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bangkay [bángkay] n Tree species with yellow flowers which smell bad when they get wet. The timber is soft, and used for building small boats. Ingpukan ni Andy tong bangkay mayungot sa inra bayay. Andy cut down the yellow flowering tree near their house. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

bangkay-bangkay [bangkay-bangkáy] n Plant species whose bark has medicinal uses in treating rheumatism. Maadong buyong sa rayuma kag bangkay-bangkay. Its good for rheumatism this medicinal plant. [One first grills, broils the bark then crushes it and mixes it with warmed oil. This is wrapped around sore joints overnight.] (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

minatay [minatáy] n Corpse; dead person. bangkáy (sem. domains: - Corpse.) comp. Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo , comp. bisaya parti sa minatay , comp. mga minatay , comp. minatay nak kuko