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anyel [anyél] n 1Blue used in laundering clothes. asul Ingbutangan ni nanay it anyel kag ako panga tong ako ay ingbaduok. Mother put some blue on my jaw when I had mumps. [Blue is also used medicinally and rubbed on mumps swellings.] (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 2To blue clothes (as when doing laundry by washing them in blue to make the clothes appear whiter). (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

asul [asúl] 1n Blue. asúl (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 2v To turn, become blue (as of when blue color runs into white clothes during laundry). (sem. domains: - Change color, 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 3adj Symbol of peace. (sem. domains: - Calm, - Color.)

asula [asúla] n Plant species which is a legume used for fertilizer. asola [This is a plant which grows on the surface of freshwater and is sold under the brand name azólla.] (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

Balaan nak Kasuyatan [Balá-an nak Kasuyátan] (comp. of suyat, balaan) exp Holy Scripture; Bible. [lit: holy writings] banal na kasulatan (sem. domains: - Sacred writings.)

blu [blú] 1adj Blue colour. asúl [Symbol of “liberty”.] (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 2v To turn, become blue (as of when blue color runs into white clothes during laundry). (sem. domains: - Color.)

bukal [bukál] n Spring; water source (as of out of the ground). bukal Ingdadayo kaling bukal sa Nasuli. Many people come to visit Nasuli spring. (sem. domains: - Spring, well.) der. pabukal

gasul [gasúl] n Gas fuel, LPG (as of liquid gas in portable tanks used for cooking). gasul Dapat ay magbakay ray it gasul dahil nak ubosey kag suyor it tong dati. Gas must be bought again because the contents of that last one is used up. (sem. domains: - Gas.)

gasulina [gasulína] n Petrol, gasoline. gasolína (sem. domains: - Liquid.)

idlap [ídlap] vi 1To flickier, pulse, as of the light of a star. iglap Nag-idlap kag syelayn dahil subrang gasul. The gas stove flared up bacause of too much gas. (sem. domains: - Star.) 2To flare up (with a burst of light or fire); to catch on fire from a flame. ningas Naidlapan it kayado kag ida manggas. Her sleeve caught on fire. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.)

kag mga nakasuyat sa lapida [kag mga nakasúyat sa lapidá] (say. of suyat) n Epitaph. ang nakasúlat sa lápidá (sem. domains: - Funeral, - Grave.)

kasuyatan [kasuyátan] n Will. kasulatan (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Record.)

kridinsyal [kridínsyal] n Bill of sale stating ownership of animals. kasulatan Kag checker it bapor ay gingpanggisi kag gingtaong kridinsyal it mga biyahero dahil puro pike. The ship’s ticket checker tore up the bill of sale he’d been given by the because it was all fake. (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal, - Own, possess.)

makutom nak azul [makútom nak azúl] adj Dark blue. makapal na asul Kag ida soksok nak baro ay makutom nak azul. The dress she is wearing is dark blue.

manogpasulit [manogpasúlit] (der. of pasulit) n Caretaker; the one in charge.

nasuli kag upos [nasulî kag upos] v The rolled cigar is smoked back to front with the lit end in the mouth. (sem. domains: 5.2.4 - Tobacco.)

nasulitan it hangin [nasulítan it hángin] idiom - Convert to subentry To have wind, air go inside one’s body and cause pain. nasampak ng hangin Nasulitan it hangin si Helen tong nagkatuyog pagkatapos it kaligos. Helen had wind go inside her body and cause pain when she slept after bathing. (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak.)

pasulit₁ [pasúlit] vt To be careful with details; to be in charge of caring for animals, house, grounds, work; to take charge of something. taga-alaga, tagabantay, tagapamahala Ida gingpasulit kag amo mga pangangailangan sa bayay. She was careful with the details of what we needed in the house. Mapauliey ako ag mapasulit it mga hadop bag-o magruyom. I’ll go home and take care of the animals before it gets dark. Sio kag nagpapasulit it inro trabaho dili sa inro opisina? Who is the one in charge of your work here in your office? der. manogpasulit

pasulit₂ [pasúlit] irreg. infl. of sulit

ramo₂ [rámò] 1adj Many; much. Maramo sidang kaamiga roto sa Nasuli. She has many friends in Nasuli. syn: duro 1, tamika. 2vi To become many; to increase in amount. Nagraramo ka ida duko nak waya’t namamatay. Her piglets are increasing because none are dying. Nagpaparamo kami it mga tawo bag-o magtuna it miting. We are waiting for the number of people to increase before starting the meeting. 3vbt To obtain many; to have much of something. marami Aramuan nako it bakay it santoy ngasing nak barato pa. I’ll buy many santol fruits now that they are still cheaper. der. paramo

sulay [suláy] vt To be cursed by God. karma Kahahadlok kung kag tawo ay asulayon it Dios dahil sa ida mayaing binuhatan. It’s a fearful thing when a person will be cursed by God because of his wicked deeds. Kada sida nabulag ay dahil ingsulay sida it Dios. He became blind because he was cursed by God.

suli [sulî] 1adj Wrong position, way round (as of shoes or other things); breech birth; backwards; upsidedown. suhi Nahirapan sida sa ida panganay pag anak dahil tong ida anak ay sulî. She had a hard time when her eldest child was born because he was in the wrong position. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence, - Unusual birth.) 2vt To invert; to turn upside down, inside-out, back-to-front. baliktad Asulion nako kag baro pagkatuyog. I’ll turn my clothes back-to-front when I go to sleep. Asulian ka nako’t punra. I’ll turn the pillow inside-out for you. syn: baliskar 2, patuwar, kalikar.

sulit₁ [súlit] 1sta To be compensated for; to be equal to: to be recovered (ie: expenses for something). sulit Nasulit ra kag ako pilay it maadong hanraan. My tiredness was compensated for by the good party. Nasulit kag ida gastos it ida binta. Her sales were equal to her expenses. 2vt To make sure that ones efforts, expenses are recovered or compensated for. Asuliton nako kag ako gastos it tinrahan. I’ll make sure that my expenses in my store are recovered.

sulit₂ [súlit] (irreg. infl. pasulit) 1vt To be in charge of (as of an activity, meeting or care of animals). mag-aalaga Sio ka mapasulit it ida mga anak kung waya kamo? Who is in charge of her children when you’re not there? (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.) 2vt To put in charge of a task. (sem. domains: - Hortative.) 3adj Follow up a payment, collect a debt. (sem. domains: - Repay debt.)

tangki [tángki] n Tank for liquid gas fuel. Naubusan it suyor kag tangki it gasul nina Norma. Norma’s gas tank was empty.

yantap [yántap] adj Good, calm weather. maganda Yantap kag panahon tong kami ay nagpaali dili sa Nasuli. The weather was good & calm when we came here to Nasuli.