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bapor [bapór] n Ship (as of a large passenger boat or freighter). barko (sem. domains: - Boat.) der. bapor-bapor

bapor-bapor [bapor-bápor] (der. of bapor) n Fish species; Longhorn cowfish. Lactoria cornuta (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

atraka [atráka] v To go forward; to advance; to proceed (especially of shipping approaching a pier etc.). sumulong Indi kaatraka kag bapor sa pantalan dahil hunas. The ship can’t go forward to the port because it is low tide. (sem. domains: - Move forward.)

baydo [báydo] vt To exchange, swap, barter one thing with another (as of in physical, financial or spiritual exchanges). palít Nagbayduhan sinra it ticket sa bapor. They exchange tickets for the ship. Nagbaydo ray kag abot it eroplano. The schedule for the airplanes arrival has again changed. Pwede baga nak ibaydo kag isra sa bugas? Can the fish be exchanged for rice? Abayduhan nako it manok kinang imo tiyo. I’ll exchange a chicken for your puppy. Ingbayduhan kag ida rungan it mga ingkanto. Her spirit was exchanged for that of the evil spirits. syn: tagaylo. (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) comp. bayduhan kita , der. ibaydo , der. kabaydo

bisto₂ [bísto] v 1To bring something hidden, unknown out into the open (as of somebody's wrongdoing). Abistuhon nato it maado kag bapor sa yawor. We’ll see clearly the ship far out at sea. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) 2To find out something about somebody that had been formerly hidden (as of their wrongdoing); to be caught, found out (as in a wrongdoing). (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.)

budyong [búdyong] 1n Shell species; conch shell; Horned Helmet. [p63 Abbott. This is a large shell blown as a horn. It has been used for various community purposes e.g. to signal an event, to gather people, to give a warning, and by boat crews to signal arrivals and departures of boats.] Cassis cornuta L. (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals, - Musical instrument.) 2v To blow a conch shell as a horn. Nagbudyong kag bapor pag-abot it pir. The ship blew its horn upon reaching the pier. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

butalon [butalón] n The prow spar out the front on a sailboat. pruwa Kag butalon it bapor ay nawasak. The spar on the prow of the ship was wrecked. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

butawan [butáwan] (dial. var. banuoy) v To appear, become visible, come into view suddenly or unexpectedly (as of a soldier suddenly appearing or a boat just becoming visible in the distance). sungaw Nahinabo nganing bumutawan kag ruhang ragkong Hapones nak bapor halin sa Marinduque usang aga it kag Oktubre, 1944. Now it happened one morning in October 1944, that two huge Japanese ships appeared unexpectedly coming from Marinduque. syn: buyhot, butho. (sem. domains: - Appear.)

butero [butéro] (der. of bote) n A boatman. Inghator it butero kag pasahero sa baybay dahil indi kapayungot kag bapor. The boatman transported the passengers to the shore because the ship couldn’t go near it. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Working in the sea.)

gihapon [gihápon] part 1Still so; same up to this time; then (as of a time reference). pa rin Ayutuon pa gihapon nida katong mayagkit. She will still be cooking the sticky rice then. Sida pa gihapon kag nars dili. She’s still the nurse here up to now. Lunes gihapon kag abot it bapor. The ship still comes on Mondays. (sem. domains: - Eventually, - Not yet.) 2Not any longer; not at this time; no more. Waya gihapon sida nag-iistar sa Maynila. He is not living in Manila any more. (sem. domains: - Eventually, - Not yet.)

gusto [gústo] 1v To want; to like; to desire. ibig, hangad, hilig Gusto nakong apatubuan kag rayaag it buyak agor maganda. I want to grow flowers in the yard in order to make it beautiful. Nio kag imo gustong inuman? What would you like to drink? syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.) 2vi To have a liking for something, somebody. Nagkakagusto sida sa mga rayagang mahaba it buhok. He has a liking for women that have long hair. (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, 3.3 - Want, - Like, love.) 3vi To like something or somebody; to find something pleasing (eg. to one’s taste). Nagugustohan nako kag tapoy. I like the black rice. Waya nako nagustuhi kag ida batasan. I didn’t like her character. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: - Happy for, - Like, love.) 4vi To allow somebody else to decide what they want; to leave a decision up to somebody else. Apagustuhan ka nako kung niong oras ikaw magtuna it trabaho. I’ll allow you to decide on what time you start to work. 5vt To want; to like. gustó Agustuhon pa nako nak magsakay sa bapor kesa sa eroplano. I’ll like riding in a ship more than in an airplane. Inggusto nida nak maging maestra. She wanted to be a teacher. comp. gustong bisayahon , der. pagusto-gusto

haging [háging] vbt 1To almost hit something; to fly, hover close together; to pass close to something, specifically of a moving, flying object. haging Isutaney sida matumba tong mahagingan sida’t biseklita. She nearly fell down when the bike passed by her very closely. Malagat-lagat humaging kag mga eroplanong tig-ruha’t yawas sa mga bapor it kaaway. Soon the two-bodied aeroplanes hovered close together over the enemy ships. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts, - Change your mind, - Insult, - Recognize, - Mock, - Demonstrate.) 2To speak loud enough for somebody to over hear; to speak indirectly to somebody; to purposely let somebody overhear (as of intentionally speaking about something that is meant to be overheard by someone actually present). parinig, parunggit Ingpahagingan nida akot mahapros nak bisaya pag rayan nako sa inra. When I passed by their place, she spoke offensive words loud enough for me to overhear. syn: rungog 1, balita 1, sagap. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Vehicle, - Slip, slide, 2.3.2 - Hear, - Quiet.) der. pahaging

him-ong [hím-ong] 1n Silence; quietness; no noise. katahimikan Pauno’y kag him-ong it aga ay binasag it kanugtog it ruhang ragkong bapor it Hapon. How the silence of the morning was shattered by the sound of those two big Japanese ships. syn: hilom 2. (sem. domains: - Quiet.) 2vi To become silent, not make a noise. tahimik Naghim-ong kag mga eskwela pag-abot it inra maestra. The pupils became silent when their teacher arrived. (sem. domains: - Quiet.)

indamyo [indámyo] 1n The gangplank for a boat. andamyo Ingbutang kag andamyo pagrunggo it bapor kada nakababaey kag mga pasahero. The gangplank was placed after the ship arrived so the passengers were able to disembark. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vt To put a gangplank in place. Waya giandamyuhi it mga grumite kag rayanan dahil kag motor ay ruot sa pantalan. The crew didn’t put the gangplank in place because the motorboat was close to the pier. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

intabli [intablí] n The hull of the boat. Kag intabli it bapor ay nataposey it pakando. The hull of a boat which was fixed is already finished. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.)

kabuyananey [kabuyánaney] n Due date of pregnancy. kabuwanan Indi gipasakayon sa bapor kag usang sabak kung kabuyananey nida. A pregnant woman is not allowed to ride on a boat when its near her due date of pregnancy. (sem. domains: - Month, - Publish, - Calendar.)

kanugkog [kanúgkog] n The sound of an engine. Pauno’y kag him-ong it aga ay binasag it kanugkog it ruhang ragkong bapor it Hapon. How the silence of the morning was shattered by the sound of those two big Japanese ships. (sem. domains: 6.7.9 - Machine, - Sound, - Types of sounds.)

katitingaya [katitingayá] adj Surprising; of great wonder; mysterious. kataka-taka Katitingaya asing nakasalbar katong lapsag hagto sa nagyubog nak bapor. It was of great wonder why the baby survived from the ship that sank. (sem. domains: - Surprise, - Recognize.)

kridinsyal [kridínsyal] n Bill of sale stating ownership of animals. kasulatan Kag checker it bapor ay gingpanggisi kag gingtaong kridinsyal it mga biyahero dahil puro pike. The ship’s ticket checker tore up the bill of sale he’d been given by the because it was all fake. (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal, - Own, possess.)

kubihar [kubihár] vi To seek a haven (as of ship). nagkubli Nagpakubihar kag bapor sa Romblon tong ingwa it bagyo. When there was a typhoon, the ship sought its haven in Romblon. (sem. domains: - Save from trouble.) der. pakubiharan

kusinero [kusinéro] n A cook. kusinero Kag kusinero sa bapor ay abang rako nak kayaki. The cook in the ship is a big man.

man 11.1part Indeed, even; really (as of correcting, emphasizing or of something unexpected). narin Kahuhudaey man kung pati nanay ag tatay nida ay nanunot pa. It would indeed be embarrassing if his mother and father still accompanied him. Indi man nida maubos kina. He won’t even use that up. Miskan pa man mataas nak kahoy ay inatawog nida. Even though the trees are really tall he still climbs them. Kag ako rayang kwarta pa man ay kuyangey. Even all the money I brought was not near enough. 22.1part Anyone; whoever; whatever (as of forming the indefinite pronoun). Sio man ay pwedeng magpali. Anyone can come. Kung nio man kag imo nakita ay umaan sa ako. Whatever you see tell me. 33.1part Even if (as of concession contra-expectation). Asilinggon nako man ka kamatuuran indi ka ra gihapon gipati sa ako. Even if I tell the truth you still won’t believe me. 44.1part Correction, contradiction. Kada Martes man kag abot it bapor. No the boat comes every Tuesday. 55.1part As a result…not even; Either, even (as of dissimilarity). Waya man yang ikaw nakapamahaw. As a result you didn’t even get to eat breakfast either. comp. buko man ra , id. man o

mayuda ka biyahe [mayúda ka biyáhe] adj Slow voyage. Mayuda ka biyahe it tong bapor nak amo ingsakyan dahil sira kag usang makina. The boat we sailed in made a slow voyage because one engine was out of order.

mutang [mutáng] vi To be at peace. pakali Namumutang ikaw aber ingwat nag-aaway? Are you at peace even if there’s trouble? Indi sida mamutang dahil nabadaan sida it bapor. She was restless because she was unable to make the trip on the ship.

nag-isip it parayan [nag-ísip it paráyan] idiom - Convert to subentry To think up, mastermind a solution, means, way. Nag-isip it parayan si Al kung pauno mahahakot tong tanang raya it ida tiya halin sa bapor. Al thought up some ways for how to carry all the baggage of his Auntie from the ship.
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