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banig [baníg] 1n Woven mat used for sleeping on or for drying rice in the sun. baníg Nagbukyar it banig si nanay sa sayog. Mother unrolled the woven sleeping mat on the floor. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, - Bed, 5.7 - Sleep.) 2vbt To put the woven sleeping mat somewhere (as of on a bed rather than on the floor). Ingbanigan nida kag katri. He put a mat on the bed. [People find woven mats cooler than mattresses to sleep on even though they sometimes enjoy the softness of a mattress.] (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, - Bed, 5.7 - Sleep.)

tina’gsa n Woven mat for drying rice. banig

bilibid [bilibíd] n Tree species; palm for weaving sleeping mats. Katibay tong inra banig nak yari sa bilibid. Their mat is durable because it was made out of the palm for weaving sleeping mats. (sem. domains: - Bed.)

bukyar [búkyar] v 1To unroll something (as of sleeping mats, clothes). latag Nagbukyar sinra’t banig nak makatuyog’ey. They unrolled the sleeping mats because they are going to sleep now. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.) 2To open up (as of flowers). Nagbukyar’ey kag ida pagkagugandang buyak. Her very lovely flower has opened up already. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.)

buskar [búskar] v 1To open up, bloom, come into flower (as of a flower that opens up). Nagbuskarey kag mga nuyak dahil nagsisilak. The flowers have already opened up because it's sunny. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 2To unroll and spread out something flat (as of a sleeping mat, fabric, clothing etc.). latag Nagbuskar sinra’t banig nak makatuyogey. They unrolled the sleeping mats because they are going to sleep now. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, 7.3.6 - Open.)

hangin [hángin] (irreg. infl. kahangin) 1n Air; atmosphere. (sem. domains: 1.1.2 - Air.) 2n Wind. (sem. domains: - Wind.) 3v To blow (as of the wind, air). hangín (sem. domains: - Blow air, - Wind.) 4vi To be blown on by the wind; to get a chill from the wind (as of the air, wind blowing on somebody and causing them to get sick). Ingtabawan ka ida bituka dahil nahanginan tong nagkatuyog sida sa sayog nak waya’t banig. He got wind in his abdomen because of the chill he got when he slept on the floor without a sleeping mat. Nahanginan kag anak pag sakay sa dyip. The child got air in his body when he rode in the jeep. Dapat nak mahanginan kag pagkaon agor indi magpan-os. It’s necessary to allow air to get into the food so it won’t spoil. [Air and wind are seen to cause many problematic physical conditions, pain and sicknesses e.g. it enters one's body, veins, abdomen, digestive system, eyes. It seems to cause what is called "getting a chill" when the wind blows on one, especially babies, during a trip in an open vehicle, causing colds, fevers, pain etc.. "Wind, gas, air" are also said to collect in one's stomach causing pain and flatulence. Massage is a common treatment to remove the "wind, air" from one's ugát "blood vessels, nerves, sinews etc.".] (sem. domains: 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze.) comp. nahampak it hangin , comp. nahanginan kag uyo , comp. pabor ka hangin , comp. pay inggwat hangin , comp. tipras hangin , der. hangin-hanginon , der. mahangin , id. puro hangin , id. tamang hangin

harat [haràt] adj To weave mats loosely (i.e. not well done) buhaghag, luwag Abang haratey ra sida magyaya it banig dahil malaboey kag mata. She now weaves mats loosely bacause her eyes are already blurred. (sem. domains: - Weaving cloth, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

latag [latág] vbt To lay gravel; to lay out something flat (as af mat, papers etc). latag Naglatagey sida it banig sa sayog. He already laid the mat on the floor. Ginglatag ni Anne kag ida mga paninra sa karsada. Anne laid her goods to sell on the street.

paya₂ [páyà] vt To lay a child down to sleep. ilapag Payaan yang kag anak sa banig - aya girudana. Just lay the child down in the mat - don’t put him in the swing.

saboy-saboy [saboy-sáboy] v To catch, pull the threads on cloth, garment. dumudikit Kag baro ni Norma ay nagsasaboy-saboy kung inghihigra sa banig nak tinagsa. Norma’s dress catches on the mat when she sleeps on a woven mat used for drying rice.

ulikon [ulíkon] v 1To roll up (wire, rope); to coil. Ulikunon nimo ka hos pagkatapos it bunak. You roll up the hose after washing clothes. Aulikunon nako kag banig pagbangon. I will roll up the sleeping mat when I get up. syn: yukon, ulikon 2, yukot. (sem. domains: - Roll up.) 2To be coiled up ready to strike, as of a snake. Nakita kuno ninra kag sawang nag-uulikon sa hagranan. They say they saw a coiled snake on the doorstep. syn: yukon, ulikon 1, yukot. (sem. domains: - Roll up.)

ulior [ulíor] v To rub against something, somebody. naghihikab Kag anak nak bag-ong bati ay nag-ulior anay sa banig nida bag-o magtinrog. The child who just woke up rubbed against the sleeping mat first before standing up.

yaya₂ [yáyà] vbt To weave baskets, sleeping mats from rattan, palm fronds. maglála; lumála Abang tulin sida magyaya it banig. She weaves mats very fast. syn: yakyak. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

yukot [yúkot] vt To roll up a sleeping mat. tupi Kag nagpapangyukot it banig ay kag mga maruragkoey nak anak. The ones who roll up the sleeping mats are the slightly older children. syn: yukon, ulikon 1, ulikon 2.