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ayumog [ayúmog] dial. var. of alisngaw, uyob

alisngaw [alisngáw] (dial. var. ayumog; dial. var. anghaw) 1n Heat, vapor,bad odor emitted by something (as from hot ground after rain or someone with body odor). Kag alisngaw it ida gaos ay ako nababahuan. I can smell the odor emitted by his perspiration. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 1.3 - Water.) 2vi To emit, give off heat, vapor, odor of something. singaw Katong baho it sirang itlog ay nag-aalisngaw sa likutan. The smell of the spoiled egg is being emitted from the trash can. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) der. maalisngaw

uyob [uyób] (dial. var. ayumog) 11.1sta To be completely covered, reached by something such as news spreading through a town, weeds in a field, penetrating smell. Nauyobey kag buong banwa it balita. The news has spread completely through the whole town. Nauyobey kag buong banwa it butang it koryente. The installation of electricity has covered the entire town. 1.2vbt To completely cover, spread something with something; to do something in entirety. Ing-uyuban nida it butang it Azolla kag ida lanasan. He covered his rice fields completely with Azolla. 1.3adj Completely covered with something. Uyob it buyak kag inra palibot. Their surroundings are completely covered with flowers. 22.1vbt To finish something; to complete something. Ing-uyob ninra it trabaho kag pantalan bag-o tig-uuyan. They finished the work on the pier before the rainy season.

kadat [kadát/kádat ] 1adj Scattered. kalat syn: sabwag 1.1, ayumog. (sem. domains: - Leave an organization.) 2vt To scatter (as of items, dirt or a a smell); to spread something somewhere. Ingkadat nida kag papel sa rayaag. She scattered the papers in the yard.

sabwag₁ [sábwag] 11.1vbt To scatter (usually seeds, grains); throw. sabog Ingsabwagan nida’t bubor kag manok. She scattered feed to the chicken. syn: kadat 1, ayumog. 22.1vi To splash.