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balsa [bálsa] 1n Raft. [This is often made of bamboo.] (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vi To raft across, down a river to somewhere (as of riding on a raft on water). balsá Nagbalsa sinra pa-Talisay. They took a ride on a raft to Talisay. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

balsamador [balsamadór] (der. of balsamo) n Embalmer.
Kag ida naging asawa ay usang balsamador. The man she married is an embalmer. (sem. domains: - Corpse.)

balsamo [bálsamo] vt To embalm a dead body. bálsamó Ingbalsamo it ruhang dominggo katong minatay agor indi magbaho habang inghuhuyat kag pag-abot it mga kahalihan. The dead person was embalmed for two weeks so it wouldn’t smell bad while waiting for the arrival of the relatives. [This is done to prepare the body for up to nine days of the wake, during which the body is laid out, family and friends visit the home, donate money, hold religious services and play table games etc. ] (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.) der. balsamador , der. pabalsamo , der. pangbalsamo

batang [bátang] n Driftwood (as of any plant material that floats e.g. wood, dry coconuts etc.). balsa syn: bakadan. (sem. domains: - Tide.) comp. talingang batang

pabalsamo [pabalsamo] (der. of balsamo) v To have somebody embalm a corpse; to have a body embalmed. (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)

pangbalsamo [pangbálsamo] (der. of balsamo) vt Embalming materials (as of spices, chemicals or injectable medicines used to preserve a body). (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)

yait [yáit] n Raft. balsa

marguso [margúso] n Balsam apple; bitter melon. ámpalayá (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

nakabalo [nakabaló] vt To disturb somebody. istorbo, bulabog Anakabalsahon nako kag ida pagkatuyog. I will disturb his sleep.

yunda-yunda [yunda-yúndà] vi The up and down motion of a boat on the waves. Tong ingsakyan nak balsa it mga disipulos ni Jesus ay nagyuyunda-yunda dahil makusog. The boat the deciples of Jesus were riding in went up and down because it was very windy.