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baruto [barúto] 1n Boat with outriggers on both sides; outrigger canoe (as of what is used for fishing or travel). PC (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2v To travel by outrigger canoe; to sail in a boat with two outriggers. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Travel by water.) der. bubaruto

bubaruto [bubarúto] (der. of baruto) n A very small boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

apok [ápok] 1n Distance travelled by something hit, blown or carried by waves (as of a ball when hit or a hat when blown or swept away by the waves). (sem. domains: - Far.) 2n Long, good hit in a game with a bat. (sem. domains: - Football, soccer.) 3v To be carried, blown, swept away by wind or waves (as of any object blown by wind or carried by waves); to spray, splatter, land somewhere depending on the size of the thing carried by the wind or waves. talsik Ing-apukan kami it taybo tong nagrayan kag dyip. We were sprayed with dust when the jeep passed by. Ing-apok kag inra baruto sa mayado. Their boat was carried away a great distance. (sem. domains: - Wave, - Wind, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

gaor [gá-or] 1n Oar or paddle of a boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vbt To row a boat using oars. sagwan Naggaor sinra it baruto pa-Linao. They rowed a boat in going to Linao. syn: paggaor, bugsay 1. (sem. domains: - Fishing equipment.)

kapay [kápay] vi 1To dogpaddle; tread water. langoy Nagkapay kag anak tong nahuyog sa baruto. The child dogpaddled when he fell out of the boat into the water. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, - Swim.) 2To splash hands in water (like a baby would when taking a bath). Nagkapay-kapay kag lapsag sa tubi tong ingkaligusan. The baby splashed his hands in the water while he was being bathed. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, - Swim.)

labra₁ [lábra] v To shave wood with a bush knife. Aga pa si Boy magpabukir para maglabra it humanon nak baruto. Boy went to the forest very early so that he could shave wood with a machete which would be made into a boat.

lima [limá] nmrl Five. lima Limang medalya kag ako nabaton tong amo paggradwar sa ‘high school’. I received five medals during our graduation from high school. Limahan nak baruto. The boat holds five.

limas₁ [límas] vbt To bail water; to bail out water which has collected inside a boat. limas Ako it naglilimas sa baruto. I am the one who bails water out of the boat. der. limason , der. panglimas

palak-palak [palak-palák] v To flap in the wind. Kag yadag it baruto ni Bulog ay nagpapalak-palak. The sail on Bulog’s boat is flapping in the wind.

rumbo₁ [rúmbo] n Direction; purpose , destination. direksyon Waya it rumbo kag inra pagpasalida it baruto. There’s no direction in their sailing of the boat. (sem. domains: 8.5.2 - Direction, - Move forward.) comp. karamo kag ingkakahadlukang mga harang nak ato makita sa ato pagpanaw, pag ipaling nato kag ato pagmuyat sa rumbuhan

saog₂ [sáog] 11.1n Dry dock 1.2vt To carry a boat ashore or carry it to the water. Sauga kinang baroto! Bring that boat ashore! Asaugon nako kag baruto nak mapamunit ako. I will put the boat into the water because I will go fishing. syn: haas, alimpuwas, takas 2. 22.1vt To lift and carry or transport something from one place to another; to get, obtain and then transport somewhere. Hariin kamo nasaog it kahoy? Where do you get your wood? syn: hakot.

tabli [tábli] vt To put timber sides on a boat frame. Atablihan pa ninra tong baruto. They will still put timber sides on the boat frame.

timbang₂ [tímbang] 11.1n Weight. Kuyang sa timbang kag isra. The fish was lacking in weight. 1.2vbt To weigh something. timbang Atimbangan kag kilohan it isra. The fish will be weighed on the scales. Ingtimbang kag anak it nars bag-o ingmuyatan it doktor. The baby was weighed by the nurse before being examined by the doctor. 22.1vt To balance the weight on something (such as a boat). Ingtitimbangan kag baruto it ruhang tawo. Two men are balancing the weight of the boat. der. timbangan