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baradero [baradéro] (dial. var. baraderuhan) v To go into dry dock (as of a ship needing regular cleaning of the hull, repairs and repainting). baradéro Waya nakabiyahe kag barko nina Doods nak nagbaradero sa Lucena. Dood’s ship did not sail because the boat is in dry dock in Lucena. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

batido [batído] adj Strong character; not shy; resolute enough to face people and endure whatever troubles, consequences may come. matibay Batido baga sida sa pagbiyahe-biyahe. She’s strong enough to endure the consequences when travelling. (sem. domains: - Determined.)

biyahe [biyáhe] 1n Journey; trip (as of a long trip by bus, boat or plane). (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.) 2v To take a journey, trip or travel somewhere (as of a long trip by bus, boat or plane). biyahe Nagbiyahe sinra it marugay pa-Mindanao. They took a long journey going to Mindanao. Nagbibiyahe kag barko pa-Manila kada Miyerkoles. The ship sails to Manila every Wednesday. (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.) 3v To transport goods to a distant place (as of bananas, fish, fruit, vegetables being sent by truck, ship to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, 7.3.8 - Transport.) der. biyahedor

biyahedor [biyahedór] (der. of biyahe) n Person who travels with, takes cargo on a long journey (as of taking fruit, fish, animals to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry, 7.2.4 - Travel, 6.1.1 - Worker.)

bugsak [búgsak] 1n Heavy downpour, cloudburst of rain (as of gusts of wind and rain). bagsak Waya nakabiyahe kag mga eroplano pa Baguio dahil marako kag bugsak it uyan. The airplane wasn’t able to fly to Baguio because of the heavy downpour of rain. (sem. domains: - Rain.) 2v To have a downpour, cloudburst of rain (as of gusts of wind and rain). (sem. domains: - Rain.)

ibiyahe [ibiyáhe] 1n Something to be transported a long distance (as of fruit, vegetables, fish etc. being sent by truck, boat to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, 7.3.8 - Transport.) 2v To transport certain things a long distance (as of bananas, fish, fruit, vegetables, fish etc. being sent by truck, boat to Batangas or Manila). (sem. domains: - Travel by land, - Travel by water.)

it [ít] 1case A, an, some (which is the non-personal genitive case marker). nang Nagbakay ako it isra sa merkado. I bought a fish in the market. Ingtaw-an kag mga anak it batag. The children were given some bananas. Imbaligya kag isra it maguyang. An old man sold the fish. (sem. domains: - Demonstrative pronouns.) 2case How something was done (as of a phrase linker to verb modifiers or nominalised verbs). Ing-abrihan nida kag hagranan it gulpi. He opened the door quickly. Pauno it rugay kag biyahe? How long is the trip? Pabalik-balik sida it human it basket. She makes baskets again and again. (sem. domains: - Right, proper.) 3case Of, belonging to (as of a phrase linker to possessive nouns). Kali kag bayay it ida anak. This is her child’s house. (sem. domains: - Be about, subject.) 4temp Last time; back when, in on (as of past, general time phrase linker). It kuman kag aga nagpamerkado si Norma. Norma went to market earlier this morning. Nagpapasyar sinra sa baybay it Domingo. They stroll on the back on Sundays. It kag Hulyo nagsaydo ako dili. Last July I moved here. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, - Far.) 5temp General time reference; specific future time. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, 8.1.5 - All.) comp. bahot sayong , id. it waya , id. ngasing nak ala-una it hapon , id. ngasing nak mga adlaw it nobyembre

kridinsyal [kridínsyal] n Bill of sale stating ownership of animals. kasulatan Kag checker it bapor ay gingpanggisi kag gingtaong kridinsyal it mga biyahero dahil puro pike. The ship’s ticket checker tore up the bill of sale he’d been given by the because it was all fake. (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal, - Own, possess.)

makusugon [makusúgon] n Season of rough seas. malakas ang alon Waya nako gusto magbiyahe pag makusugon nak mga buyan. I don’t want to travel in months where it is a season of rough seas.

mayuda ka biyahe [mayúda ka biyáhe] adj Slow voyage. Mayuda ka biyahe it tong bapor nak amo ingsakyan dahil sira kag usang makina. The boat we sailed in made a slow voyage because one engine was out of order.

pagbuyhot it adlaw [pagbúyhot it adlaw] n Sunrise. pagsilay nang liwanag, pagsikat nang araw Kag amo biyahe pa Manila ay bag-o sa pagbuyhot it adlaw. Our trip to Manila will be before sunrise.

pauno₁ [pa-unó] ques How is something done?; by what means is something done?; how much in quantity is something? (as of time, space, senses etc). papano Pauno kuno sinra nakaabot dili? How did they say they got here? Pauno ka pagyuto it kali? How do you cook this? Pauno it rugay ka ida biyahe pa-Saudi? How long was her trip to Saudi? Pauno nimo itakor ka ‘antennae’ sa nidog? By what means will you attach the antennae to the coconut tree? (sem. domains: - Question words.)

piho [píhò] vbt To be sure of something. piho, tiyak Pihua anay si Fred kung mabiyahe sinra pa Odiongan insulip. Try to make sure if Fred will make a trip to Odiongan tomorrow. syn: sigurado 1.

purong [puróng] 1n Handkerchief; scarf; veil worn on head by women in church. panyo Di burda pa tong ingregalo sa akong purong tong ako kaadlawan. There’s a design made on the handkerchief that was given to me on my natal day. (sem. domains: 5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions.) 2vbt To put handkerchief on something. Ingpurungan nako kag anak pagbiyahe. I put a handkerchief on the child when we went for a trip.

tayr n Tire. goma Nabuhos kag tayr it inra dyip kada waya sinra nakabiyahe. The tire of their jeepney burst that’s why they concelled their trip.

timo-timi [timo-timî] v To nibble on little bits of food. Bag-o ka magbiyahe ay matimo-timo ka anay para indi ka gigutumon. Before you travel you should nibble on little bits of food first so that you won’t get hungry.