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bidli [bidlî] v To have indigestion, burping, and the sour taste of gastric juice from the stomach coming back up into the mouth (especially after eating too much of a root crop). (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.)

bidlis [bídlis] v To urinate, piss somewhere. (vulgar term) ihi Binidlisan ni Claire kag uyunan tong sida ay nagkakatuyog. Claire urinated on the pillow while she was sleeping. syn: ihi 3, biaw. (sem. domains: 2.2.7 - Urinate, urine.)

tabidli [tabídlì] n Kind of flying lizard (which is grey with a black and white striped tail and groves up to 2 ft long). Sida ay nahadlok sa tabidli tong sida ay makakita it usa. She was afraid of the flying lizard when she saw one.

ihi [íhì] 1n Urine. ihí [In English there are various terms for this. "Urine" is the medical and polite term. "Piss" and "take a leak" are more vulgar terms used by men. Terms used with children are "pee" or "wee-wee". There are a number of other euphemistic expressions as well e.g. "to go to the bathroom", "to visit aunty", "to go for a walk" etc..] (sem. domains: 2.2.7 - Urinate, urine.) 2adj Having the strong smell, wetness of urine (as of where one, many people have urinated). (sem. domains: 2.2.7 - Urinate, urine.) 3vbt To urinate. íhì Nag-ihi sida sa sayog. She urinated on the floor. syn: bidlis, biaw. (sem. domains: 2.2.7 - Urinate, urine.) comp. ihi it hadop , comp. mataas it ihi