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bayatong [bayátong] n Plant species: Mongo beans (sprouted and/or cooked as a vegetable). múngos [They are extensively eaten boiled or in stews, and make a very excellent soup. Sprouted mongos may be boiled as vegetable, or an ingredient of stews, they can be excellent ingredient for chop suey and with the addition of chopped onions and dressing, make an excellent salad. They have a carbohydrate and protein content, only fair source of calcium and iron. Mongo beans are fair source of vitamin A and a good source of vitamin B but deficient in vitamin C. The sprouted mongos are an excellent source of vitamin C a good source of vitamin B and fair source of vitamin A. A decoction of the seeds is an effective diuretic in cases of beriberi and the seeds are employed either raw or cooked in maturative poultices.] Phaseolus Aureus (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

ginisang bayatong [ginisáng bayátong] n A dish made from boiled mung beans: fry the garlic, onions and sliced pork in a little oil, add the cooked mung beans, tomato, spices to taste and simmer in a little water before serving. ginisang monggo (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)