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barado [barádo] (dial. var. buron) (der. of bara) adj Blocked; obstructed (as of a water pipe or stuffed-up nose). barado Barado kag ako ilong it sip-on. My nose is stuffed-up with mucus. Barado ka tanan nak rayanan sa prisuhan kada indi pwede makatakas kag mga priso. All the entrance to the prison were blocked therefore the prisoners could’nt escape. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

buron [burón] dial. var. of barado

naging dahilan [nagíng dahilán] v To cause something to happen; to be the cause of something. naging sanhi Kag mga baradong tulay kag naging dahilan it mga pagbaha. The clogged culverts are the cause of the flooding.

pisngoy₂ [pisngóy] v To chip a bit off the edge (as of rock). Ingpisnguyan it mga trabahador kag baradong rayan pa Baguio para marayanan it mga tawo. The work men chipped a bit off the edge of the clogged road to Baguio so that people could pass.