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bungoy [bungóy] 1n Deaf person. (sem. domains: 2.3.2 - Hear, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) 2adj Deaf; hard of hearing. (sem. domains: - Deaf.) 3sta To become deaf. Nabungoy sida sa ida gingtratrabahuan dahil sa kagulo tong makina sa pabrika. He became deaf at his work because of the noise of the machines at the factory. (sem. domains: - Deaf.) der. bungoy-bunguyan , der. pabungoy

bungoy-bunguyan [bungoy-bungúyan] (der. of bungoy) v To ignore, disregard, turn a deaf ear to something. bingi-bingihan Ingpabungoy-bungoyan yang ni Ana kag tugra it ida mga maguyang. Ana just ignored the advice of her parents. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

pabungoy [pabúngoy] (der. of bungoy) v To turn a deaf ear, pretend not to hear; to ignore, intentionally not listen or pay attention to what somebody says. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

sukma [súkmà] v To bring up an issue; to find out if something they said was true; to talk challenge to somebody about a matter; to confront. tanungin kung tama Si Angel ay ingsukma ni Elizabeth kung nagbisaya sidang bungoy kuno sida. Elizabeth confronted Angel as to whether she said that Elizabeth was deaf. syn: sura.