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balas [bálas] n Flourescent light fixture. Kayuga kag balas it inra iwag kada perming payong. Their light fixture is loose that’s why their light is always going off. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)

balasa [balása] (fr. var. bayasa) v To shuffle playing-cards. Abang tulin si Bobby magbalasa it mga baraha. Bobby really shuffles the playing cards fast. (sem. domains: - Card game.)

balasahon [balasahón] (der. of basa) n Reading materials; books to read. (sem. domains: - Read, - Written material.)

balaso [baláso] vt To throw stones, spears, stick-like objects at something, somebody (as of long pointed objects, weapons being thrown). babatuhin Abalasohon kono nida isag sa gab-i kag bayay it ida kaaway. He will throw stones at his enemy’s house tonight. syn: buyok, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

balasubas [balasúbas] n Wastrel; spendthrift (as of somebody who wastes money); black sheep of a family. walang kwenta Kag ida Tatay ay balasubas kada waya sinra gi-aasinso. Her father wastes his money so they don’t improve their lifestyle. Sa tatlong magmanghor tong puto it balasubas sa inra. Of the three children the youngest is the black sheep in the family. syn: irisponsabli. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth.)

buyok [buyók] v To take revenge by throwing stones at buildings. balaso Kag inra plano nak abuyukon kag eskul ay nasaduran kada waya natuloy. Their plan to take revenge by throwing stones at the school building was known therefore it didn’t happen. syn: balaso, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Revenge, - Throw.)

bunggo [búnggò] v 1To stone somebody; to throw, hit, strike somebody, something with a stone (as of throwing stones on a person's roof to show anger, jealousy displeasure etc.). (sem. domains: - Rock, - Throw.) 2To throw, hit, strike somebody with an object (as of a glass, flip-flop, cooking pot etc.). binato Gingbunggo nako kag iro nak nagkaon it ako isra. I threw a stone at the dog that ate my fish. syn: buyok, balaso. (sem. domains: - Throw.) der. ibunggo , der. pabunggo , der. pagbunggo

irisponsabli [irispónsabli] adj Wastes money and doesn’t work; wastes. pabaya Abang irisponsabli kag ida asawa kada permi sinrang away. Her husband really wastes money and doesn’t work so they always fight. syn: balasubas. (sem. domains: - Waste.)

pinaka mano [pínaka máno] n First card, played, led; first player in cards. una sa lahat Sida kag pinaka mano it pagbalasa it mga baraha sa tanang mga manog idamo. He was the one to play the first card when shuffling the pack for all the players.

suboy₁ [súboy] vt 1To drive away; to send away, to shoo people away lightly, gently, infeen. palayasin Ingsuboy it maguyang katong anak nak balasubas. The parent sent away his mischievous child. (sem. domains: - Chase away.) 2To exorcise evil spirits. (sem. domains: - Demon possession, - Chase away.)