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binagtong [binágtong] (der. of bagtong) n A large bundle of something, such as clothes to wash (that is often wrapped in cloth or a piece of clothing). (sem. domains: 7.5.1 - Gather, 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) comp. binagtong nimo pas-ana

binagtong nimo pas-ana [binágtong nímo pas-aná] (comp. of binagtong, pas-an) id Solve your own problem; shoulder your own responsibilities (as of the ones you made for yourself, like the English "you made your bed now lie in it") [lit: you made-bundle shoulder-(it)] Indi ako magpasinglabot it imo problema sa pagpangabadi dahil binagtong nimo kina-pas-anon ra nimo. I’ll not interfere with your having a second woman because it’s your bundle curd you should know how to carry it on your shoulder. syn: higot-gudor. (sem. domains: - Solve.)

higot-gudor [higót-gúdor] idiom - Convert to subentry An expression from the words ‘rope’ and ‘drag’ meaning ‘you should be able to solve your own problem. Imo higot-imo gudor nak-. Pag napatunayan nak kinang imong reklamong mga tawo ay waya sala ag magresbak sinra ngasing sa imo bahalaey ka, imo kina higot imo ra dapat gudoron. If this men which you’ve filed a complaint against is not guilty and if they filed a counter charge against you, it’s your own problem, you tied a rope so you should know how to drag it. syn: binagtong nimo pas-ana. (sem. domains: - Word, - Saying, proverb.)

sab-it₂ [sáb-it] 11.1adj Hanging over something. 1.2n Object on which something hangs. 1.3vbt To hang on, over something (which uses one pivotal point that prevents the object falling e.g. hanging clothes or pictures on a nail, hooking up the side of a curtain over a nail, hang a bundle over one’s shoulder, putting a garland around somebody’s neck). sabit Nagsab-it sida it yamit sa lansang. She hung the clothes on the nail. Sab-it nida kag binagtong sa abaga. The bundle hung over her shoulder. Ingsab-itan it garland kag bisita. She hung the garland on the visitor. [Imperatives] 22.1n Place where something get’s caught. 2.2vbt To accidentally get caught on; accidentally hung up on (as of a ball landing on the roof and staying there, somebody falling and getting caught on a branch). Aya giyukso sabaling magsab-it ikaw sa sanga. Don’t jump, you might accidentally get caught on the branch. Ingsab-itan kag kuyongan it bola. The ball accidentally got caught up on the roof. 33.1n Towel rail, rack. Papa hariin katong ato sab-itan hali it pamahiran? Papa where is the towel rail that was here?

tub-oy [túb-oy] 1adj Light enough to lift and carry on the head, shoulder. itataas Tub-oy nida kag ako raya My baggage is light enough for him to carry on his shoulder. 2vbt To lift a load up and position it for somebody to carry on head, shouder, back or a place higher than the person. Ingtub-oy nida kag raya sa uyo it ida kaibahan. She lifted the things onto her friend’s head. Atub-uyon nako kag binagtong sa ida likor. I’ll lift up the bundle of clothes on her back. Atub-uyan nako’t amo raya kag tawo sa ibabaw it trak. I’ll lift up our baggages to the man atop the truck.