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buhos [búhos] 1n Large flow of liquid (as of water being poured onto a muddy floor after a flood, a haemorrhage of blood at the time of birth, pouring mixed concrete into a post hole etc.). (sem. domains: - Pour, 8.2 - Big, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 5.6 - Cleaning, 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 2v To pour, gush, flow out in a large amount (as of a liquid e.g. water, blood, mixed concrete etc.). (sem. domains: - Pour, 8.2 - Big, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 5.6 - Cleaning, 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 3v To have a large amount of liquid pour, gush, flow out onto something, somebody (as of blood pouring onto a baby when a mother hemorrhages during birth etc.). (sem. domains: - Pour, 8.2 - Big, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 5.6 - Cleaning, 6.5 - Working with buildings.)

ho-ho [hó-hò] v To shake out contents of a cloth bag onto somewhere (as of removing kapoc from a pillow for washing). buhos Ingho-ho ni Pacing kag mga mabuling nak yamit sa basket para labhan. Pacing shook out the soiled clothes from the basket onto the floor to be washed. (sem. domains: - Shake, - Types of sounds.)

ipis [ípis] vbt To transfer a liquid (tuba) into another container. buhos Aya giipisan sa planggana kag suka. Don’t transfer the vinegar into the basin. (sem. domains: - Alcohol preparation.)

rugos₁ [rúgos] n Down pour of rain; heavy rain; cloudburst. buhos ng malakas na ulan (sem. domains: - Rain.)

kupos [kupós] 11.1vi To wither (as of plants). lanta Nagkupos kag tanom tong waya mabunyagi it ruhang adlaw. The plant withered when it wasn’t watered for two days. syn: yadong, yada 2. 22.1vi To become deflated as of ballons, balls or the tube of a tire. Nagkupos kag ida lobo dahil nabuhos. Her ballon became deflated because it got holes in it. 2.2vi To deflate something. Ida ingpakupos kag bola agur indi magamit it iba. He deflated the ball so that others couldn’t use it. 33.1vi To shrink in embarrassment/humiliation; to become shy. Nagkupos ako sa kahuda tong ida ako murahon sa karamuan. I shrunk in humiliation when she scolded me in the public.

putsoy [pútsoy] 1n A patch on something. syn: hakpoy, takpoy 2, takpoy 1, putsoy 2. 2vbt To mend a hole or opening in something such as clothing, shoes, a tire, etc; to patch. tapalan Naputsoyaney kag buhos it ida sapatos. The hole in his shoes is already patched. syn: putsoy 1, hakpoy, takpoy 2, takpoy 1.

sayong [sáyong] n The sap, resin of a tree which is hard, burns well and is used to seal boats. galgal Nagbaoy si Manong it sayong para iputsoy sa buhos nak baldi. My brother got a sticky sap to fill the hole in the bucket. Katong inra agipot ay wayaey sayong kada nagkikislap-kislap yangey. Their torch has no more sap in it that’s why the light already flickers. [This is a thick black pliable gum or resin which can be molded, broken off in pieces and burnt. It has a fragrant smell, so is burnt in religious ceremonies, healing treatments, torches, fire lighting, cauling boats and as a smudge for mosquitoes, etc. It is manufactured into high grade varnish, cheap soaps and paper sizing.] Agathis Philippinensis (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Plant product, 5.5.6 - Fuel.) comp. bado it sayong , comp. bahot sayong

tayr n Tire. goma Nabuhos kag tayr it inra dyip kada waya sinra nakabiyahe. The tire of their jeepney burst that’s why they concelled their trip.

ugali [ugálì] 1n Customs; habits. 2vt To make something a habit, to see to it that something is always done. ugalì Ugalia bagang buhosan kag kubita pagkatapos it ihi. See to it that you pour water down the toilet after urinating. syn: sulunranon.

yubot₁ [yubot] 1n Hole through something. (sem. domains: 7.8.5 - Make hole, opening.) 2vbt To pierce; to make a hole through something; to burst a tire so the air goes out of it. nabutas Nabuhos kag tayr it inra dyip. The tire of their jeepney burst. Ingbuhusan kag lata agor magtuyo kag lana. A hole was made in the can so the oil will drip. syn: yubot 1. (sem. domains: - Put in.)