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bapor [bapór] n Ship (as of a large passenger boat or freighter). barko (sem. domains: - Boat.) der. bapor-bapor

barko [bárko] n Ship; boat (as of a general term for small ships). PC [These are somewhat "tub shaped" with two full or partial decks. In the past these were open, but later they were more enclosed with a lower hold for transporting animals and cargo, and an upper deck for passengers.] (sem. domains: - Boat.)

pupa [púpa] n Poop of a boat; stern; back of boat. unahan ng barko (sem. domains: - Boat.)

taguan it barko [tagu-án it bárko] n Sheltered harbor. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.)

arastri [arástri] n Stevedore; dockworker; wharfie (as of a member of a trade union working permanently on the docks, loading and unloading ships). Puro arastri yang kag puyding magsuyor sa barko. Its only the stevedores who can go on board the ship. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

awoy-awoy [awoy-áwoy] v To lie, float adrift on the sea. Tong masiraan it makina kag barko ay nagpapaawoy-awoy yangey sinra sa ragat. When the ship had engine trouble they just lay adrift on the sea. (sem. domains: - Travel by water.) der. paawoy-awoy

ayskendi [ayskéndi] (sp. var. ice candy) n Flavoured ice blocks (as of long frozen bars made from fruit, sweetened juice poured into 2-3cm wide, oblong plastic bags and frozen). [lit: ice-candy] Mabaligya ako it ayskendi sa pantalan pag-abot it barko. I sell flavoured iceblocks on the pier when the ships come in. (sem. domains: - Snow, ice.)

baradero [baradéro] (dial. var. baraderuhan) v To go into dry dock (as of a ship needing regular cleaning of the hull, repairs and repainting). baradéro Waya nakabiyahe kag barko nina Doods nak nagbaradero sa Lucena. Dood’s ship did not sail because the boat is in dry dock in Lucena. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

bisuto [bisúto] n Shrimp crisps. Kag ako mga baligya nak bisuto sa barko ay abang bakay. The shrimp crisps which I sell on the ship are sold out quickly. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

bitir-bitir [bitir-bitír] adj Prospering; getting on better (as of an improvement in lifestyle). Si Toni kag naglibre sa amo pamasahe sa barko nak pay biter-biterey ra kuno sida. Toni took charge of paying our fare in the ship now that he is prospering. [From English "better".] ant: bitoy-bitoy. (sem. domains: 4.4.1 - Prosperity.)

biyahe [biyáhe] 1n Journey; trip (as of a long trip by bus, boat or plane). (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.) 2v To take a journey, trip or travel somewhere (as of a long trip by bus, boat or plane). biyahe Nagbiyahe sinra it marugay pa-Mindanao. They took a long journey going to Mindanao. Nagbibiyahe kag barko pa-Manila kada Miyerkoles. The ship sails to Manila every Wednesday. (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.) 3v To transport goods to a distant place (as of bananas, fish, fruit, vegetables being sent by truck, ship to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, 7.3.8 - Transport.) der. biyahedor

gingbabay-an [gingbabáy-an] (der. of baoy) n Source of, where to get something (as of the source of one's livelihood or where one can buy a certain thing). kinukunan Kag amo yang gingbabay-an it pangabuhi ay sa barko. Our source of livelihood is only the ships. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, - Away from.)

kaway₂ [kawáy] (irreg. infl. paypay) v To wave goodbye, farewell to somebody (leaving on a journey). kaway Kami ay nagkaway sa ida tong nag-aandarey kag barko. We waved goodbye to him when the ship was moving. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, - Arm.)

kubyerta₁ [kubyérta] n The open deck of a ship. kubyerta Nagsagap sida’t hangin hagto sa kubyerta it barko. He inhaled fresh air in the open deck of the ship. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Above, - Roof.)

kubyerta₂ [kubyérta] n Porthole of a ship. Nakasuyor kag tubi sa barko dahil nabasag kag salamin it kubyerta. The water went inside the ship because the glass in the porthole was broken. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening, 8.5.4 - Area.)

kumpay₂ [kúmpay] n Hand fed grass for cows, water-buffalos (as of young kogon grass etc.). damo Si Ramon ay nagraya it kumpay para sa mga baka ag karabaw nak inugkarga sa barko. Ramon carried the grass to hand feed the cows and water buffalos which were to be loaded on the ship. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.)

lantar [lántar] n Apron pouch, mostly for money (as on the front of a conductor’s shopkeeper’s belt, apron; perhaps for clothes pins). Katong kundúktor it dyip ay igwa’t lantar. That jeep conductor has a money pouch on his belt. Nakalimutan nako magraya it lantaran papagto sa barko para magtinra it coke. I forgot to take the apron with the money pouch when going to the ship to sell coke.

libre₁ [líbre] 11.1adj Free, no payment or charge; safe; rescued. Waya sida it libre nak oras ngasing. She has no free time now. Libre baga kag palabas sa plasa? Is the show at the plaza free? 1.2vt To pay somebody’s way for them. libre Kung manunot ka sa ako, alibrehon ka nako sa pamasahe. If you come with me I’ll pay your way. 1.3sta To be free. Nalibre sida it ida obligasyon sa bayay dahil inggwa sida it kabulig. She was freed of her household duties because she got a housemaid. Nalibre sida pagraya it katong mabug-at nak raya. He was freed from carrying the heavy luggagge. 1.4vt To free somebody from something; to exempt somebody from doing something. magligtás Alibrehon ka nako sa pamasahe pa-Manila. I will have your fare free in going to Manila. 22.1adj Safe; rescued 2.2v To save, rescue somebody. Kag uyunan ag tualya kag nalibre yangey ni Jun tong sinra ay nasunugan. A pillow and towel were all Jun was able to save in the fire. Nakalibre kag mga tripulante sa nagyubog nak barko. The crew members of the ship that sank were saved. syn: salbar.

libre₂ [líbre] adj Free (without charge), unhindered. libre Libre ka magraya it paninra sa barko. You are free to bring goods on the boat.

mantinir [mantinír] (irreg. infl. mantiner) 11.1idiom - Convert to subentry Set-in, slow drizzle of rain. Waya ako nakaliwas para maglaba sa sapa dahil sa mantiner nak uyan. I was not able to go out to wash in the river because of this set in rain. 22.1v To dilly-dally, loiter, fill in time (sometimes with the idea of waiting for something). nag-antay-antay Si Nena ay nagmantiner habang naghuhuyat it barko. Nena dilly dallied around while waiting for the ship.

paghudag-hudagey [paghudag-húdagey] time Before dawn’s first light. bukang liwayway Naabot kag barko ay paghudag-hudagey. The ship arrived before dawn.

pangyuday [pangyúday] 11.1v To feel one has no energy. nanghina kag pasyente ay nagpangyuday bag-o mataw-an it buyong. The patient have no energy before the medicine was given. 22.1adj Slow travelling; takes a long time (as of a ship which travels slowly). Mayuda kaling barko. This ship is slow.

pinilpil [pinílpil] vt To be knocked against shore, rocks. dagsa, pinadpad Ipinilpil kag barko it mga sundalo dahil kakusog kag bayor. The boat of the soldiers was knocked against the shore because of big waves.

pisan₁ [písan] v To be together with somebody in a certain place. halo Gusto ni Max nak magpisan it higraan sinra sa barko. Max wanted to be together with them on the same bunk on the boat.

radar [radár] n Radar. Kung waya it radar tong bapor nak inra ginsakyan sabaling nagbanggaan it katong nasapoy nak barko. If the ship which they are sailing has no radar they might bump into a ship which they meet.
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