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bubon [bubón] n Water in a small pool in a well. balon (sem. domains: - Spring, well.)

bubong₁ [bubóng] 1n Ridgecap. (sem. domains: - Roof.) 2v To put the ridgecap on a roof or house. bubong Ingbubungan nak raan ninra kag bayay dahil mauyaney. They put the ridgecap of the house on at once because it’s rainy season already. (sem. domains: - Roof.)

bubong₂ [bubóng] n The top of the foot. (sem. domains: - Leg.)

kuyungan [kuyúngan] n Roof; roof structure (as of the whole roof of a house). bubóng (sem. domains: - Roof.)

huwag₁ [húwag] n Vine used to tie things (as of building a roof); rattan. baling uway Nagbakay sida’t huwag nak mahulip sida it bubongan. He bought a vine used to tie because He will mend their thatched roof. (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant, 7.5.4 - Tie, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

takyop [tákyop] v To cover over something. takpan Takyopi yang kinang ato bubong it karton pagmag-uyan. Just cover our roof ridgecap with thick cardboard if it rains.

tonton₃ [tónton] 11.1vbt To let something down through an opening; to drop something into an opening. laglag Gingtonton kag paralitiko sa yusutan sa bubong ruto sa tungor ni Jesus. The paralyzed man was let down through an opening in the roof there just above Jesus. Ingtontonan it uyor ka mga yuba it isiw itinra nanay. The baby birds had worms dropped into their mouths by their mother. 22.1vbt To let something down from a height attached with ropes at the end; to use something as a level in building. lebel Itonton nako kaling ako rayang bato sa pundasyon it bayay. I will let my stone down to the foundation of the house.

tungor₂ [túngor] 11.1adv To be directly above or underneath something; overhead. tapat Nagsaka sinra sa bubong ag ruto sa tungor ni Jesus naghuman sinra’t buho nak mayuyusutan it paralitiko. They climbed up on the roof and there directly above Jesus made a hole to put the paralitic through. 1.2vi Nagtutungor kag iwag sa lamesa. The lamp shines directly above the table. Mahadag magbasa pag natungor sa ako kag iwag. It’s bright enought to read when the light is directly above me. 22.1sta To happen to fall on a certain day or time (said of activities, special occasions, etc.). Natungor sa Dominggo kag ako kaadlawan. My birthday happened to fall on Sunday. 2.2vbt To intentionally plan an activity to fall on a certain day or date. Atunguron nako kag ako hanra sa Martes. I will plan our party to fall on a Tuesday. 33.1loc Opposite; facing somewhere. Inra tinrahan ay tungor ni Devierte. Their shop is opposite Devierte’s. 44.1loc Nearby; somewhere near. Kinang inra tinrahan ay tungor dili sa bayay ni Divierte. Their shop is somewhere hear near Divierte’s house.

tuyo₃ [túyò] 1n Drip; leak (as of any flow of liquid from, through something that is faulty, broken, damaged e.g. from a leaking roof, faucet). (sem. domains: - Drip.) 2v To drip, leak (as of any flow of liquid from, through something that is faulty, broken, damaged e.g. from a leaking roof, faucet). tulo Natuyuan it kape kag ako baro. The coffee dripped onto my dress. Nagtutuyo kag gripo tong nasira. The faucet leaked when it got broken. Maatop kuno sinra it bubong dahil nagtutuyo. They say they will repair the roof because it’s leaking. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water, 6.6.7 - Working with water, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 3v To have a running nose (as of with a watery discharge from a cold). (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.) comp. aber kag batong bantiling, mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi , der. tuyo

utoy₂ [útoy] 1sta To be cut off; to be broken off. Nautoy kag ida sumbiling. His spear was cut off. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.) 2vbt To cut something off; to break off. magsibák Ingpautoy nako tong mga sangga it ipil-ipil nak nagruruot sa bubong. I had those branches of the ipil-ipil tree cut off which were touching the roof.

yubot₂ [yubót] 1n Hole in something; a tear (material); a crack (plastic). syn: yubot 2. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.) 2n Hole where liquid, air has come out as of a burst tire. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) 3adj Having a hole(s). Yubot kag inra bubong. Their roof has a hole. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.) 4sta To get a hole in something; to become torn or cracked. butas Nayubot kag ako baro kag nasangit sa lansang. My dress got torn when it stuck on a nail. syn: buho 1, pilino. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.)