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ayagukoy [ayagúkoy] n Crab species which is inedible and about 10cm across, and violet and black in color. They have their holes along the seashore out of the water. Nagpangbaoy it ayagukoy katong mga anak ag inra gingpaaway. The children got those inedible kind of crabs and made them fight. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagukoy

pangayagukoy [pang-ayagúkoy] (der. of ayagukoy) v To gather ayagukoy crabs on the seashore while the tide is out. [These are not edible but merely playthings for children. They tie strings on them and make them fight eachother.] (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.)

ukoy₃ [ukóy] adj Hiding and not moving. tago Kag ukoy nak ayagukoy ay waya gililiwas sa ida buho. The hiding crab that is edible doesn’t come out of its hole.