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baynte [báynte] (sp. var. beynte) nmrl Twenty. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.) comp. bayntey-uno , comp. baynting tuig

baynte anyos [báynte ányos] dial. var. of baynting tuig

bayntey-singko [báyntey-síngko] (irreg. infl. beynt-singko; irreg. infl. baynt-singko) nmrl Twenty-five. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)

bayntey-uno [báyntey-úno] (comp. of baynte, uno) nmrl Twenty-one. [Similar compounds are formed with the linker y e.g. báyntiy-dos "twenty-two", báyntiy-tres "twenty-three", báyntiy-kwátro "twenty-four", báyntiy-síngko "twenty-five", báyntiy-sa-ís "twenty-six", báyntiy-syéte "twenty-seven", báyntiy-ótso "twenty-eight", báyntiy-nwébe etc.. This is how other numbers in the Spanish "tens" are also expanded e.g. tráyntiy-úno "thirty-one".] (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)

baynting tuig [báynting tú-ig] (dial. var. baynte anyos) (comp. of baynte, tuig) nmrl Twenty years. (Bantoanon term for "year".) (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)