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bunak [búnak] v To wash clothes. maglabá Ingbunakan nida kag amo bunakan. She washed our dirty clothes. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) der. binunakan , der. bunakan , der. bunakan , der. pamunak

bunakan₁ [bunakán] (der. of bunak) n Clothes to be washed, laundered. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

bunakan₂ [bunákan] (der. of bunak) n 1Laundry; place to wash, launder clothes. labahan (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 2A large flat rock on which to scrub clothes (as of beside a river etc.).

hapin [hapín] 1n Place-mat; doiley; shelf paper; sheet; tablecloth. sapín Abunakan nako kag ako hapin it katri insulip. I’ll wash my sheets tomorrow. Gamita kinang hapin para indi ka mahirapan magkaon ag indi ka mabulingan. Use that placemat so you won’t have difficulty eating and you won’t get dirty. (sem. domains: - Eating utensil, - Table.) 2v To put something underneath something else for a purpose (usually said of cloth, paper). Ahapinan nako it napkin kag kape dahil mainit pa. I’ll put the napkin under the cup of coffee because it’s still hot. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.)

isay [isáy] 1n Swollen lymph nodes, glands. Naghahapros kag ida isay sa ilok kada waya sida nakabunak. Her lymph node in the armpit is becoming painful so she wasn’t able to wash clothes. (sem. domains: 2.1.7 - Flesh.) 2vi To have enlarged lymph nodes. kulani Ingisayan sida sa ilok. She had enlarged lymph nodes in her armpit. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

manog-bunak [manog-búnak] irreg. infl. of mayog-bunak

mayog-bunak [mayog-búnak] (irreg. infl. manog-bunak) n Laundress. labandera

miyentras [miyéntras] (irreg. infl. miyentras tanto) conj While; meanwhile (as of simultaneous events). habang Nag-iidamo ka mga anak miyentras nagbubunak si Nanay. The children play while mother washes the clothes. Adar-on kinang payay nak nakabutang sa kostal sa bayay ag ahipiron miyentras tantong waya natatapos ka anihon. We take the rice which has been put in bags to the house and store it while the harvesting is not finished. syn: habang, hastang 2, samantalang, hanggang 3. comp. miyentras malip-ot kag tamong, matuon ka it pagbalikutot

pasma [pasmá] sta To become ill with a fever, chills; to develop enlarged veins, painful, weak, shaky feet and hands from working, walking alternatively in hot and wet (hot and cold) conditions. pasma Napasma sida dahil sida ay nagkaligos nak raan pagkatapos it bunak. She got a fever because she bathed right after washing clothes. Mapapasma ka pag magkaligos pagkatapos it anak. You will develop enlarged veins if you take a bath after giving birth. [It is believed that hot and cold are antagonistic forces. Therefore one should not bathe immediately after doing hard work that causes one to perspire, or bathe right after giving birth, etc.] (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

pokpok [pókpok] vt To beat; to pound an object with something. pokpok Ingpokpok nako’t bato kag nagyuyuaw nak lansang. I pounded the nail that was sticking out with a rock. Inapokpok it manogbunak kag yamit para mabay-an it buling. The washlady beats the clothes to remove the dirt. Ipangpokpok nako it lansang kaling bato dahil waya ako’t martilyo. I’ll use this rock to pound the nail because I don’t have a hammer. der. pamokpok

pus-aw [pús-aw] vi 1To fade; to run (color) when washed (of clothes, material). Ingbuyag pagbunak kag sayway nak nagpupus-aw. The pants whose color runs was washed separately. 2To be stained by another garment whose color runs. kupas Napus-awan it puya kag puting kamiseta pagbunak. The white shirt was stained with red color when it was washed.

rigla [rígla] 1n Menstrual period. rigla 2vbt To menstruate; to be stained with menstrual blood. Gingririgla pa baga ikaw? Do you still menstruate? Narigla ako ay trese anyos pa yang ako. I started menstruated when I was just thirteen years old. Ingbubunakan nako kag ako baro nak nariglahan. I’m washing out my clothes that were stained with menstrual blood.

tangkas [tángkas] vt To detach something; to remove, as of shoes. tanggal Pagkatapos it bunak, ingtangkas nida kag hos sa gripo. After washing, she detached the hose from the faucet. Nagtangkas kag mga anak it inra tsinelas bag-o magsuyor sa bayay. The children removed their thongs before coming into the house. Ingtangkas anay nida kag yumang gulong bag-o ingbutang tong bag-o. He removed the old tire first before he put on the new one. syn: likwar 1.2, kapyos 1, payos 1, huslo 2, hubar, hukas 2.

ulikon [ulíkon] v 1To roll up (wire, rope); to coil. Ulikunon nimo ka hos pagkatapos it bunak. You roll up the hose after washing clothes. Aulikunon nako kag banig pagbangon. I will roll up the sleeping mat when I get up. syn: yukon, ulikon 2, yukot. (sem. domains: - Roll up.) 2To be coiled up ready to strike, as of a snake. Nakita kuno ninra kag sawang nag-uulikon sa hagranan. They say they saw a coiled snake on the doorstep. syn: yukon, ulikon 1, yukot. (sem. domains: - Roll up.)

una₂ [úna] 1first 1.1nmrl First. una, kauna-unahan Una nak anak sida. He’s the first child. syn: primero. 22.1vbt To be or go first; to put or do something first; to be ahead of others. Ing-una nako it bunak kag ida baro. I washed her clothes first. Aunahan nako sida it bakay it tiket. I’ll be ahead of her in buying the tickets. Igwa’t naunaey nak nagtrato it karne sa amo. There was already someone who was first in taking our order of meat. 2.2vi To cause or allow something to be taken first; to let somebody get, do, know something first or beforehand. inuna, nag-unahan Ingpaunahan nako sa mga anak kag dulse. I’ll let the children see who can get the candy first. Nagpaunahan kami it rayagan. We tried to be first in the race. Ingpaunahan nako it bisaya sida nak indi ako makapali. I let her know beforehand that I wouldn’t come. 33.1loc Front. unahan, harapan Sa unahan it linya sida gitinrog. She stood at the front of the line. 44.1vbt To lead somebody or something. nanguna Ingpangunahan nida kag pagkanta. He led the singing. Ingpapangunahan kami it Balaan nak Espiritu. We are led by the Holy Spiritu. 55.1vt To make the first payment on something that is being purchased on an installment basis. pinaunahan, nagdeposito Ingpaunahan nako it badar kag ako radyo. I made the first payment on my radio. comp. paunang badar , der. ka-una-unahan , der. pauna