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babaw [bábaw] 1n Shallowness; shallow depth. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 2adj Shallow. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 3v To put down, place, lower something onto the top of something else. (sem. domains: - Lower something.) 4v To lay hands on someone in blessing or for healing (as of placing one's hands on their head while praying). patong Ingbabaw yang it Ginoo sa masakit kag ida damot ag sida’y naulian. God just put his hand down on the sick person and he got healed. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) der. ibabaw , der. mababaw , der. paibabaw

bawal [báwal] 1n Taboo; forbidden, not good, right, appropriate. (sem. domains: - Taboo.) 2vbt To forbid; prohibit. ipinagbabáwal Ingbawalan ako nak magkaon it baktin. I was forbidden to eat pork. (sem. domains: - Taboo.) der. pabawal

ibabaw [ibábaw] (der. of babaw) loc 1Top, upper part or surface of something (as of things, water and locations e.g. high land). ibabaw Kag ida monika ay hagto nakita nak nagyuyutaw sa ibabaw it ragat. Her doll was seen floating on the top of the water out at sea. (sem. domains: 8.6.2 - Top, 1.3 - Water.) 2Above, up above; in the sky, heaven (as of in the place, world above). (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell, 1.1 - Sky, - Above.) 3Upstairs, top floor, flat roof (as of in buildings). (sem. domains: - Floor, story.) der. ka-ibabawan , der. kauibabawan , der. paibabaw , der. pang-ibabaw , der. pangibabaw

ka-ibabawan [ka-ibabáwan] (der. of ibabaw) n Heights; highest place above all. (sem. domains: - High.)

kag tubi nak mahipos ay marayom pero kag tubi nak ... [kag túbì nak mahípos ay maráyom péro kag túbì nak] say Quiet people have good ideas but noisy people have worthless ideas (lit:‘silent water is deep but noisy water is shallow’ as of Eng.‘still waters run deep’). ang tubig na tahimik ay malalim pero ang tubig na magulo ay mababaw (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.)

kauibabawan [ka-u-ibabáwan] (der. of ibabaw) n Uppermost, topmost, highest, most high place. (sem. domains: 8.5 - Location, - High.)

mababaw [mabábaw] (der. of babaw) adj Shallow. mababaw Buko nida ayam nak mababawey yaki kag tubi sa suba. He didn’t know that the water in the river was so shallow. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.)

makitir it isip/mababaw it isip [makítir it ísip/mabábaw it ísip] (id. of isip) adj Impulsive judgments; judgmental (lit: ‘narrow mind/shallow thoughts’).

paibabaw [pa-ibábaw] (der. of ibabaw, babaw) v 1To go upstairs; to put something on the top of something. (sem. domains: - Move up, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 2To go up in the air, upwards, above; to ascend (as of an airplane flying off into the sky). (sem. domains: - Move up.)

pang-ibabaw [pang-ibabaw] (der. of ibabaw) n 1Clothing worn on the upper body (as of blouse, shirt and underwear e.g. bra, singlet, vest). (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, - Above.) 2Outer garments (as of jackets, coats etc.) (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing, - Out, outside.)

pangibabaw [pangibábaw] (der. of ibabaw) adj Going, passing high overhead (as of the strong winds, clouds in some storms passing over without much damage on the ground). (sem. domains: - Above.)

ugraw [úgraw] 11.1vt To remove fuel from a fire to make it die down. Augrawon nako kag kayado. I will remove some fuel from the fire. 2vi To die down, specifically of a fire; go out. Pagkaugraw it rábok naghaling ray sida liwat. When the fire died down she rekindled it again. Naguugraw kag kayado kung waya giiintsindiha. The fire dies down if it’s not attended to. 3vi To make a fire die down. babawasan ng apoy Apaugrawan nako it kayado kag kinaydo. I will make the fire die down under the cooking rice.

asak-asak [asak-asák] 1n Sparks of burning material (as of from a fire, fireworks). Kag asak-asak it kayado sa sunog ay paibabaw. The sparks from the flames of the fire are going upwards. Kag asak-asak it kwites ay nakakasilaw. The sparks of the fireworks are bright. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2vbt To give off sparks of burning material (as of flying particles from a fire, fireworks). buga Nag-aasak-asak kag baga sa kalan. The fire on the charcoal stove is giving off sparks. syn: alipatok 1. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 3n Splashes, scattered drops of water (as of from a faucet). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) 4vbt To splash, splatter with water (as of water from a faucet). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) der. pangasak-asak

bawi [báwì] 1v To regain, recover, retrieve something from a bad situation (as of a bad investment or something lost, stolen or taken). bawi Nabawi nako kag ako puhunan sa pagnegosyo it sapatos. I was able to recover my capital in the business. Nabawi nako kag ako relo nak nawagit. I regained my watch that was lost. (sem. domains: - Return something, - Improve.) 2v To regain one's breath, consciousness or good health (as of a return from bad health). Nakabawi sida it ida paghingab. She regained her breath. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness, - Return something.) 3vi To make up, be recompensed for a lack or loss of something (as of food, sleep or money). Nagbabawi sida it katuyog. He’s making up for lost sleep. (sem. domains: - Return something, 7.4.6 - Not have.) 4v To retract, correct wrong or hurtful words or assumptions. bawi Ingbawi ni Jenny tong tanan nidang alahas sa ida kabulig. Jenny retrieved all her jewelry from her maid. (sem. domains: - Return something, 3.5 - Communication.) 5vi (fig) To die (as of God taking back a person's life). Nabawian it kinabuhi sida. She died. Rugayey sida nabawian it kinabuhi. It’s been a long time since she died. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Return something.) comp. bawia kinang imo bisaya , comp. binawian it hingab , comp. nabawian it ginhawa , comp. nabawian it kinabuhi , der. pabawi

de [] 1part Sinl Then, at that time; soon after; following next in order; in that case. kaya Di sige ako nak bugsay. Then I kept on paddling. Di tinawog ni Amo ag katong hagtoy si Amo sa ibabaw, kinaon ni Amo, waya nak gador sida gihuyog para kang Bao. So Monkey climbed up and when he got up to the top he ate them and didn’t drop any at all to Turtle. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2part Well; that’s why (as in the reason that something happened). Impipilay ka? Di magpahuway ka. Are you tired? Well get some rest. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

indi gisubukon [índì gisubúkon] v To not be eaten by bugs (as of bamboo, garlic). Kag bawang ay indi gisubukon kong sa ibabaw it abuhan inabutang. Garlic won’t be eaten by bugs if you’ll hang it on top of the stove. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

kalan [kalán] 1(sem. domains: 5.5.7 - Fireplace.) 1.1vt To make, build a charcoal stove. Akalanon nako kag lata nak ingkurtehan. I will make a stove from the tin which is cut to the right shape. 2n Charcoal stove. kalan Kung kag yutuan ay sa uling kag tawag dili ay kalan. If the cooking stove uses charcoal the name here is charcoal stove. Pagnaghahaling sa kalan inabutang kag uling sa ibabaw bag-o suyungan it nagrurukot nak papel. When lighting the charcoal stove put the charcoal on top before putting in the paper that is burning.

lantaw [lántaw] vt To look into the distance; to get a view of something. tinatanaw Alantawon nako sa ibabaw it bayay kung riin naghahalin tong a’so. I’ll look into the distance at the roof of our house where the smoke is coming from. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, tiir, munra. der. lantawon

saysay₂ [sáysay] 1n Story. 2vbt To recount, relate a story; to tell of an event; to speak, suggest, mention. salaysay, ikikwento Asaysayon kono nida it liwat-liwat kag natabo sa ida tong gira. He said that he’ll recount again and again the things that happened to him during the war. Asaysayan nida kag ida abugado it katong ida problema. He’ll relate his problem to his lawyer. Kaling mga bisaya nak ako ingsaysay sa ibabaw ay pilang bilog yang nak ako natatanraan. These words which I mentioned above are only some of the one’s I can recall. syn: sambit, mitlang 1, uma 1, siling. der. kasaysayan

tib-ong [tíb-ong] vt To lift, pass something up somebody else unto the shoulders. ikarga Ako yang ugaling itib-ong sa imo si Nene pag ako ay apilayoney. I will just lift Nene up to your shoulder if I get tired. Atib-ungon ni Danny katong tangke it gas sa ibabaw it dyip. Danny will lift up the gas tank on top of the jeepney.

tub-oy [túb-oy] 1adj Light enough to lift and carry on the head, shoulder. itataas Tub-oy nida kag ako raya My baggage is light enough for him to carry on his shoulder. 2vbt To lift a load up and position it for somebody to carry on head, shouder, back or a place higher than the person. Ingtub-oy nida kag raya sa uyo it ida kaibahan. She lifted the things onto her friend’s head. Atub-uyon nako kag binagtong sa ida likor. I’ll lift up the bundle of clothes on her back. Atub-uyan nako’t amo raya kag tawo sa ibabaw it trak. I’ll lift up our baggages to the man atop the truck.

uno₂ [unó] 11.1vi To do what? (in the question form ‘what will/are (you) doing?). ano Mauno ka kung indi mag-abot ka imo sweldo? What will you do if your wage doesn’t arrive? Nag-uuno kamo mga anak hina sa ibabaw it tangke? What are you kids doing there on top of the water tank? 22.1vt To harm somebody; to do something bad, wrong to something; to have something bad, hurtful happen. aanuhin Katong ako maguyang ay sanay sa Hapon sa Maynila ay nupay igwa sida it kumpiyansa nak indi sida giunhon it Hapon. My elder brother was used to the Japanese in Manila and it seemed as if he had confidence that the Japanese wouldn’t harm him. Indi mauno kita basta magrahan. Nothing will happen to us as long as we are careful. comp. Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo , der. kag-uno , der. mag-uno , der. mauno , der. mauno , der. panguno-uno , der. pauno , der. pay nauno’y , der. sauno

yakrag [yákrag] 1sta To fall from a height (person, object); to fall off a tree (as of fruit, leaves). hulog, nalaglag Ako nasambat kag itlog nak nayakrag sa lamesa. I caught the eggs that fell from the table. syn: taktak, tikrag 1, huyog 1, lagas 1, unot. 2vi To fall off a tree (said of leaves and fruit). Nagkayakrag kag mga budog nak yangka pagbagyo. The young jackfruits fell off the tree during the typhoon. 3vbt To drop something from a height. Ingyakragan nako sida’t mga hinog nak kabugaw tong hagto ako sa ibabaw it puno. I dropped to her ripe pomelos when I was up in the tree.