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biton [bitón] 1n Shoe polisher (as of what was used on formal leather shoes). magbitón [This was formerly used to polish shoes. Nowadays people use kíwi "Kiwi shoe polish" which is the brand name of the polish.] (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.) 2v To shine, polish shoes (as of what was used on formal leather shoes). Ingbitunan nida kag ida sapatos ag nagrilag. He polished his shoes and they became shiney. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.)

habiton [habitón] (der. of habit) adj Tough, stringy, sinewy (as of the meat of old, skinny cows, pigs etc.). Indi ako magbakay it karne it baka nak asing pay habitoney ra kinang nabilin. I won’t buy the meat of that cow, as it seems as if what’s left is really tough. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, - Meat.)

panambiton [panambíton] 1n Words said in lamentation. 2vi To lament. panambitan Ramo kag napatibaw pagpanambiton nida. When she lamented over the dead, many were moved to cry.

kabit₂ [kabít] 1vbt To reach, get something by going hand-over-hand (e.g. somebody hanging from a branch and moving along it to reach some fruit). TWO ENTRIES Kabitan nimo kag madabas sa sanga. You reach the guava by going hand-over-hand along the branch. Kabiti sida it badabas sa sanga. Reach the guava for her by going hand-over-hand along the branch. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Extend.) 2vbt To hang onto, from by using one’s hands (e.g. somebody hanging from a branch, moving along a branch hand-over-hand, hanging onto the outside of the jeep). Kag anak ay nagkakabit sa sanga it madabas. The child is hanging from the branch of the guava tree. Makabit yang si Juan sa dyip nak punoey. John just hung onto the outside of the jeep because it was already full. 3n Object on which something hangs. 4vt To attach, reattach something that hangs; hang up (as of mending the tear in a dress, sewing the ruffle on a dress, joining a skirt onto a blouse, putting a hose on a faucet, tieing a rope on a tree, plugging in an extension cord to electricity, pin a ribbon on a dress, hang up curtains, hang a picture on the wall). Akabiton nako kag ako blusa nak nagísi. I will reattach the tear in my blouse. Ingkabit nida it ispili kag panyo sa ida blusa. She attached the handkerchief on her blouse with a safety pin. Kabita kag rebite sa ida baro. Attach the ruffle to her dress. Akabitan nako it litrato kag ringring. I will hang the photo on the wall. Ikabit kag kurtina sa gaha. Hang up the curtains on the window. [Suspected loan from Tagalog.] 5n Place where something is attached. 6adj Attached.

pakada [pakadâ] 1adj Face-upwards (as of things e.g. dishes, playing cards etc). pabuka (sem. domains: - Card game.) 2v To put face-upwards (as of things e.g. dishes, playing cards etc). Gingpakada nako kag pagbutang it mga pinggan agor maado gibitbiton. I put the plates face-upwards so they are easy to carry.

pinakbit [pinákbit] 1n A dish made of string beans, eggplant, okra and squash, salted anchovy sauce, with a small amount of pork which is cooked in oil. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 2v To prepare this kind of dish. pinakbit Apinakbiton yang nako kaling ako nabakay nak otan. I’ll prepare these vegetables that I bought into a dish called pinakbit. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

sibit [sibít] 11.1vt To puncture something (abscess, pimple); to lance; to stick with a pin; to let out pus. tusok Isibit nako kag radom sa imo hubag. I will lance your boil with a needle. Asibiton nako kag nana. I will let out the pus. 22.1n Broken midrib used to catch surilap weaving to prevent slipping.