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atipuyong [atipúyong] (dial. var. balis) 1n Pain in the head; headache; sickness with head pain that lasts between sunrise and sunset. Waya gihapon nauuli-i si Ruby it ida atipuyong. Ruby has not recovered from her sickness with pain in her head. [This is believed to be caused by borrowing a comb or hat from somebody who is infected in a similar way. ] (sem. domains: - Pain.) 2v To get, have a headache, sickness with head pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

tadhop₁ [tádhop] v To use local medical treatment for daytime headaches by placing pieces of ginger on one’s head and blowing on it (as used to treat atipuyong or bális). Gingtadhupan ako ni Lola sa uyo tong kag ako uyo ay pirming hapros. Grandma treated me with blowing ginger on my head when I had constant headaches.