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boling [bóling] 1n Ten-pin bowling. (sem. domains: - Game.) 2v To play ten-pin bowling. Si Paeng Nepomuceno ay maayo magboling. Paeng Nepomuceno is good in playing ten-pin bowling. (sem. domains: - Game.) der. bolingan

bolingan [bolingán] (der. of boling) n Ten pin bowling hall (as of where the game of ten-pin bowls is played). (sem. domains: - Sports.)

iskor [iskór] n Score. talà Si Arianne kag nakabaoy it pinakamataas nak iskor sa boling kada sida it naging tsampyon. Arianne got the highest score in bowling that’s why she was declared the champion. (sem. domains: - Sports, - Number series, 3.6.7 - Test, 3.6.8 - Answer in a test, 8.1.1 - Number.)