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baoy [ba-óy] (dial. var. buoy) 1v To get something. kuha Imbaoy nida kag kaldero sa aparador. She removed the pot from the cupboard. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 2v To take, remove something from somewhere. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 3n A catch of fish. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 4v To catch fish (as of getting fish by any method of fishing). (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 5v To take a course of study, subject; to take, sit for an exam, test; to get, achieve a certain grade, mark in an exam. nakakuha Nakabaoy ako it 96% sa amo eksam. I got a 96% on our exam. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test, - Study.) 6v To choose, select, hire for a job or certain purpose (as of getting a job). nakuha, natanggap Abang sadya si Arlene dahil nabaoy sida sa trabaho. Arlene is very happy because she was hired. Abay-on kuno kami nak maging ninang sa kasay ninra. They said that they’ll chose us to be sponsors for their wedding. (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker, - Choose.) 7v To remove, fire from a job. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 6.1.5 - Unemployed, not working.) 8v To get rid of a bad physical sensation; to be cured of a sickness; to have pain, sickness go away (as of resulting in a positive situation). naalis Nabaoy kag ako sagnat it tong buyong. I recovered from my fever because of the medicine. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) 9v To get the point of something; to understand, catch on to what somebody is talking about; to know somebody’s thoughts intuitively; to be inspired by an idea from somebody. nakuha Nagbaoy ako it ideya sa libro. I got the idea from the book. Nabaoy baga nimo kag ida intrimis? Did you get his joke? Nabaoy ni Jesus ka inra isip. Jesus know their thoughts. (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.2.4 - Understand.) comp. abay-an it ngayan , comp. ingba-oy it Dios , comp. nabaoy ka isip , comp. nabay-an it hingab , comp. nabay-an sida it ngayan , comp. nabay-aney , der. bay-unon , der. bay-unon , der. baya , der. gingbabay-an , der. mansigbaoy , der. pangbaoy

indi mabaoy it usang bisaya [indî mabaóy it usáng bisáya] idiom - Convert to subentry Can’t be swayed by anything said (lit: not removed by one word). (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

mansigbaoy [mansigbá-oy] (der. of baoy) v To all, each help oneselves by getting what one wants to eat individually.

nabaoy ka isip [nabaóy ka ísip] (comp. of baoy, isip) id To get the idea of what somebody is saying [lit: get the thought] (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.2.4 - Understand.)

pangbaoy [pangbaóy] (der. of baoy) v To pilfer; to get, to remove. (sem. domains: - Dishonest.)

abang tugas it uyo [abáng tugás it úyo] (comp. of tugas) id Stubborn; hard headed. [lit: very hard of head] Abang tugas it uyo ag indi mabaoy it usang bisaya tong putong anak nina Gemma. The youngest child of Gemma is stubborn and can't be swayed by anything. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)

agwanta₂ [agwánta] vt To endure, persevere. tiis Nag-agwanta sinra’t pilay ag gutom sa pagbaoy it kahoy sa bungkag. They endured fatigue and hunger when they got wood in the jungle. (sem. domains: - Endure.)

aray [áray] 1n Teaching, information, a subject that is studied; a course of study (as of academic, religious knowledge or teaching). aral Kag aray nak mababaoy sa pagbasa it Biblia ay maado. The teaching you get from reading the Bible is good. (sem. domains: 3.6.3 - Subject of teaching.) 2vbt To study, analyze, learn about something (as of a subject one can learn about). mag-áral Ato isag aarayan kag mga planeta. We’ll study the planets later. (sem. domains: - Examine, 3.2.2 - Learn.) der. inarayan , der. paaray , der. pagaray , der. pangaray

ariya [aríya] vt 1To loosen, lengthen, let out or unwind a rope, tie or belt. luwagán Ing-ariyahan nida kag higot it baktin. He loosened the rope on the pig. Ariyahi baga ag ibaba kinang angkla para mag-pundo kaling motor. You lower all sails completely and lower also the anchor so this boat will stop. (sem. domains: - Loose, - Rope, string.) 2To lower, let down tarpaulin or a blind so that it hangs like a curtain. (sem. domains: - Roll up, - Lower something.) 3To furl, lower a sail (as of closing, rolling it up). (sem. domains: - Boat, - Roll up.) 4To be overly generous; to keep giving until none is left; to not be able to say no when asked for help. Inaariahan yang nida’t panao kag inra nabaoy nak isra aber kaisotey kag nabilin sa inra. He was overly generous in giving their caught fish to his friends even though so little was left for them. (sem. domains: - Many, much.) comp. ariya imbanda

ayagukoy [ayagúkoy] n Crab species which is inedible and about 10cm across, and violet and black in color. They have their holes along the seashore out of the water. Nagpangbaoy it ayagukoy katong mga anak ag inra gingpaaway. The children got those inedible kind of crabs and made them fight. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagukoy

ayuton [ayutón] (der. of yuto) n Burning, smoldering firewood (specifically of wood or bamboo). panggatong Ingbaoy kag mga ayuton sa abuhan nak indiey magamit. He got the firewood which we won’t use in the wood fireplace. (sem. domains: 5.5.6 - Fuel.)

badabas [badábas] n Tree, fruit species; guava. bayabas Abang ramong bitamina C kag mababaoy sa badabas. You can get plenty of Vitamin C from guavas. [This is a 2-3m. high shrub that bears lots of 1-3cm. round fruit with lots of edible seeds. They are a favorite with children. They make good jam or jelly. They are used for many medicinal purposes. One is to clean wounds and another to make a poultice with the leaves.] (sem. domains: - Food from fruit, - Medicinal plants.) der. pambadabas

bago-bagi [bago-bagî] n Plant species which is a kind of vine for making baskets. [lit: vine-kind] baging Kinang mga bago-bago ay nababaoy sa bungkag. Those vines for making baskets can be taken from the jungle. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

balaan₁ [balá-an] v To warn (as of telling a child to stop doing something). Ingbalaaney ka nako nak indi magpangbaoy it buko imo gamit. I have already warned you not to take things which do not belong to you. (sem. domains: - Warn.)

bangkiti [bangkíti] n 1School, graduation, end of year banquet (as of a formal dinner for students, teachers and guests at the end of the school year). bangket Kami ay nagkaingwa it bangkiti sa Boda de Oro bago magbaoy it eksamin. We had a formal dinner at Boda de Oro restaurant before we took the examination. syn: punsyon, buda, pilo, punsyun. (sem. domains: - Celebrate, 3.6.4 - Class, lesson.) 2To hold, attend a school, graduation, end of year banquet (as of a formal dinner for students, teachers and guests at the end of the school year). (sem. domains: - Celebrate, 3.6.4 - Class, lesson.)

binulto [binúlto] (der. of bulto) adj By the sack, wholesale, bulk (as of buying things in large amounts e.g. one or more sackfulls of rice at a time). sinako Binulto kag ida baoy it bugas. He got the rice by wholesale sacks. (sem. domains: 6.9.3 - Marketing, - Store the harvest.)

bisa₂ [bísà] n Potency, power (as of a witch, sorcerer or magic charm). Kag bisa it ida gahom para magpangaswang ay nababaoy pag sida ay mag suyor it simbahan. The potency of her power to perform witchcraft was taken from her when she went inside the church. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

borboranan [borboránan] n Place name in the forest where where a spring is located. kagubatan Nagbaoy sinra it haligihon sa borboranan. They got some posts in the forest. (sem. domains: 9.7.2 - Name of a place, - Forest, grassland, desert.)

bubo [búbo] n A large fish trap which looks like a basket (made of bamboo). Kada adlaw si Nong Peniong ay perming nakakabaoy it alimango sa ida bubo. Everyday Uncle Peniong always catch a crab on his large fish trap. syn: baldiyo, basya, bubô 3, udak 1, ilwak. (sem. domains: - Fishing equipment.)

budloy [búdloy] 1adj Very slow, lazy, lethargic, not energetic in doing work; tired worker. mabagal Tong ida nabaoy nak kabulig ay budloy magtrabaho. The maid she’s got works slowly. (sem. domains: - Work poorly.) 2v To become lethargic, slow moving, lazy (as of a child that is always carried). (sem. domains: 2.4.3 - Energetic.) der. budloy-budloy , der. kabudloy-budloy

bugdas [búgdas] (irreg. infl. pinda-pinda) n Woven series of hanging baskets used to store things (especially fruits). Butangan yang hina sa bugdas kinang mga prutas. Just put the fruit there in the hanging baskets. Aber katong inra bugdas ay ingbaoy it tong mananakaw. Even their hanging bamboo basket for left over food was taken by the thief. [These baskets have no lid and may be on a pulley.] (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, - Food storage.)

bukir [búkir] n 1Country, countryside (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated). bukid Mapabukir anay ako nak mabaoy it nidog. I’ll go to the countryside first to get coconuts. (sem. domains: - Countryside.) 2Hills, hilly country. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) der. bukirnon , der. kabukiran , der. pabukir

busoy₂ [búsoy] n Seed, kernel, pip (as of the seed of fruits other than bananas and rice e.g. kernel of corn, wheat, seed of an avocado, pip of an apple etc.). buto Maramong busoy it pasi kag nabaoy sa bugas. There are many grains of unhusked rice that were taken from the rice. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

diskusyon [diskusyón] 1n Discussion; debate; disagreement; argument. syn: dibate 2. (sem. domains: - Debate.) 2vbt To discuss, debate, disagree, argue. diskusyon Nagdiskusyon ray sinra kung mabaoy it kabulig o indiey. They argued again whether to get a helper or not. (sem. domains: - Debate.) der. diskusyunan

duga [dúgà] n 1Liquid from all parts of plants (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). dagtâ Indi mabaoy kag duga it yud-a hanggang indi nimo giyata-on anay bago pugaon. The sap of the ginger can’t be removed without crushing it first and squeezing it later. syn: tagok 2. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2To run, flow with liquid from any part of a plant (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)