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Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo [Aúnhon pa kag hilamúnon kung minatayéy kag kabáyo] (comp. of uno, pa...ey, kung, minatay, kabayo) say Give help a person while they are alive because it's too late when they're dead! [lit: what- more -is-there-to-be-done-with the weeds if the horse is- already -dead (and can't eat them anymore)] aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

ayo [áyo] 1adj Good; intelligent; knowledgable; skilled; extremely capable. magaling Abang ayo si Karpov mag-idamo it tses. Karpov is very good in playing chess. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) 2n Wisdom; intelligence; knowledge; skill. Syn: maayam 1. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) der. maayo

ayom [ayóm] dial. var. of yapnos

ayon [áyon] v To align, line up, conform (as of the thoughts of two people, the placement of two boards in a line etc.). (sem. domains: - Conform, 7.5 - Arrange.)

ayon sa [áyon sa] dial. var. of kumporme sa

ayong [áyong] n A mole on the skin. táling (sem. domains: 2.1.4 - Skin.)

ayos yang maado ra sa waya [áyos yang, ma-ádo ra sa wayâ] (comp. of ayos, yang, maado, ra, waya) say It's all right, better than nothing. (sem. domains: - Give permission.)

ayos₁ [ayós] adj Arranged, organized, fixed, tidy, ready, prepared; all set; OK. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.)

ayos₂ [áyos] v To arrange, organize, fix, tidy up, get ready, prepare; to set up something; to make OK. Ing-ayos nida kag higraan it reyna. She fixed the bedding of the queen. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.) comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. ayosey , der. maayos

ayosey [ayoséy] (comp. of ayos, ey) adj Now arranged, organized, fixed, tidy, ready, prepared; all set now; OK now. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.)

bado [badó] vt To pound something, such as rice, cooking bananas or root crops (as in a large wooden mortar and pestle). magbayó ng pálay, bayo Nagbado sida it payay it kuman. He pounded rice earlier. Ingpabado nako si Tonying it tapoy para sumanon sa mga anak. I had Tonying pound black rice so I can make wrapped rice for the children. [This is often a group activity where two or four people will pound together. The mortar is like an oblong large, heavy based wooden dish and the pestles are like long wooden poles.] syn: dikdik. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Mill grain.) comp. bado it sayong , der. baduan

bado it sayong [badó it sáyong] (comp. of bado, sayong) 1exp To pound the sticky gum of a tree which is hard to remove from the pestle. [lit: pound of sticky-gum] (sem. domains: 6.2.6 - Process harvest.) 2id To burn with lust, sexual frustration. Kailangan nako nak mag-asawa agor indi ako magbado it sayong sa huli. I need to get married so I don’t burn with lust in the future. [This is not a polite expression. Literally it means to pound the sticky gum from a tree, which cannot be easily removed from the pestle. [lit: pound of sticky-gum]] (sem. domains: - Lust.)

bagay [bágay] 1n Thing, matter, item, issue (as of more abstract concepts). (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing.) 2adj Suits somebody; looks lovely on somebody (as of clothes). bagay Bagay sa ida kag puyang baro. A red dress looks lovely on her. (sem. domains: - Compatible, 5.3 - Clothing.) 3adj Acceptable; suitable; appropriate, in harmony with. Nabagay kag ida baro sa ida. Her dress suits her. (sem. domains: - Compatible.) 4v To adjust, adapt one thing to another (as of one language to another in translation etc.) ayon, iayos Inabagay kag pagsalin it Biblia sa mga kaugalian it tawo. The translation of the Bible was adapted to the customs of the people. (sem. domains: - Compatible.) 5vt To harmonize with others socially; to go along with something; to blend. Ingbabagay nida kag mga kwerdas it gitara. He tunes the strings of the guitar. Kag kanta ay inabagay sa tuno it gitara. The song lyric goes with the melody on the guitar. syn: tuno. (sem. domains: - Compatible.) 6vt To tune an instrument; to harmonize, blend one's voice or instrument with that of others when singing. (sem. domains: 4.2.3 - Music.) der. pakigbagay

bahayon [bahayón] n/adj Stored rice which is dried and milled after it has turned slightly brown. [This can be mixed with white rice for cooking so it will look whiter in appearance.] (sem. domains: - Food storage, - Store the harvest.)

bahog [bahóg] 1n Feed for an animal (as of dry grain or wet scraps from the kitchen usually fed to pigs). (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.) 2vbt To feed an animal, especially pigs, with grain or wet food scraps. kaning-hayop Nagbahog sida’t ida iro sa liwas it bayay. He feed his dog outside the house. (sem. domains: 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.)

bahot sayong [báho't sáyong] (comp. of baho, it, sayong) id Blood relationship. hindi kaano-ano Waya ra’t baho’t sayong si Angel kana Judy. Angel doesn’t have any blood relation to Judy and his family. Ay man-o kung mananakaw sidang waya ra ako’t bahot sayong sa ida. So what if he’s a robber I don’t have any blood relationship with him. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom [báka makakótkot it damót sa iráyom] (id. of baka, damot, irayom) id Lest, in case somebody might upset, disturb, stir-up the spirits of the underworld whose hands will reach out and grab that person at night. [lit: in-case happen-to-dig-up a hand underneath] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

basi sa [bási sa] (comp. of basi) rel Based on (as of the source of one's teaching or ideas). ayon Basi sa istorya it mga maguyang tong unang panahon ay ingkakaon kuno it aswang kag buyan kung di iklipse. Based on the stories of old folks during those days the moon is eaten by a witch when there is an eclipse. (sem. domains: - Basic, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think, - First.) der. basihan

batay sa [bátay sa] rel According to; in conformity, agreement with; depending on (something). batay, ayon Kag mga naunang tawo dili ay halin sa Bantoon, batay sa istorya ni Tang Poli. The first people here came from Banton, according to Uncle Poli’s story. (sem. domains: - Same, 4.1.5 - Unity, - Evaluator.)

bayo it manok [bayô it manók] (comp. of bayo) n 1Crowing of the rooster. [lit: crow of poultry] (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.) 2Cock-crow; the time when the rooster crows (as of the first time in the early morning when the first rooster crows). [lit: crow of poultry] [There are various recognized times of night and day when the roosters or fighting cocks are known to crow.] (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)

bayo₁ [bayô] 1n Crowing of roosters or fighting cocks. talaok (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2vi To crow (as of roosters or fighting cocks). Nagbayo kag ida tubor it abang kusog. His cock crowed very loudly. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) comp. bayo it manok , id. bayoey ka kuol

bayo₂ [báyo] fr. var. of balo

bayoey ka kuol [báyo-ey ka ku-ól] (id. of bayo, ey, kuol) temp Snails will crow before that happens, as of it taking a long time (lit: snail crows-already). [Snails call can be heard at night. This idiom resembles the English 'until the cows come home'.] (sem. domains: - Word.)

bayog [bayóg] n Plant species; bamboo species with smooth skin and branches having very dense wood. Used for props, as it is very durable. [Grows as tall as kilíng but grows less thickly and bends with weight.] (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

bayon [báyon] 1n The food, money to buy food that is taken on a journey or to school etc. (as of a packed lunch or lunch money). (sem. domains: - Meal.) 2vt To bring food, money to buy food on a journey or when going to school etc.. baunin Mabayon baga kita kung mapa-Manila? Should we bring food along when we go to Manila? Nagbabayon si Cy it mani pag nagtatrabaho. Cy eats peanuts while working. (sem. domains: - Meal.) 3vt Provisions, money for one's future (as of when moving to another place to live work, go to school). (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, - Own, possess.) 4vt To have provisions, money for one's future (as of when moving to another place to live work, go to school). (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, - Own, possess.) der. pabayon , der. pabayon