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botilya [botílya] (der. of bote) n 1Bottle (generic). (sem. domains: - Food storage.) 2To swell, become swollen (as of infection, bite on the tip, foreskin area of a small boy's penis which has not yet been circumcized). [This happens because often small children go without pants and sit on the ground to play, which leaves them vulnerable to being bitten by ants.] (sem. domains: - Swell, - Male organs.)

pangbotilya [pangbotílya] v To gather, pick-up bottles (as of to sell them). (sem. domains: - Pick up.)

baer [bá-er] vt To sharpen with a file; to file until sharp (as of sharpening knives, machetes, scissors etc.). hasa Ingbaer nako kag gunting nida sa botilya. I sharpened his scissor with a bottle. (sem. domains: 7.7.6 - Grind.) der. ba-eran

bubog [búbog] n Particles, pieces, shards of something broken (as of bottles). Soksok it tsinelas agor indi ka masuag it bubog it botilya. Wear thongs so that the particles of broken glass won’t stick into your feet. (sem. domains: - Piece.)

daplis [dáplis] v To go past, miss, be off center (as of a shot missing a target, a storm going by without hitting a place, a tree falling beside a house without causing damage during a storm etc.). daplis Nadaplisan sida it tong botilya nak ingbunggo sa ida. The bottle missed him when it was thrown at him (sem. domains: 7.7.2 - Aim at a target.)

pilak₁ [pilák] v To throw out or away. tapon Imo ipilak kinang botilya? Will you throw away the bottle? (sem. domains: - Throw away.)

tiwarik [tiwárik] 1sta To fall head first. tuwad Natiwarik kag anak sa gaha. The child fell head first out of the window. syn: tiwar 3. 2vi To fall headfirst. 3vi To cause somebody to fall headfirst; to hold somebody/something inverted or upside down. Ingpatiwarik nako kag botilya agor magliwas kag suyor. I inverted the bottle so the contents would come out. Ingpatiwarik nako kag manok agor magtuyo kag rugo. I held the chicken upside down so the blood could drip.