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barbar [bárbar] vt To unroll, unwind, uncoil, unscrew something. kalasín Buligi baga ninro ako it pagbarbar it gripo dahil indi nako kaya. Will you help me in unscrewing the tap because I can’t manage it. Ingbarbar nida kag pisi sa kahoy. She unrolled the rope from the tree. (sem. domains: 7.3.5 - Turn something.)

barbaro [bárbaro] adj Primitive, barbaric ways. bárbaró Barbaro pa gihapon it ugali kag mga ita ay nag-iistarey sa banwa. These Negritos are somewhat primitive in ways even though they live in town. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

bukirnon [bukírnon] (der. of bukir) adj 1Countrified; backward; unfashionable; behind the times; uncivilized; uneducated (as of a derogatory term like the English "country bumpkin" or "country cousins"). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Despise someone.) 2Barbaric, barbarious, uncivilised (as of a strongly derogatory term for people with violent, uncultured ways). Karamuan sa mga Aetas ay bukirnon kada sinra ay nahirapan pag yupok it bulkan. Aetas mostly are uncivilised in city ways that’s why they had a hard time when the volcano erupted. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Violent, - Despise someone.)