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bakang [bakáng] 1adj Bow-legged; bandy (as of the effect on a child of being carried astride the mother's hip). sakang Abang yain gimuyatan kag kabading bakang ag magsoksok it malip-ot. It’s not good for a girl who is bow-legged to wear a mini skirt. (sem. domains: - Leg.) 2v To become bow-legged, bandy legged. (sem. domains: - Leg.)

danyos perwisyo [dányos perwísyo] (comp. of danyos, perwisyo) n A fine, restitution payment for damages, wrongdoing or shame caused to somebody (as of a payment to the victim of a crime or injury). [lit: restitution to-damage] danyos perwisyo Inghagaran si Digoy it danyos perwisyo dahil waya nida gipakasayi tong ida nasabakang kabadi. Digoy was obliged to pay a fine for causing such shame because he did not marry his pregnant girlfriend. (sem. domains: - Fine.)

waka [wakâ] adj Bow legged. bakang Si Toni ay abang waka magpanaw. Toni is very bow legged when walking.