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bibo [bíbo/bíba] adj Smart, clever, talented with an outgoing, extrovert personality. [male/female terms] Abang biba baga kaliong anak nida, nakanta ag nasadaw pa pag di bisita. That child of hers is smart, she will sing and dance when there are visitors. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.)

ma-itom man kung bíbo [ma-itóm man kung bibo] id Even if the person you marry is dark colored, if they are good natured you will reap the benefit a thousand times over. (sem. domains: - Word.)

palugit [palúgit] n Time allowed to do something (as when being evicted from a house). palugit Si Norma ay ingtaw-an it palugit ni Bobot para makahanap it bayay. Bibot gave Norma time to find a house.