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balagtasan [balagtásan] 1n A debate in poetic form which is performed, presented by two or more people debating back and forth (as of poetic repartee). bálagatasan (sem. domains: - Poetry.) 2vi To debate on poetic form (as of two or more people composing and presenting their arguments in the form of poetic repartee). balagatasín Kabade ag kayaki kag nagbalagtasan it tahapon. Yesterday, it was a man and a woman who debated in poetic form. (sem. domains: - Poetry.)

bating [báting] 1vt To hold, grab, pull by the feet (as of an animal or person). patid Ingbating anay ni Fred tong iro bag-o bakuyon. Fred held the feet of the dog before beating it. (sem. domains: - Hold, - Leg.) 2v To play a joke on somebody (English "pull someone's leg"). [lit: pull-leg] (sem. domains: 4.2.8 - Humor.)

batingting [batíngting] adj Faulty, defective (as of speech or equipment). sirâ Indi nato kung kausa maayaman kung batingting kag metro it taxi nak ato inasakyan. Sometimes we don’t know if the taxi’s meter is faulty. (sem. domains: 7.9 - Break, wear out.)