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bong [bong] excl Found!; Eureka! (as of an exclamation when someone is "found" in a game of hide and seek). yari ka (sem. domains: - Game.)

bubong₁ [bubóng] 1n Ridgecap. (sem. domains: - Roof.) 2v To put the ridgecap on a roof or house. bubong Ingbubungan nak raan ninra kag bayay dahil mauyaney. They put the ridgecap of the house on at once because it’s rainy season already. (sem. domains: - Roof.)

bubong₂ [bubóng] n The top of the foot. (sem. domains: - Leg.)

bukot₂ [búkot] (dial. var. buot) v To cover, wrap oneself completely in something, such as blanket or article of clothing; to hide oneself under something. talukbong Nagbukot sida’t kostal agor indi makilaya it ida nanay nak naghahanap sa ida. She covered herself with a sack so she wouldn’t be recognized by her mother who’s looking for her. (sem. domains: 7.6 - Hide, 7.3.7 - Cover.) der. pambukot

bungbungan [bungbúngan] n Canopy, cover of cloth to shelter a new mother and baby from the wind. bongbong, takip Nasa bongbongan pa it mga usang buyan kag bag-ong anak tong unang panahon. During those days a mother who delivered a child stayed almost a month inside a canopy. [Traditionally a mother would stay under such a canopy for a month after childbirth.] (sem. domains: - Room.)

imbong [ímbong] vi To have a slight fever; to be hot to feel. sinat Ing-imbong sida ngani ya kahalin it bayay. She had a slight fever so she wasn’t able to leave the house. syn: sagnat 1, yugrangan it sagnat/init. (sem. domains: - Fever.)

kalbong [kálbong] v To eat something without permission; to take more than one’s share. nagbungkal ng pagkain Kag amo anak ay nagpangkalbong it gab-i habang kami ay katuyog. Our child ate food without permission last night while we were asleep. syn: ruwang. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 5.2.2 - Eat, - Refuse permission.)

kambong-kambong [kambong-kambóng] n Seashell sp. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

karambuyan n Herbal medicine species; Sambong shrub. sambong [The leaves are used locally for poisoning fishes, and medicinally for a number of purposes. The roots are also utilized medicinally. The roots are used locally as a cure for colds. The leaves are applied to the forehead to relieve headache. An infusion is used as antidiarrhetic and antigastralgic. The decoction is used for aromatic baths in rheumatism.] Blumea Balsamifera (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

kayumbot₁ [kayúmbot] v To wrap up oneself in a blanket. talukbong Nagkayumbot si Bert pagkakita nida it murto. Bert wrapped himself up in a blanket when he saw a ghost. (sem. domains: - Wrap.)

kitiw-kitiw [kitiw-kítiw] adj Flirtatious. alimbong Waya gusto kag mga kayaki sa kitiw-kitiw nak kabadi. Men don’t like flirtiatious women. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.)

kumpuso [kumpúso] 1n Folk song. (sem. domains: 4.2.3 - Music.) 2v To compose a folk song. katutúbong áwit Abang ayo sida magkumposo it kanta. He’s very good in composing a folk song. (sem. domains: - Compose music.)

kuyungan [kuyúngan] n Roof; roof structure (as of the whole roof of a house). bubóng (sem. domains: - Roof.)

libaong₁ [libaóng] n Hidden, covered hole to trap animals. patibong Libaong kag inggagamit it manog-pangadam it kayhasanon nak baktin. Hunters use hidden covered hole to trap animals in hunting wild pig in the forest.

limbong [limbóng] 1vt To be freed from doing something; to be let off doing something. pahihingahin Alimbungon ka nako ngasing sa paglimpyo it bayay. I will let you off cleaning the house now. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts.) 2v To keep secret, withhold information from someone; to keep to oneself. (sem. domains: - Hide your thoughts.)

mata ay nagyuyubong [matá ay nagyuyúbong] (comp. of mata, yubong) id Eyes are hollow and heavy lidded with tiredness. [lit: eyes were hollowed-out] baon ang mga mata Kag mata ni Almira ay nagyuyubong dahil kuyang sa katuyog. Almira’s eyes is heavily lidded because she lacks sleep. (sem. domains: 2.4.4 - Tired, - Eye.)

matuybong [matúybong] adj Steep pitch of a roof. matulis Matuybong kag pagkahuman it inra kuyungan. They made their roof with a steep pitch. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building, - Roof.)

mayabong [mayábong] adj Milky specifically of good root crops. malago Miskan sa ragasrasong raga ay umuswang kag mayabong nak mga tanom. Eventhough the soil is sandy, milky root crops would come up.

Patabo [Patábò] n Easter Meeting (of Christ and Mary). salubong

patabo₂ [patábò] 1n A gift given on arrival, meeting with somebody (usually after a journey). pasalubong Pag-abot halin sa Maynila ingtaw-an ako nida it patabo. On arrival from Manila she gave me a gift. 2vbt To give a gift on arrival, meeting somebody. Nagpatabo ako it tinapay sa ako manghor. I gave an arrival gift of bread to my younger sister.

patibong [patibóng] n Crab trap for holes in rivers one section between joints, open at one end of bamboo. bítag (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap.)

patugbong [patúgbong] vi To go downhill (usually to town). palusóng Nagpatugbong sinra pag sugbo it adlaw. They went downhill when the sun set.

patukar-patugbong [patukár-patugbóng] v Up and down as of a road. (sem. domains: - Down, - Up.)

radom₁ [rádom] 1.1v To shoot out of the ground like a needle especially of plants. umuusbong Naghahanra it lanas si Bunong habang nagraradom pa yang kag punla. Bunong is preparing the rice field while the grains are only just shooting like needles.

rit-ag [rít-ag] 1n A trap for animals. patibong Naghuman it maramong rit-ag si Gorge para maramong manok kag marakop. Jorge made plenty of traps so that he can catch many chickens. 2v To trap an animal (mouse, wildpig, birds). patibong Ingrit-agan ni Bulog tong kayhasanon nak baktin sa uma. Bulog trapped the wild pig in their farm.