - Prosperity.)

libanta-libanta [libanta-libánta] v To raise one’s level of living slightly; to improve one’s life style. umasenso

mapinadayunon [mapinadayúnon] adj Steadfast; persistent, determined, persevering. determinado, patuloy Kag lider ninra ay naging mapinadayunon sa ida trabaho maskin maramo’t kontra sa ida, kada tong huli’y nag-asenso kag inra proyekto. Their leader was persistent in his work even if there were many that oppose him so at the end their project succeeded.

uswag [úswag] 1vi To progress; develop; prosper as of rising in rank, lifestyle. Nag-uuswagey kag ato banwa. Our place is already progressing. syn: asenso. (sem. domains: - Improve.) 2vt To make something progressive; to develop. unlad, progreso Apauswagon kono ni Mayor kag mga baryo it Calatrava. It was said that Mayor will make the barrios of Calatrava progressive. (sem. domains: - Improve.)